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Visit Kosice – a perfect city break destination in Europe

I guess not many of you have had the idea to visit Kosice. You might even want to google now what place I’m talking about. But let me tell you – this second biggest city in Slovakia is pretty amazing, incredibly underrated and makes a perfect city break destination in Europe. It has everything you might wish for: a beautiful old town full of interesting monuments, some cool alternative spots, lots of great cafes and restaurants and some amazing day trip options! I’ve been to Kosice around 5 times by now, this summer I’ve spent 4 days there and I still can’t get over how wonderful this city is and how perfect it is for at least a weekend trip. It just keeps surprising me, how come people don’t even consider visiting Kosice??

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Visit Kosice

Top Attracions in Kosice

There’re numerous things to see and do in Kosice, enough for few good days in the city! The most important monument is St. Elizabeth’s cathedral, preponderating the city. It’s the easternmost Gothic cathedral in Europe, works on it began in 1378. The building is stunning both inside and outside and the view from the tower is breathtaking and definitely worth taking 160 stairs up! St. Elizabeth’s cathedral, together with next door Urban’s Tower and Michal’s Chapel, were proclaimed a national cultural heritage. The whole Gothic complex is located in the heart of Hlavna ulica – Main street. This is the biggest historical area in Slovakia and walking up and down the pedestrian street, admiring beautiful bourgeois houses, or spending time in one of the numerous cafes and restaurants around is the highlight of every visit in Kosice. The majority of the attractions you want to see are around the Main street: next to the Gothic complex there’s the State Theatre with unique singing fountains just in front (such a cool thing!), grand palaces are built along the street, the narrow, charming lanes are hidden behind the arches on both sides and the East Slovak Museum (with the Gold Treasure hiding almost 3000 gold coins among few other things) can be found at the end of Hlavna.

Visit Kosice and its alternatice spots

Being the European Capital of Culture 2013, Kosice has a lot to offer also on the alternative front. The city is the best street art gallery in Slovakia, with huge murals adorning walls of blocks all over the city. The former tobacco factory or military barracks now serve as culture centers and the old swimming pool was transformed into the contemporary art museum! Few steps away from the Main Street a charming lane – Hrnciarska – hides numerous craftsman stores.

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Daytrips from Kosice

Not only the city is extremely interesting, it also has a lot of great day trips opportunities! One hour drive from Kosice can take you to the Tokaj region known for its amazing wines and relaxing atmosphere. It makes a perfect day trip but you can easily spend good few days there, just visiting (and enjoying) the wine cellars and discovering the area. Every fan of active holidays will be delighted with nearby Tatra mountains and Slovak Paradise National park. And if you’re looking for picture-perfect Central European towns you’re in for a treat too! Kosice can be a perfect base to explore eastern Slovakia!

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How to get to Kosice

Kosice is easily accessible by train, bus or plane from numerous places around. The international airport is served by low cost airline Wizzair with flights to UK and Italy and at the end of March 2016 the city will get a daily connection with Warsaw too thanks to LOT Polish airlines. There’re direct trains to Budapest (3.5 hours), Bratislava (5 hours) or Prague (8 hours) and bus services to Cracow (6 hours).

Where to stay in Kosice

The city offers various accommodation options for all tastes. If you’re looking for something more upscale Hotel Ambassador seems like a good choice, located right on the Hlavna ulica, in the heart of Kosice. For more budget friendly options Hostel Kosice (part of Visegrad Hostels) is the best choice – it’s hidden in the narrow street of the Old Town and the downstairs Club Madrid is apparently one of the favorite places of young Kosicans to hang out.

Where to eat in Kosice

Again, there’re numerous options for dining out. Some of the best restaurants include Primi, Villa Regia, Le Colonial, Camelot and Med Malina. And all of them serve some vegetarian options! Vyprazany syr might be one of my beloved food ever!! Kosice has some really great cafes as well, like “Smelly cat”, named after everyone’s favorite tv show “Friends”. I found Foursquare to be the best source of information about places to eat and drink.

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Events in Kosice

Did you know that Kosice Marathon is the oldest one in Europe and second oldest in the world, after Boston Marathon? It takes place on the first Sunday in October every year and brings a big joy to the city. At the end of November Main Street turns into the Christmas wonderland. For the whole list of events take a look at Visit Kosice website.

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Why should you visit Kosice?

The second biggest city in Slovakia has everything you might look for in the perfect city break destination: beautiful monuments, interesting history, great day trips and Central-European charm. It isn’t even half as crowded as nearby Prague, Cracow or Budapest and you get to enjoy all Kosice has to offer in the peace and quiet atmosphere. And the best thing – Kosice is a really good money value! Make sure to take a look at Visit Kosice website to learn more about the city and plan your trip there! And you should watch this great video about Kosice made by my friends at Visegrad Hostels!

Visit Kosice

So, when are you going to visit Kosice? Have you been to Slovakia?


Kosice, Slovakia       Kosice

If you think of visiting Slovakia or just want to read more about the country take a look what else I wrote about it!

Note: I visited Kosice in partnership with Visit Kosice however all the opinions are 100% mine, as always.

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  1. I’m from Poland, so I heard about Kosice, however I had no idea it’s the second biggest city in Slovakia! And I didn’t really have a chance to visit it… It really looks like a beautiful place, and surrounded by lovely mountains :) One day… ;)
    Traveling Rockhopper latest post…New Zealand – IntroductionMy Profile

    • kami
      23:24 07/12/2015

      it’s definitely worth visiting so I hope you will go there soon, especially since it’s so close! Such an underrated city!!

  2. Do tej pory Koszyce kojarzyłm ze względu o walkę braci Jana I i Władysława II o wpływy na Węgrzech. Dzięki za wiele innych ciekawostek.

  3. I usually stop there on the way to Romania or to The Balkans. If you travel by car from Warsaw it’s a good place to have a break and chill out for a while :) I know the hostel you mentioned! I’m quite curious though about the veggie food – will read the article – ‘cos to get some it’s been a kind of challenge. ;)
    Hanging around in Asia latest post…Mistyczny jarmark, pogrzeb i slow life na Bali.My Profile

    • kami
      23:31 07/12/2015

      you’re right, it’s a perfect stop on the way to the south of Europe, and it makes such a great chill out spot! As for the veggie food – you never can go wrong with fried cheese! :)

  4. I am from Kosice, it is the most beautiful city in Slovakia! There is so much to do and visit here. You should also mention ZOO which is the largest zoo in central Europe (by area).
    Julius from Traveltipy latest post…Ice Church in the High Tatras National Park – the biggest and coldest attractionMy Profile

    • kami
      23:32 07/12/2015

      I was in the ZOO as well but to be honest didn’t find it so special and I’m not sure it’s worth the trip all the way there. But Kosice is amazing and has so much to offer! I really enjoyed it there!

  5. Spa
    20:00 01/12/2015

    I love Kosice! I fell in love with architecture and small cosy cafes :) and those murals… are amazing!

    • kami
      23:33 07/12/2015

      indeed! I really like it too, for the same reasons!

  6. I have family in Kosice!

  7. I really liked Kosice when we went last year, totally underrated and beautiful city! I was taken aback by several instances of hyper-violent Roma fights occurring in broad daylight and at night. Anyone else encountered this there? It was just incredibly sad as these people had to be really on some serious drugs to do what they were doing.

    • Oh you probably had bad luck :( I actually live in Kosice and yes there are some places where this situation is totally possible (train/bus station, specific quarters in town, etc.) but it doesn’t happen normally in city center. Oh well, it’s such a shame you had this bad experience :(

    • No need for you to apologize! It’s a beautiful city and my visit wasn’t ruined by this, it was just sad to see.

    • no, it didn’t happen to me, not even once and I’ve bene to Kosice couple of times. So sorry you had to encounter this Alex!

  8. Charming! That’s the word I can think of when watching pictures you took in Kosice. :-)
    Kinga latest post…Yo soy tu regalo de cumpleaños! Barcelona day II.My Profile

    • kami
      23:33 07/12/2015

      Kosice is charming indeed :) perfect word to describe the city!

  9. Perfect post! Kosice is definitely a nice place to visit! Thank you for sharing this nice post about my country! :)

  10. Beautiful photos & perfect guide about Kosice! You must love my country! :)

    • kami
      23:34 07/12/2015

      Thank you! And yes, Slovakia is pretty high on my list of favourite countries :)

  11. byłam i bardzo lubię! :)

  12. Byłam tylko przejazdem z tego co pamiętam. A są tak blisko…

  13. Byłam tylko w Bratysławie i jakoś przez to odsunęłam Słowację na dalszy plan, ale przy następnej okazji na pewno wpadnę do Kosic. :D

  14. Pojadę w przyszłym roku, mam blisko! :)

  15. Może w przyszłym roku

  16. Nie byłam, a szkoda, super klimaty. Na Słowacji na razie mam zjeżdżony Spisz i ośrodki narciarskie, Donovaly, Chopok, Štrbské Pleso :)

  17. Byłam w Koszycach sto lat temu, bodajże w trakcie jakiejś koloni. Nie za wiele z tego czasu pamiętam, oprócz dużej fontanny oczywiście.

  18. Nie błem ale z chęcią sie wybiorę :)

  19. Have been only to Bratislava in Slovakia and would like to see more of the country.

  20. Niesamowicie zadbane i przyjemne miejsce! Kolejne z tych, które człowiek ma pod nosem, a jeszcze nie widział. Przekonały mnie zdjęcia z wersji letniej, z chęcią posiedziałbym w jednej z tych kawiarni. Bardzo przekonywująca relacja Kamila, naprawdę!
    Marcin W latest post…Czego nauczył i co mi podarował rok 2015My Profile

    • kami
      23:34 07/12/2015

      Cieszę się! W przyszłym roku obowiązkowo jedź tam na jakiś weekend, nie pożałujesz! A tym bardziej, że to nie tak daleko z Krakowa! Ile byście jechali, ze 4-5h?

  21. Well, the most convincing bit was when you wrote it’s close to the Tokaj region :D – for that I could go there, for the rest… I’m not sure.
    It looks like a pretty pleasant town to wander around – if I go to Slovakia I might visit it :)
    Monica latest post…God Bless You!My Profile

    • kami
      23:35 07/12/2015

      Tokaj was pretty cool, and challenging ;) As for the rest – why are you not sure? What I really liked about Kosice was that it felt really authentic and not overcrowded with tourists like other beautiful cities around!

  22. Nie byłam, ale dużo słyszałam i wygląda naprawdę pięknie!

    • kami
      09:23 13/12/2015

      Zdecydowanie polecam! Tak bardzo urocze i niedocenione miejsce! I tak blisko z Polski!

  23. Joubran
    11:13 26/09/2017

    Thanks, what a great informative article. Any public transportation to Tokaj? where to stay there?

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