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Travel blogging industry is getting bigger and more influential with each day. According to surveys 80% of people choose independent travel – out of them 50% looks for travel inspiration on travel blogs. Bloggers are considered a reliable source of up to date information and are valued for the real life experience.

Kami and the rest of the world is a blog founded by Kamila Napora in summer 2012. This Polish woman has over 10 years of experience in independent, budget, solo travel both to popular destinations and off the beaten path places. She wants to encourage others to travel the world too and outline that solo travel isn’t as scary as everyone thinks. Kamila also tries to show that it is possible to balance the full time job and the urge to discover the world. As the Polish citizen she specializes especially in Central and Eastern Europe but her interests cover the whole world, she’s already visited over 60 countries on 5 continents!

Kami and the rest of the world is a well estblished blog that rapidly gained popularity and loyal group of readers. They follow Kami’s journey to various destinations, support her adventures and interact with her on social media channels. Kami is also a founder of the popular and active Facebook group “Travel to Eastern Europe, the Balkans and former USSR” where she shares her knowledge and the experience in the region with fans and fellow travel enthusiasts.

Kami and the rest of the world was named one of the top 25 travel blogs by Viator, it was also featured in National Geographic Intelligent Travel section as well as in numerous worldwide outlets. These days this is the biggest English written travel blog focusing on Central and Eastern Europe and especially its off the path destinations.

The survey conducted in July 2017 gave a more detailed insight to the readers, the frequency of their visits and their interests. You can read the results here.

Some statistics (4th September 2017):

Monthly Pageviews: 60.000+
Monthly Unique Visitors: 37.000+
Top countries: USA, Poland, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany
Facebook Pages Likes: 5.041
Twitter Followers: 7.082
Instagram: 8.135
Pinterest: 2.475
Google+: 885
Newletter subsribers: 458
PageRank: 3
Domain Authority: 40

Google Analytics, August 2017

ga-2Bmap Audience

Kamila is available for press trips, partnerships, reviews, sponsorships. She can introduce your brand to her readers and followers before, during and after the experience through blog and social channels and you can be sure people who are truly interested in travelling will get to know about it. Working with Kamila guarantees a professional and truthful review according to her experience with your product or brand. The partnerships might include accommodations, tours, activities, transportations, food experience, gears, books and anything else travel-related that would be interested for the readers.

partnerships some of the past partnerships

Feedback from readers and partners:

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