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There are 45 Comments.

  1. hi, are you still in uruguay?
    i have a web site of tourism in uruguay called discovering uruguay and i would like make you an interview. also i would like recomend another places to go in my country.

    • kami
      22:07 06/04/2015

      no, unfortunately I was there in September 2014. But I’d love to return one day, I really enjoyed Uruguay!

  2. Patrypla
    01:45 16/03/2015

    Hola Kami, I am from Montevideo, Uruguay, tanks for your pictures and comments about us, I really sorry read this just now, I hope you come back and can visit other places like CABO POLONIO, and othe beaches, please if you visit us I will be plase to help you, best whises and fun reips !

    • kami
      22:08 06/04/2015

      Thank you for your nice comment! I’d love to return to Uruguay, it’s such a beautiful yet underrated country and I’d gladly see more of it! Thank you!

  3. glen litsinger
    14:39 21/04/2015

    hi, my wife and i are exploring South America with the strong possibility of retiring there. So far, Uruguay ticks all of our “boxes” but there are always more questions. Last year we spent 3.5 months in Ecuador which we really loved, but there were a few turnoffs, too. The worst wAS THE SITUATION WITH NOT BEING ALLOWED TO FLUSH TOILET PAPER- IS THAT THE CASE IN uRUGUAY AS WELL?

    • kami
      11:51 29/04/2015

      nope, Uruguay is fine! You definitely should go there to see it by yourself but I’m sure you’ll love it!

  4. glen litsinger
    14:41 21/04/2015

    P.S. WE LIVE IN mARYLAND, usa and could live without snow forever, now

  5. Ehsan
    23:12 06/01/2016

    I read your review on Iran and just want to say thank you, you said a lot of nice things about my country, I love travelling too and I’m going to take my first solo trip to Baku within 2 months. So far I have visited a few countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Armenia, Cyprus, Turkey, Armenia, UAE and Planned to Visit Azerbaijan, Georgia, Canada and India this year. I will check your website to read your reviews and advises regularly from now on.
    Wish to see you someday,
    My regards

    • kami
      07:38 08/01/2016

      Thank you! Have a great time in Baku, Azerbaijan is high on my list too! All the best!

  6. Kami,
    The cross post shared by Harleena I believe, was very powerful and moving. I loved it. BTW we are already connected on most platforms including Instagram. Take care young lady!
    Mike Hinshaw
    Travel and Food Blogger

    • kami
      22:17 15/02/2016

      Hi Mike! I don’t really know which post you’re talking about but thank you anyway :) yup, I know you fairly well from the online world! Happy travels!

  7. Mackenzie Casper
    22:34 01/08/2016

    I will be living in Ukraine from January to April 2017 and I’m terrified of the cold weather. Have you been in the winter and how cold is it? Is it bearable? Thank you for your post on the safety of Ukraine. My family is so terrified telling me I will be attacked and bombed, but your post even gave ME a lot of comfort. Thanks for sharing your travels!

    • kami
      15:00 04/08/2016

      You will be fine in Ukraine, really! Where will you live? I once visited Lviv in March and it was -20C but the most stunning winter I’ve seen! So yes, it can get cold there :)

    • louise åhrstadius
      18:02 12/08/2016

      i really love your blog.forgot to eat my Fridaydinner!!! Please send me information about your hostel in Obervatory Cape town

  8. Darren
    11:36 07/09/2016

    What a wonderful blog thank you so much for you website I have now some new ideas for places to visit!

  9. Trish bucknell
    13:30 11/09/2016

    Hi kami
    Thinking of adding mslta to my scicily trip. I’m fearful that I may feel about it like you did. One gets a bit blase’ when one travels do much. I’s it worth seeing or give it a miss. After scicily we will head on over to Croatia fir a few weeks.

    • kami
      11:28 14/09/2016

      I think it’s worth seeing, after all it’s a beautiful place. I haven’t been to Sicily yet but I feel Malta is different (and definitely different than Croatia). As you will be so nearby I will definitely give it a try!

  10. Angela Kho
    01:20 20/09/2016

    Hi Kami, have you visited “Tunnel of Love” near Kiev. I do not see the pictures on your blog. Do you know how far it is from Kiev.
    Thank You

    • kami
      20:31 21/09/2016

      Unfortunately I haven’t. But looking at the map it’s rather far away from Kiev. The town is called Klevan. Good luck!

  11. Jack
    01:09 27/11/2016

    I am thinking of visiting Odessa and Mykolayiv in the Ukraine and do not speak any of their language. My bigger concern is safety. Is is safe to go there alone, and will I experience much difficulty in communication since I do not speak the language.

  12. Jahan
    11:19 05/12/2016

    I suggest you visit Thailand. We have visited Thailand about seven times and we are likely to revisit it. The country is very exotic and friendly. I don’t know if they offer vegetarian food, but vegetables are inseparable part of their dishes, and there are many international restaurants, at least in Bangkok.

    • kami
      09:59 08/12/2016

      Thank you for your suggestion! Thailand is definitely on my list! Thanks!

  13. Jahan
    11:54 05/12/2016

    Of the places that have not visited and would eagerly like to visit, I suggest these to you:
    1. Iceland, for its odd nature, especially odd daylight and dark winters as well as its Viking culture
    2. Russia, for Saint Petersburg, Russian art, nature and food
    3. Afghanistan, very much like Iran regarding culture and people’s behavior, Herat and Kabul are the most peaceful cities.
    4. India, I prefer to see Goa Mumbai and Delhi, as well as wildlife.
    5. Viet Nam, because what I saw on its nature and Ho Chi Minh City on TV, and the snakes they eat!
    6. Cambodia, for Angkor Wat
    7. Taiwan, to see a democratic version of China!
    8. Mongolia, for its nomadic lifestyle which is extended into cities
    9. South Korea, for its culture, cleanness and advancement
    10. Japan, same as above, with special focus on Tokyo and Kyoto
    11. The Philippines, for its exotic culture
    12. USA, for NYC and LA
    13. Mexico, Peru and Ecuador for culture, nature and dishes
    14. Zambia ans Zimbabwe, for wild life
    15. Greece and Egypt, for archeological sites
    16. Spain, for art, culture and climate
    17. French Polynesia, for its nature


    • kami
      10:01 08/12/2016

      Thanks! I’ve been to some places already but most of these you wrote are on my bucket list! The list you made is great!

  14. Joe Lee
    16:09 05/12/2016

    I’ve recently discovered your blog and been keeping an eye on your posts ?

    I’ve been preparing to start my own youtube channel (almost there), I aim ”To inspire, inform and humour on the subject of travel and stuff the subject”. One of the things I’m hoping to do is to interview some of my favourite travel bloggers. I would love to interview you if you are ever in the UK or if we’re both in the same country?

    Also I’m a big fan of street art as well, check out my ig sometime :)


    • kami
      10:06 08/12/2016

      Thank you Joe! I will let you know when I plan to visit the UK! Thanks!

  15. Jahan
    12:22 06/12/2016

    Regarding your interests, I think you may find Königsberg (now a Russian city called Kaliningrad)interesting because of its forceful identity change from German to Russian.

    • kami
      10:15 08/12/2016

      yes yes, it’s very high on my list! If only visa was cheaper and easier to get… Thank you!

  16. Artur
    22:40 21/01/2017

    Mam w planie Lwów i Truskawiec na początku lutego 2017. Czy możesz coś polecić w Truskawcu, bo o Lwowie to przeczytałem kilka wpisów na polskich blogach.

    • kami
      16:58 22/01/2017

      Nie byłam niestety w Truskawcu, najlepiej spyta Piotrka z Podróże Pana Szpaka albo Pauliny z Mucha w Sieci, oni byli!

  17. Andrew Waldie
    04:57 11/03/2017

    Hi Kami… Your blog is wonderful… I am trying to decide where our Dec/Jan holiday will be. We have been to Austria,Sweden,Germany,Czech Republic,France etc but last time we ended up in Bratislava and Poland (Wroclaw,Krakow,Warsaw and skied in Zakopane)and loved it so would like to explore more Baltic/Balkan areas. We are an Australian family with 3 teenagers. I don’t know whether to go Warsaw-Vilnius-Riga-Sigulda-Parnu-Tallin-Helsinki-St Petersberg (and do cross country skiing,bobsleigh,pirt,ice swimming) or Budapest-Brasov-Sibiu-Zagreb-Ljublana-Lake Bled-Trieste-Venice.(all very pretty!!) We like to get out and about and see things and keep the kids busy and love to eat like a local wherever we go. We handled the cold last time in Poland (Jan 2015) but are worried the Baltics will drive us indoors.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • kami
      10:24 23/03/2017

      Thank you for your kind words Andrew! It’s a tricky question about Dec/Jan as the weather can be really unpredictable. I’d more suggest southern option as the further north, the day is shorter and it can get colder. But I’d add couple of places to your itinerary, in Croatia (Dubrovnik, Split), Bosnia (Mostar, Sarajevo) or maybe also Kotor in Montenegro. All of them are stunning and so worth a visit!

  18. Wayne Harper
    13:46 19/06/2017

    Hello Kami, I am a 68 year old from New Zealand and planning a trip some time to eastern/southern Russia and Ukraine. I last travelled Europe and lived/worked in Munich in 1972. I see on your list of planned destinations that you would like to visit New Zealand in October. Please contact me and we can talk avidly about travel and stimulating cultures and maybe I can show you some places. I live in Christchurch and am presently desperately trying to get people to restore our cathedral which was destroyed in an earthquake in 2011 but I fear they will demolish and rebuild. YOUR opinion, if you send it I will have printed in our city newspaper.

    • kami
      09:33 21/06/2017

      Europe has changed so much since your last visit, I’m sure you will enjoy it! I still don’t know my plans for NZ but if I get to Christchurch I will definitely share my opinion about the cathedral with you!

  19. richard
    12:19 27/06/2017

    Your article on zyradow was good, nice pics… there is now a British pub there that a few of us are planning to visit

    • kami
      21:22 21/08/2017

      thank you! and thanks for telling me about the pub!

  20. Stefano
    16:47 15/09/2017

    hello Kami, I came across your blog by accident. I like it, I like your comments, your descriptions and your photos. Congrats! You are certainly helping a lot of travellers. Including me, from today onwards :-) Ciao

    • kami
      10:48 05/10/2017

      Thank you! That’s really lovely to hear! Happy travels!

  21. Hi Kami,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Kami and the Rest of the World has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Solo Female Travel Blogs on the web.

    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 100 Solo Female Travel Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.


  22. John Campbell
    05:58 14/10/2017

    Kami, I’m interested to find anything you can tell me about Rzeszow. Possible just to visit, but possibly to spend maybe 90 days in/90 days out for a couple of years. I can’t find as much information as I can about other Polish cities, but thought maybe you make some suggestions. Thank you in advance for any info or advice! John C.

    • kami
      21:31 22/12/2017

      Hi John! Sadly I can’t help much about Rzeszów as I was there just once and only at the train station. I’ve heard it’s a nice city but unfortunately I can’t vouch for it. But I hope you will find some information around, there must be something! If you need info about other Polish cities I will do my best to help!

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