Israel was one of the most surprising places I’ve ever visited. I didn’t really plan to go there, it didn’t interest me all that much but as the cheap flights always do the trick I found myself in the Holy Land and wow, what a place it was! Nothing like I’ve expected!!! It was truly fascinating at every level and have taught me so much. I’ve visited most important landmarks (like Jerusalem, Nazareth), conflicted areas (West Bank) and off the path spots. And I enjoyed every single of them, even if they were challenging in a way. Below you will see what I wrote about Israel, you might be also interested in my posts about neighboring Jordan. Take a look at other destinations I’ve covered on the blog too!

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Life in kibbutz

Life in kibbutz

As soon as I found out that Jisr az Zarqa borders with kibbutz Maagan Michael I wanted to visit the place and see how ...

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