While I mainly aim to show you less known areas of Central/Eastern Europe, the Balkans, former USSR and Middle East there are variety of topics I focus on in here as well. I travel to both off the path and popular places and I tell you about both.

You might see that during my travels and then, afterwards, when telling you about them I put a big emphasis on street art, alternative places (art center, abandoned buildings and just about everything that is not considered mainstream), architecture (especially 20th century), culture, history, cafe scene, rail transport (that includes metro) and more. I’m also not afraid of touching difficult issues such as wars, genocide or poverty.

Most of my trips are solo and I want to encourage other women to travel independently too. I also try to give you as much practical information as possible so you can plan your own trip to the described places too! And I love taking pictures and sharing them with you!

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