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Top 5 places to visit in Slovakia

…or at least in north-east Slovakia. This part of the country, located just across the border from Poland, hides some really amazing places. I’m really glad I’ve managed to re-visit some of them at the beginning of the month. With all the fascination with Czech Republic recently I forgot how great Slovakia is and this small weekend away reminded me why I used to enjoy this country so very much. I’m already thinking about more weekend trips there, this time to discover places like Slovensky Raj, Banska Stavnica or Trencin. But in the meantime here’s the list of 5 places to visit in Slovakia, some real highlights of the country. I’ve been to each of them more than once and I’m sure I’ll come back there again.

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Places to visit in Slovakia


The second biggest Slovak city and surely the capital of the east part of the country. Košice dates back to the 13th century and the rich history can be widely seen in it. The city center (that consist of the historical part of the town) is located in and around the Hlavna ulica (Main street) and has the largest number of historical monuments in Slovakia. Great examples of buildings from various periods of history can be found there: gothic, renaissance, baroque and art-nouveau. The most important building in Košice is the largest church in Slovakia – St. Elisabeth Cathedral – it stands proudly in the very center of the city and dominates the area with its high towers. It is also the easternmost Gothic cathedral in Europe. In the summer on the square between the Cathedral and the Theatre the dancing fountain can be found – you can see this in the great movie about Kosice my friends at Visegrad Hostels did!

places to visit in Slovakia

I personally prefer Košice over Bratislava big time. It’s really beautiful with it’s long Hlavna ulica and narrow streets going out of it. That’s also one of the cities where I feel like I really am in Eastern Europe. It definitely has the charm that is unique in that part of the world. In 2013 Košice was the European Capital of Culture title.

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places to visit in Slovakia

Spišské Podhradie

The small town located in the Spiš region that hides two true gems: Spišsky Hrad and Spišska Kapitula – both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The castle stands proudly above the town and can be seen from almost every corner of it. It was built in XIIth century and is one of the largest castles sites in Europe. It burnt down in 1780 and never was fully rebuilt, these days only ruins can be visit but it’s not hard to imagine how magnificent and important it used to be – it still is really huge! It takes around half an hour to hike to the castle from the town and besides the possibility to visit the ruins you’ll be rewarded with the breathtaking view of the Spiš region and even Tatra mountains if you’re lucky with the weather. Just don’t make my mistake and check out the opening hours before hiking up there!

places to visit in Slovakia

On the other side of Spišske Podhradie the Kapitula can be found. It’s an exceptionally well-preserved town that, thanks to being the main seat of the church administration, is often called “Slovakian Vatican”. Spišska Kapitula is surrounded by wall with St. Martin Cathedral, a former monastery and one street inside. The whole town is a great example of medieval construction.

Spišske Podhradie itself is worth wandering around too. The colorful, Renaissance merchants’ houses make it a pleasant place for the a walk.

places to visit in Slovakia


Located 15kms away from Spisske Podhradie this another charming town is a must in your visit in Slovakia. The historic center is surrounded by the well-preserved wall, walking inside it is like stepping back in time. Narrow streets with small, colorful houses led to the main square – Namestie Majstra Pavla. Three really important buildings are located there – the Old Town Hall (dates back to XVth century), the Evangelican Lutheran Church and St. James Church. The last one hides a real treasure – the highest wooden altar in the world. Even if Levoča is a small town it takes at least few hours to see all gems that it has. Since 2009 it is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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/places to visit in Slovakia


Yet another beautiful town with long history that dates back to XIIIth century. The name of it comes from the German “Kasemarkt” which means “cheese market” – back in the old times Kežmarok had the right to organize this kind of markets. It used to be a strongly international town, with Slovak, German, Hungarian and Jewish inhabitants, also among the mangats of the town. That, together with its rich whereabouts resulted in many interesting monuments. Some of the main ones include wooden articular church (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Gothic castle, the Town Hall, Baroque church and many Renaissance merchant houses. The city is located on the footsteps of Tatra mountains that can be seen through the arches of narrow streets.

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places to visit in Slovakia

Štrbské Pleso

Among all the Vysoke Tatry (High Tatra) towns that is my all time favourite. Located at the end of the railway line from Poprad it’s the most famous thanks to the lake that is in the middle of the town. Walking around it takes around half an hour and is definitely one of the most pleasant things to do there. In the wintertime the lake can be frozen until May and the cross country tracks lead through and around it. The most famous landmark in Štrbské Pleso is the ski jumping hill that was built for the FIS Ski Championships in 1970, sadly it’s not used anymore.

places to visit in Slovakia

The town is a great starting point for breathtaking hikes in the Tatra Mountains, including climbing to Kriváň (2.494ms above the sea level) – the national mountain of Slovakia. If you’re lazy there’re cable cars that can take you higher to the mountains from where you can start hiking. Or you can as well just sit on the lakeshore and admire the magnificent mountains in front of you.

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places to visit in Slovakia

In 3 years after writing this post I’ve managed to visit even more great places in Slovakia. Among them all two deserves more attention as I dare to say they’re one of the most beautiful towns in Europe, yet not known by many. So here you have even more great places to visit in Slovakia!


You might remember Bardejov from the post “29 most beautiful towns in Central Europe” I published here a while ago. I’ve been hoping to go there for such a long time yet it never has been on my way. When I finally had a chance to visit Bardejov I was enchanted! The town hall square with long rows of colorful houses and beautiful cathedral were just the prettiest, like from the painting! The view from the top of the cathedral tower takes the breath away! And the Icon Museum is a real gem, not only of the city but of whole Slovakia! The town made it to UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000 as a perfect example of the medieval trading towns in Central Europe. The golden times are long gone but don’t be fooled by how still the town feels, there’re surprisingly many cultural events happening in Bardejov!

places to visit in Slovakia

There’s one more reason to visit Bardejov – a nearby spa suburb Bardejovske Kupele. Even the famous Empress Sissi came here for the treatment! All kinds of mineral water from Bardejovske Kupele can help with curing more or less every disease!

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places to visit in Slovakia

Banska Stiavnica

Another UNESCO listed town in Slovakia, it’s so beautiful that it looks surreal! Once an important silver mining center of Europe, these days it’s one of the best place to visit in Slovakia. Even if getting there might be slightly challengig it’s so worth it! I bet you will fall in love with Banska Stiavnica as much as I did! I spent 3 days there and it wasn’t enough, it’s a perfect place to enjoy a slow life of Central Europe! Try to be there in mid July for the Live Chess festival, it was one of the most unique events I’ve ever attended! Read more about my time in Banska Stiavnica here!

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places to visit in Slovakia

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These are only very few examples of interesting places to visit in Slovakia that I truly enjoyed and I can easily recommend to everyone. But this small country in the heart of Europe hides many more gems and I’m really looking forward to discover them in future. And I suggest everyone to visit Slovakia as well, sooner the better, before too many people discover it. In the meantime, if you wanna learn more about delicious Slovak vegetarian food check out my latest post about it here

Have you been to any of these places? Would you like to visit Slovakia?

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27 Mar '13

There are 18 Comments.

  1. Haven’t been yet but am booked to go to Bratislava in December and will do day trip to Vienna. Kosice looks good for a short break too will add to the list. Do you have a post about Lublin please also just added to my list

  2. Visited Slovakia one month ago and I have to agree that it’s a really underrated country! Most people I know only have a day trip to Bratislava from Vienna. I really loved the countryside though! Great nature, breathtaking scenery, caves, lakes, castles, nice people and delicious food!

    • I went to Liptovsky Mikulas and the nearby areas! I enjoyed nature, trekking and amazing views! Plus I visited one of the most impressive caves I have ever been, Demanovska Cave of Liberty! We also enjoyed a boat trip from Bratislava to Devin and its castle! Nice experience! :)

  3. Banská Bystrica, Donovaly, Ružomberok, Rožnava, Słowacki Raj, Tatry Wysokie… :) Słowacja jest piękna!

  4. Ruzomberok and Vlkolinec!

  5. Thanks for the Top 5 of Slovakia–especially because this is a lesser-traveled country that deserves some tourism attention. I’ve only been to Žilina and Bratislava, but would like to get back to explore more of Slovakia.
    Stephen latest post…Trekking Colca CanyonMy Profile

    • kami
      22:12 28/07/2015

      you’re very welcome Stephen :) I hope you will be able to return there soon and discover more of Slovakia as it has so many great places to offer! Recently I was in Banska Stiavnica and that was such an incredibly beautiful town! I loved it!

  6. W tym roku już w słowackich Wysokich Tatrach i kilku miejscowościach Spiszu oraz przejazdem przez Bratysławę.

  7. podoba mi się Słowacja i to bardzo …. podoba mi się tam klimat i ludzie… trzeba koniecznie tam zawitać!!!

  8. Miesiąc temu odwiedziłam Słowacki Raj. Pięknie było. Miło wspominam też Bańską Szczawnicę. Reszta kraju czeka jeszcze na odkrycie :)

  9. Slovakia is truly beautiful, I am planning to visit in January.. I hope it’s not that cold…

    • kami
      15:14 14/09/2015

      It’s possible it will be freezing cold but January should be good especially in Tatra Mountains. Hope you will enjoy Slovakia!

  10. Perfect post! I am so glad that you like my home country, it’s definitely stunning! I love the nature, castles, caves, cozy towns… In Slovakia is so much to do! Thanks for sharing this! :)

    • kami
      23:15 07/12/2015

      thank you for your nice comment! Slovakia definitely has a lot to offer, too bad not many people know about it!

      • G Singh
        13:38 05/08/2017

        Are you from SLOVAC….can you guide me 3-4 days to pent there in best way ??

  11. Kinnar Dixit
    13:36 17/08/2017

    It was really a beautiful experience to go through your visit article. How good Bratislava is connected internationally? Do they have good airports? Can we get Vegetarian food in Slovakia?

    • kami
      20:05 21/08/2017

      Thank you. Yes, Bratislava has an international airport, served mostly by low cost flights but the airport in Vienna is also very near. And yes, you can get vegetarian food in Slovakia :)

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