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Visit Brno – a perfect Central European city

I’ve been planning to visit Brno for such a long time! While most people go only to Prague (and fall in love with it which is totally understandable) I’m always up for discovering other places in Czech Republic. I can say I’ve seen a big part of my neighbour country yet Brno has never been on my way. Couple of times I’ve been this close to going there but there was always something interrupting my plans (floods, hurricanes, me being sick…). Finally this June I managed to visit Brno and I can be only angry at myself for waiting that long, this city is just amazing!

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Visit Brno, Czech Republic

Short history of Brno

Brno is one of the oldest cities in this part of Europe, founded around 1030, but it flourished especially in the times of Austria-Hungary and most of its greatness that can be admired now comes from that period. Right after arriving to the city by train you are welcomed by the beautiful train station that was built in 1839. It’s just the preview of what Brno is like and it gets better and better as soon as you enter the Old Town (that is located just across the street from that station building).

Visit Brno, Czech Republic

Visit Brno and enjoy the Central European vibe

Even if Brno is the second biggest city in Czech Republic it didn’t feel that way. I found it cosy and charming yet with magnificent architecture that can serve as a best example of the golden 19th century. When I was wandering around the city (and not only the Old Town but also surrounding areas) I had this impression I could as well be in Sarajevo, Graz, Cracow or Zagreb. The same style of architecture, the same intellectual vibe, the same excellent cafe culture… Brno has everything that a perfect Central European city should have yet for some reason it still is undiscovered by tourists who prefer to go to Prague, Budapest or Vienna. And when they travel between these three Brno almost always is on the way but not many stop there. Huge mistake! With so many picturesque buildings, churches, squares, sculptures, fountains, details it just couldn’t be any prettier! I fell in love with it, big time!

Visit Brno, Czech Republic

The city of students

Brno is also the city of students. There are almost 90.000 of them, getting their education at one of the six well known universities. That makes Brno a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a cool and relaxed vibe. Even if I was there at the exams time the city was full of young people enjoying the beautiful summer days. That was actually one of the reasons why I felt so good there and didn’t really want to leave! Also, due to the big number of students the choice of great cafes, pubs and cheap eating options is overwhelming!

Visit Brno, Czech Republic

Amazing cafe culture in Brno

The mix of Austria-Hungary tradition and students’ needs resulted in an excellent cafe culture in Brno! I’ve been to only couple of places and peeped into few more but I know I could spend at least a week there, only discovering new cafes! Some of them are made in the intellectual manner to make a perfect vibe for the conversations about the meaning of life, others have been opened every day since 1936 and are a meeting point of old-fashioned ladies. With the big number of cafes in Brno everyone will find something for themselves. My favourites were Cafe Falk and Trojka, both are highly recommended when you visit Brno!

Visit Brno, Czech Republic

Event that transfered me back in time

To boost my feeling of the old Austria-Hungary times I happened to be in Brno during the anniversary of the local public transport company. There were old buses, trams and trolleybuses driving all over the city. Especially the last ones are the symbol of Central Europe for me! All these vintage vehicles seen in the cobbled streets, surrounded by spectacular buildings made me transfered back in time! There was also a display of the fire fighters’ cars and how they’ve changed over the years. Even if I’m not interested in cars that was pretty cool and the excitements of people got into me too!

Visit Brno, Czech Republic
Visit Brno, Czech Republic

Is it worth to visit Brno?

I’ve heard from many people that 2 hours are more than enough to see Brno! Well, maybe if you want to rush quickly through the main streets of the Old Town. I’ve spent there 24 hours and there are still so many places I really wanted to see yet I didn’t have enough time! I only wandered around the charming Old Town over and over again, I climbed to the Spilberk castle to admire the beautiful view over the city, I spent way too much time in numerous cosy cafes. But I didn’t have a chance to follow the functionalism route that would have led me to Villa Tugendhat, placed on UNESCO World Heritage List. I also didn’t go to the dam, a leisure area of Brno that would be a perfect option for such a lovely sunny day like the one I was there… Not to mention the Moravia region that is one of the prettiest and most underrated in Europe and lies at the foot of the city. There’re so many reasons to come back to Brno and I’m sure that I will return there sooner than I think!

Visit Brno, Czech Republic
Visit Brno, Czech Republic

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What’s your favourite Central European city? Would you like to visit Brno?

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  1. Lovely pictures! You got me at a mix of Vienna and Prague. Love the old world charm of these cities. Hope to one day see Brno.

  2. I lived in Brno for a year, and Graz for a year before that. I definitely agree with you that 2 hours (and definitely not 24 hours either) is not enough time to experience Brno. I went to a cafe pretty much every day (Falk was one I visited often because it was across from the Humanities faculty where all my classes were. . .but their prices are kind of high if you are doing the cafe thing every day). Anyway, Brno was a great atmosphere to get my translation works and short stories done. I think I'm over-due for a return trip.

    • Graz must be not a bad place to live in too but Brno is so much better! Lucky you to be able to spend some more time there!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. 2 hrs could be deemed short, 24 hrs is certainly plenty. If you are trying to avoid the crowds in Prague, Vienna, or Budapest, certainly come in the weekends when no one is around, "not even a mouse"

  5. Very nice post about my city! :-) Glad you like it.

  6. Can't wait to visit the city and visually experience what you've described.Thanks for the beautiful pictures and an amazing narration of the city! :D

  7. Lovely photos! If you're in Warszawa, however, can you please take a walk around Łazienki and take some photos there as well? :) I do miss that place.

  8. Great posts! Love it

  9. No popatrz, w wielu miejscach w Czechach byłam, a w Brnie jakoś nie…

  10. super – zaraz poczytam bo się tam w sierpniu wybieram i dwa wieczory bedę miała na zwiedzanie ( w ciągu dnia MotoGP bo to prezent był podchoinkowy dla kolegi małżonka ) :)

  11. Cechy są zachwycające.

  12. mi się czeskie miasta kojarzą dzięki kultowej grze sensible soccer, byłem trenerem ligi czeskiej i do tej pory wszystkie kojarzę :P

  13. główny “rynek” w mieście nadal kojarzy mi się z tą schizofrenią architektoniczną, czyli ładnymi kamienicami i nowoczesnymi budynkami – nadal to tak wygląda? ;)

  14. Super, Brno jest dla mnie magiczne, urodził się tam Milan Kundera ♥

  15. o. tu chciałabym dojechać bardzo

  16. Brno jest ekstra! :)

  17. Have you been in DeguŠtace bistro? They make amazing burgers! Web page is just in czech language, but I think for polish girl it will not be so difficult ;) http://www.mikrofarma.cz/bistro-degustace/ Opening hours just on Saturday 9-24:00

  18. Brno is great :)

  19. Catalina
    22:56 18/10/2015

    I moved to Brno 3,5 years ago, planning to stay maximum 1 year. I just fall in love with it more and more every day and I wouldn’t change it for nothing!

    • kami
      10:50 15/11/2015

      I totally can see why! You’re lucky to live in such a wonderful city!

  20. What time of year did you visit? I found some great flights to Brno over Easter and I’m tempted to take advantage of them!

    • kami
      20:53 22/01/2016

      I’ve been there in June, August and September and all of these were really fine. But I think Easter time should be ok too! Maybe it won’t be too hot but definitely nice! Brno is really great, I think you’d enjoy it!

  21. Neal Baker
    18:31 19/04/2017

    I would like to issue a warning … there are corrupt ticket inspectors who are targeting foreigners who are going to the train station on Tram #1. They accost the tourist, start yelling at them in Czech, demand to see their ticket and then refuse to return it until the tourist pays an 800 CzK fine, even if the ticket is valid and has been validated. If the tourist is carrying luggage, they assume the tourist has to catch a train and is pressed for time, and can be bullied into paying the money on the spot. I will not visit Brno again, and I am warning everybody I know, and posting warnings on travel websites!!!

    • kami
      09:10 20/04/2017

      Thank you for the warning! I’m sorry you have to deal with such an unpleasant situation!

  22. Marcus_17
    23:23 16/06/2017

    I was in Brno this year, in January… and I absolutely loved the city, even though it was wintertime. It has a pleasant atmosphere, nice parks and the architecture is just stunning. The inner city is like a mixture of Vienna and Prague in my opinion. There are really fine restaurants, bars and cafés, in general these places offer quite good prices. So I hope I will return to Brno one day!

    • kami
      08:20 21/06/2017

      I’m really glad you enjoyed Brno! I was there once in November and it was really fine too! Maybe not as great as in the summer time but definitely a place to enjoy!

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