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Early morning in Prague in pictures

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It’s not a secret that Prague is my all time favourite city. I visited it for the first time in 2002 and it was a love at first sight. Ever since then I returned there maaaany times (stoped counting after 10th) and even started dreaming about living there one day. Somewhere along the way I stoped visiting all the main touristic sights such as Staromestske Namesti, Karluv Most, Mala Strana or Hradcany and explored deeper regular neighbourhoods – Zizkov, Smichov, Holesovice… Or I just traveled around using the public transport to get to know the city better. And now, 11 years after my first visit in Prague, my feelings towards the city are getting stronger and stronger. I have there my fave places for a walk, for eating out or for a drink and I may go to Prague for such a silly reason as the theatre play.

So when my favourite band, System of a Down, was announced to play in Poland and when due to my Morocco solo trip I was too late to get the tickets for their show in Łódź the very first thing I did was checking if maybe they will also visit Prague during that tour. And sure there was a concert in Czech capital as well, the day after the Polish one. It turned out to be perfect as the tickets were in the same price, the day after the concert was a national holiday in Poland (hence I didn’t have to take an extra day off) and seeing my all time favourite band live in my all time favourite city seemed to be too perfect! I’ve been waiting for 13 years to that concert and suddenly it all felt like a dream comming true!

I went to Prague with two of my friends who have never been there before. Our night bus from Warsaw (we paid for 3 return tickets 16€ alltogether, now that’s a deal!) was supposed to arrive just after 6am, the concert was in the evening so we had the whole day to explore the city and see all the main sights. But something went wrong (or fast) along the way and suddenly at 4:20am we were already in Prague…

There was nothing we could do but start exploring the city. It was still dark and there were hardly any people around but that’s what made it looked magical. The first surprise came when we were waiting for the famous astrological clock, Orloj, to do its tricks at 5am…  and nothing happened! I was so sure it works 24/7 but apparently it’s only for tourists and not those who wander around in the middle of the night.

It’s been my dream to see the sunrise over Karluv Most (Charles Bridge), when there’re hardly any people around. And finally it happened! It looked as beautiful as I’ve imagined and even if people were already wandering around there were so little of them I couldn’t care less. After walking around Kampa we returned to the Karluv Most after 6am and there were already pretty many tourists, taking pictures and hoping for the best view. I was really surprised as I was so sure not many would bother to wake up that early. But well, the views were so totally worth it.

I think words can’t describe how beautiful Prague was so early in the morning! It reminded me why I fall for this city in the first place. With all the people around that appear already few hours later it losts a lot from its charm and there’s not so much of the magic in it. But still it’s one of the most beautiful city in Europe and is so worth visiting, even with all the crowds that come there all year long.

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Sorry for too many pictures but I just couldn’t resist and wanted to share with you how incredibly beautiful Prague is!



















Would you wake up that early just to see the city with no tourists in the morning sun?

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  • Reply
    18/08/2015 at 14:26

    I saw such Prague when I was living in CR. I was going to Poland for Xmas and passing through Prague. I was there at 5:30 AM and saw Charles bridge empty :D it was amazing. This was the only time when I really adored this bridge because in general it’s too crowded for me :/

    • Reply
      03/09/2015 at 22:05

      I know your pain! I try to avoid touristic places in Prague, they’re just too overcrowded! Where in CR have you lived?

  • Reply
    Mario Falzon
    08/06/2016 at 14:09

    I’ve been visiting Prague on a regular basis since 1990. Yes Kami, Prague is beautiful and can easily go for the best city in Europe. But its beauty has lately been marred by the thousands that descend on the city like bees on a flower rich in nectar. I lucidly remember Prague in the ’90s when Karluv Most was my sole property for hours on end and I was the only visitor inside the Klementinum. I can remember with ease the walk in the district of Hradcanska from the main Palace Gate to the Church of Loreto, meeting nobody or perhaps just one couple on the way.
    Most of the money generated by tourism was aptly used for restoration and consequently to give Prague a much needed facelift. But unfortunately the restored face of Prague which is undoubtedly beautiful is ensuing its gradual downfall. Today one cannot be fascinated any longer by the beauty of Prague because crowds have taken over all the atmospheric narrow streets of Staromestska and Malostranska. Last summer I was swallowed up by the crowds on Celetna, stuck to one place without being able to move either towards the Powder Gate or towards Staromestke namesti. The dining scene has changed from one that was utterly enjoyable and cheap to one that caters for mass tourism and consequently phony and expensive. I can remember the dozens of restaurants along Spalena that served authentic Czech meals accompanied by real Budvar beer from Ceske Budejovice for next to nothing. Those who (like you Kami) have never come into contact with Prague of the ’90s can never fully realize an authentic experience of Prague.

    • Reply
      21/06/2016 at 21:25

      actually I’ve been going to Prague on regular basis for some 20 years now and I remember the Prague you’re talking about. And I agree so much with everything you say, I hate the way Prague is changing, it’s not anymore the city I feel in love with. I still keep visiting it couple of time per year, it’s still my favourite place but I avoid all the touristy spots there. Only then Prague is still beautiful

  • Reply
    07/07/2016 at 03:04

    Hi Kami

    I’m going to take a night train from Budapest to Prague this Jul 22nd. Will arrive Prague at 4am so would want to take sunrise picture of Prague. Your pics here are so beautiful. Would you please recommend me some places ? Thank you so much !

    • Reply
      21/07/2016 at 20:22

      Hi Elise! So sorry for such a late reply but maybe you will still use my advices, after all your train is tomorrow! I’d say the best places for pictures are Charles Bridge and along Vltava from Kampa and from the Stare Mesto side. The island on Most Legii should be good too. But actually no matter where you go it will be amazing!

  • Reply
    04/11/2022 at 16:31

    I have been in Prague in May this year. I was there only for a weekend. On Sunday morning I went to city center early at 06:00 am. And the city was almost empty. It was magical, total opposite of walking through crowds in the evening. I enjoyed walking and having city to myself. I can recommend it to everyone who have few days in Prague. Wake up early and you will enjoy. It’s definitely worth it.

    • Reply
      26/11/2022 at 21:19

      Couldn’t agree more! This rule actually applies to every popular place, early in the morning it’s like a different universe!

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