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Kosice street art – an urban gallery in Slovakia

Before going to Kosice I had no idea the city is a big player on the street art scene. And after not finding any good murals in Bratislava my hopes weren’t that high, to be honest. To my great surprise the second biggest city in Slovakia turned out to be pretty awesome and one of the reasons why I enjoyed it that much was Kosice street art! It might not be seen at first sight but once you dig deeper you can find some pretty amazing murals spread all over Kosice.

Before we continue can I have few announcements, please?

Thank you! And now on to the post!


The whole concept to bring street art to Kosice was created by Street Art Communication – a local organization whose main aim was to introduce the urban art in the city. In 2008 they’ve launched a local street art festival during which some of the best murals were created. These days there’re around 30 murals in the city made by both local and international artists, the peak of the activity was in 2013 when Kosice was the European Capital of Culture. The festival used to be one of the biggest in Central Europe but now is long gone. However, Street Art Communication is still very active in the local scene. Every year they work hard to put new murals in the Kosice’s walls and I personally think it’s much better idea than having everything done at once. Bratislava street art should learn from them!


There’re couple of rules that Street Art Communication follows when choosing the location for the new mural. It cannot be made next to the big advertisement in order not to confuse people. Locals should easily distinguish what is a piece of art, even if in a big, urban form. The organization also helps inhabitants who don’t have money to renovate their blocks. Instead of painting them in bright colours (like in most of the cities in Central Europe these days) they offer to create murals on the walls so the blocks wouldn’t step out as the only ones that weren’t redone. To have it done the organization needs to get the approval of 51% of people living in the block and sometimes that’s even too much…

Putting so many murals on the walls of Kosice has been somehow beneficial for the city. Random tags and graffiti are barely seen around, instead a fine works of art embellish Kosice. But there’s more street art than that! Another project made for European Capital of Culture 2013 was SPOTs – a former redundant infrastructure that was used to bring culture to the suburbs too. Those places, like the heating stations, are covered in some decent street art as well!


I was lucky to be able to discover Kosice street art together with Viktor from Street Art Communication and it was the best way to get to know explore the local scene. After really great tours in Buenos Aires and Lisbon also Kosice didn’t disappoint! I couldn’t be happier to find out that some of the best murals around were made by Polish artists and an English guy – Phlegm who created my favourite mural ever that I see every other day here in Warsaw! Anyway, below you can see the amazing pieces I could admire in Kosice!

Inti, Chile, 2013

Kosice street art Inti

Sepe & Roem, Poland, 2013

Kosice street art sepe roem

Bezt & Pener, Poland, 2013

Kosice street art Bezt & Pener

Pener & Tone, Poland, 2012

Kosice street art Pener Tone

spot, Radoslav Repicky

spot kosice

spot, razk 437

spots kosice

Claudio Ethos, Brazil, 2012

street art kosice claudio ethos

Phlegm, England, 2012

street art kosice Phlegm

Reus, Slovakia

street art Kosice Reus

Point, Czech Republic

street art Kosice Point

Cart1, France, 2011

street art kosice cart1

Erica Il Cane, Italy

Chazme & Tone, Poland, 2013

Kosice street art Chazme Tone

Here’s the map with all the murals I’ve seen in Kosice. Street Art Communication is working to create their own map of Kosice street art, to help visitors explore the local scene. You can also visit their website to find the locations of other murals I haven’t seen!

When you visit Kosice be sure to stop by in Tabacka, a former tobacco factory that now serves as a culture center. That’s where the Street Art Communication office is located. You can chat with them about the local street art scene and street art in general!

Tabacka Kosice

And in the meantime be sure to watch this great video about Kosice made by my friends from Visegrad Hostels.

Would you like to visit Kosice? Do you like street art?


kosice street art pin (2)       kosice street art pin (4)

If you think of visiting Slovakia or just want to read more about the country take a look what else I wrote about it!

Note: I visited Kosice in partnership with Visit Kosice however all the opinions are 100% mine, as always.

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  1. You need to come back to Bratislava. They have some amazing street art as well. You can see some of it going by Polski Bus but as you probably never use it – a nice walk is just fine ;)

  2. Na początku chciałem napisać, że koleś zwe fladze amerykańskiej wygrywa, lecz szczury w przejściu wymiatają. Bardzo dużo dobrych prac Polaków – czy w Polsce też tworzą?

  3. Kobieta z butelką (?) w ręku najlepsza!

  4. Dla mnie każdy z tych murali jest super, ale Bezt & Pener najlepszy !!! Wiem co mówię, jestem z Łodzi ;)

  5. Wow, Kami! So great – this is one of my favorite things to do when traveling in new cities. You’ve cataloged Kosice’s street art amazingly, and I hope to get to follow your guide in the near future – Cheers! :)
    Nick latest post…Forget Kyoto, Go to Nagasaki – 4 Reasons to Visit NowMy Profile

    • kami
      22:00 02/08/2015

      Thanks Nick! I always focus on street art and alternative spots too, but that you’ve probably already figured ;) You definitely should visit Kosice when you have a chance – such a cool city it is!

  6. Great write up! Thanks for sharing, Kami :)

  7. I keep telling myself that next time I’m in Poland, I’ll hop over to Kosice. :)

  8. Dzięki, że dodałaś mapkę ;) Następna trasa wypada mi przez Koszyce i już się z tego powodu cieszę :)

  9. Love the street art!! Really does give a city a completely different vibe, and makes it interesting to wander and explore the streets. I also think it’s a better idea to add to the murals every year instead of all at once – means you’ll keep people coming back over time for return visits to see more!
    Meg Jerrard latest post…Never Fear Solo Travel: Free Apps Like Outbound Will Help You Connect!My Profile

    • kami
      22:01 02/08/2015

      exactly! Kosice is the only place I know that stoped doing the street art festival when all the murals were created at once. And I like it so much more this way!

  10. A kiedy będzie Ruda Śląska street art?

  11. Bardzo bliski mi temat. Koszyce i eksploracja streetartu już w nastepnym miesiącu. Czy istnieje jakas app lub www map z lokalizacjami tych murali?
    PatTravel latest post…TOP 10 – HELSINKIMy Profile

    • kami
      22:02 02/08/2015

      o, doskonale! Koszyce są dosć fantastyczne! o appce nic nie wiem, mapkę taką jak mi się udało zrobiłam, ale na stronie Street Art Communication wiecej adresów znajdziesz. W ogóle najlepiej napisz do nich, powiedz że u mnie info znalazłaś i poproś o więcej informacji, na pewno pomogą!

  12. Definitely my favorite one is Sepe & Roem, Poland, 2013: dark one with four guys (at the beginning I thought they’re riding horses because of their thin legs) with a wolf/dog and a kind of tree ;)
    I wonder what would happen if Beksiński had tried street art ;)
    Ibazela | Love Traveling latest post…50 Stunning Photos of GreeceMy Profile

    • kami
      22:03 02/08/2015

      that would be insane!!! I’d love to see his version of street art! too bad we can only dream about that…

  13. Niektóre arty, które tu zaprezentowałaś są świetne!

  14. oh Koszyce marzą mi się :D od dawna już! super foty!

  15. 01:06 25/07/2015

    Fajna alternatywa dla mieszkancow, ktorzy nie moga sobie pozwolic na pomalowanie budynku! Same korzysci dla obu stron i nowe miejsce do odkrycia dla zwiedzajacych miasto. Tylko ten malunek ze szczurami jakos tak srednio mi sie podoba, brrr…. ;)

    • kami
      21:19 03/08/2015

      no te szczury są delikatnie przerażające, fakt! ale ogólnie koszycka scena streetartowa bardzo na plus!

  16. Simply awesome. I think tasteful, really beautiful street art like this adds such a great atmosphere to a city. Great photos of great work!
    Elliott latest post…Why Everyone Should Do a Working Holiday AbroadMy Profile

    • kami
      21:20 03/08/2015

      Thanks! and I agree, street art can do so much good to the place!

  17. It looks stunning, though not what I was expecting as ‘street art’ – it seems very mainstream?
    Fiona @ London-Unattached latest post…Wine Tasting in LondonMy Profile

    • kami
      21:21 03/08/2015

      well, it depends how you define street art, is it only random, illegal graffiti or also some well-thought murals. For me it’s a combination of both!

  18. Bethany Dickey
    10:38 25/07/2015

    Street art is so fascinating! I loved seeing the pieces in Prague and Montreal. These photos are very cool examples!

    • kami
      21:23 03/08/2015

      I completely agree, it is fascinating! I loved the street art scene in Montreal, so many good pieces! Prague is improving more and more recently!

  19. 11:01 25/07/2015

    Oh wow, I don’t recall any murals from my time in Kosice. A lot has changed in the last six years I guess. Perhaps I should go back someday soon, I remember it as a very pretty city, and if they developed a street art scene now, it has to be just perfect.
    zof latest post…Travel Flashback #23My Profile

    • kami
      21:24 03/08/2015

      You definitely should return! Kosice is pretty amazing now, they invested a lot in culture in 2013 and now it really pays off! I think you’d enjoy it big time!

  20. Will
    11:27 25/07/2015

    That is so unbelievably awesome. Such amazing art and talent…i love Slovakia – great place of the world.

    • kami
      21:25 03/08/2015

      true, such an underrated country with so much to offer!!

  21. WOW! I love street art and have enjoyed exploring the art in my city, Austin, Texas. You have found so MUCH! Love it! Thanks for a great post.
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist

    • kami
      21:26 03/08/2015

      Thank you for the nice comment Natalie! I need to google street art in Austing then, you intrigued me!

  22. Street art is very nice and I think it enjoys not only tourists but also inhabitants who have more colorful streets :-). I like it very much!
    Agnieszka latest post…Zorganizuj sobie urlop sam! 10 sprawdzonych linków z serca AlpMy Profile

    • kami
      21:27 03/08/2015

      exactly! I can see how big impact it has on me when I pass by some great murals every day here in Warsaw

  23. Loved this, especially the map at the end with the location of all of the art. What a wonderful idea, to keep adding art, AND have a Street Art Communication office–great commitment! I’ve started to look for street art more in my travels over the past 6 months!
    Michele TravelwithMrsT latest post…TBT: Here Yesterday, Gone TodayMy Profile

    • kami
      21:28 03/08/2015

      Thanks! So where did you find the best street art?

  24. Really amazing works of art. I absolutely love Inti, Chile, 2013 and Chazme&Tone, Poland, 2013. This is a very informative guide to Kosice Street art. Well done!
    Travelwith2ofus latest post…Perk me up mondays! travel photo – Roatan HondurasMy Profile

  25. Valeria
    19:14 26/07/2015

    I’m always happy to read posts on street art. I feel it makes every city so much more colorful! I actually went on a street art tour when I visited Bristol a couple months ago and it gave me a lot of insight on the city itself.
    Valeria latest post…Alluring Umbria: the green heart of unconventional ItalyMy Profile

    • kami
      21:30 03/08/2015

      Bristol is so high on my list and it’s all because of the street art, I’ve heard so many amazing things about it! And the tour sounds great, that way you can learn so much about the background of the local scene! I love street art!

  26. Laura
    10:15 27/07/2015

    What a great idea for buildings which can’t afford renovations!
    Laura latest post…New York: MoMAMy Profile

  27. I love street art, and this one is spectacular. I like it how they have different artists from various places to paint buildings and give them new life :)
    Claudia latest post…How I went from being a bored academic to a fun and free bloggerMy Profile

    • kami
      21:31 03/08/2015

      I hear you! I think the Street Art Communication does a really amazing job in Kosice!

  28. Some of them are really great! Love it!
    Koralina latest post…Trolltunga – trekking w NorwegiiMy Profile

  29. Ale czad!
    Natalia | Biegun Wschodni latest post…Polskie wioski w Rumunii. KaczykaMy Profile

  30. I must admit, they have a nice imagination! :)
    Marcin W latest post…Krynica-Zdrój i Stara Lubownia, czyli kolejny weekend na polsko-słowackim pograniczuMy Profile

  31. Andrzej H.
    10:49 21/08/2015

    If you want to visit Kosice, you HAVE TO visit Lunik 9! Beautiful people, culture, law, order and multiculturalism!

    • kami
      21:49 03/09/2015

      such a beautiful sarcasm! actually yes, I’d like to visit this part of Kosice too

  32. Adam
    16:22 21/01/2016

    Ciekawy artykuł. Brawo dla twórcy!

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