21 Most Instagrammable Places in Kosice, Slovakia

(Last Updated On: 03/04/2021)

Kosice, the second biggest city in Slovakia is such a lovely city and with the colorful houses, charming lanes, impressive interiors, and beautiful architecture. It’s really not difficult to take good Kosice pictures when you visit Kosice.

But, like everywhere else, some places are most Instagram-worthy than others and so I created this small guide to the most Instagrammable places in Kosice.

A bit about the list of most Instagrammable places in Kosice

A little confession time: I’m not a big fan of Instagram and traveling for Instagram pictures only.

But at the same time, I’m looking for some Instagram-shots whenever I travel and Kosice was no exception here. And today I’m happy to share some of my favorite finds with you too so you can take some nice pictures when you travel to Kosice too!

I divided the list to outdoor places (so all the nice corners around the city), interiors and cafes so it will be easier to browse for you.

I also included the map you can download so hunting for Instagrammable places in Kosice will be easier for you.

Outdoor places

INTI mural

Street art in Kosice is pretty good and you can find some really great murals around the city. The most Insta-worthy one is the colorful piece by INTI, an amazing artist from Valparaiso, Chile. Fortunately, you can find it close to the city center, on Zborovska street!

Kosice Instagram

Umbrella Alley

Every Instagrammable city needs to have the umbrella alley and Kosice is no exception here. The colorful lane is located just off the main street, in the courtyard of 21 Hlavna street. Pro-tip – you can find a very good cafe in that courtyard too.

Kosice Instagram

Hrnciarska street

With its colorful houses and numerous small business, Hrnciarska street (Craftsmen Lane) makes a perfect Insta spot.

Kosice Instagram

Zvonarska street

Another colorful, charming street, with a very picturesque turn.

Kosice Instagram

Alzbetina street

You can get the best view of the impressive St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral from colorful Alzbetina street.

Kosice Instagram

Jakab’s Palace

The neogothic Jakab’s Palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in Kosice so obviously it will good also on Instagram.

Kosice Instagram

Singing fountains

In the very heart of Kosice, between the Cathedral and the State Theater, you can find the singing fountains. They can be a bit cheesy but this is surely a picturesque place.

Kosice Instagram

Hlavna street

Hlavna street, the main pedestrian zone of Kosice is a wonderful place, full of amazing buildings that make a great photo background. The most picturesque part is close to the Cathedral.

Kosice Instagram


The former tobacco factory, now the cultural center – Tabacka is one of the best places to hang out in Kosice. It also offers numerous photo opportunities, with the great street art and some hidden corners.

Kosice Instagram

Instagrammable interiors in Kosice

State Theater

The building from the end of the 19th century is already impressive from the outside, but inside it’s a real masterpiece with rich ornaments.

Kosice Instagram

The synagogue on Pushkinova street

New Orthodox Synagogue was built in the 1920s in a very interesting cubist style.

Kosice Instagram

The synagogue on Zvonarska street

Unfortunately, it is open during events only but this synagogue from 1899 is one of the most jaw-dropping places in Kosice.

Kosice Instagram

East Slovak Museum

East Slovak Museum with its beautiful staircase is a great Insta-spot!

Kosice Instagram

The palm house in the botanical garden

The palm house is really big and offers so many great photo opportunities!

Kosice Instagram


The former swimming pool turned into the art gallery. Some exhibitions are better than other but altogether this is a great place for Instagram pictures in Kosice!

Kosice Instagram

Kino Usmev

In this funky retro cinema, you can still see the interior from the old times. It’s more than just the cinema, the place serves as the bar, cafe and the cultural center.

Kosice Instagram

Most Instagrammable cafes in Kosice

Cafe Slavia

The art-nouveau gem of Kosice!

Kosice Instagram

Pogo Urban Caffe

This is one of the most popular cafes in Kosice, right in the center of the city and near the cathedral. The interior is modern, with lots of flowers and tiny details that make this place special.

Kosice Instagram

Cafe de Paris

A piece of France in Kosice, this cafe offers some of the most Instagrammable cakes, including the Eiffel Tower made from macaroons!

Salka kavy

Books, carpets, wooden chairs and tables – this is probably the coziest cafe in Kosice!

Kosice Instagram

Nico Caffe

A perfect modern yet warm design, with a funky twist and an interesting concrete add-on. Plus, their coffee is among the best in Kosice.

Kosice Instagram

Map of Kosice Instagrammable places

I’ve created the map with all the Insta spots in Kosice, mentioned above. Click here to access the map. You can then download the .kml file, put it on your phone and use it during your trip to Kosice!


Kosice Instagrammable Places

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