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Where to look for street art in Prague

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On the first sight the Czech capital is all about beautiful old houses, red rooftops and hundred of spires but once you dig in deeper the city has so much more to offer!

When it comes to street art Prague might be not as amazing as other European capitals (I’m looking at you, Berlin and Athens) but it certainly has some pretty good pieces around.

The problem is – you just need to know where to look for them.

Before my last trip to Prague I spent pretty much time online looking for street art spots, it wasn’t easy but eventually I came up with a list of places I have to visit! And as a result, here’s my small guide to Prague street art!

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Prague street art

Of course a lot of Prague’s buildings, especially in Zizkov, are covered in random writing. But that’s not what I was looking for.

I was hoping to find some decent murals, hopefully with a deeper meaning, interesting paintings or quirky posters.

And it’s all there, just not visible at first! When you visit Prague and you’re looking for street art, these are the places where you should head to:

Lennon Wall

Located in the heart of the Old Town, few steps away from the Charles Bridge, this used to be just a random wall.

However, in the 1980s, more and more graffiti inspired by the Beatles’ songs were appearing here. In 1988 young Czechs started using this place to write complains about the harsh communist reality of Czech Republic – that lead to the big clash between students and police.

These days the Lennon Wall shows the ideals of love and peace and is fully covered with messages telling about these.

Actually the original portrait of John Lennon is long gone, covered with few layers of graffiti.

When the Wall was repainted by the authorities it took just couple of hours for new paintings to show up on it!



Mural commemorating Bohumil Hrabal

Bohumil Hrabal – one of the most important figures of Czech and international literature. His books were translated to 25 languages, few of them were made as movies too.

In the place where his house used to stand now so-called “Hrabal Wall” can be found. It shows the writer surrounded by his beloved cats, with some of the most memorable quotes from his books written here and there.

It’s very easy to get there, the mural is right at the exit from Palmovka metro station (yellow line B).

It’s worth to take a look around as there’re some other decent street art pieces too!




The most alternative district of Prague, where the working class used to live, is full of street art.

Sadly most of it is just a random writing but few gems can be found there too if you look carefully around! I can recommend these places:

  • the entrance to the block of flats at Taboritska street, close to Olsanske Namesti, next to Albert supermarket (by the way, if you’ve seen the movie “Vratne lahve” that’s the shop where they filmed it)
  • Franz Kafka mural at the corner of Husitska and Prokopova. The writer is half burried and screams “Pomoc” (“Help”).

    I’ve seen this mural couple of times and sadly each time it is in worse and worse condition, being covered in random graffiti. It also looks like the square where it is might be under some constructions

  • a former railway line, now a place for riding a bike and rollerskating, is a perfect place for a walk and street art hunting. It runs parallel to Husitska street, the best way to get there is via Chlumova street.




Area around Florenc station

A parking lot next to the Hotel Opera and Tesnov street is an open-air street art gallery! Just about everyone can come there and be creative!

During my visit two guys were finishing his work while a little baby was sleeping in the stroller! Every part of the wall is covered with something, one piece is better than the other.

The way from metro station (Florenc, red line C) is full of street art too, especially the passageway under the Wilsonova street.




Another cool area of Prague, kind of hip, where some really good street art examples can be found too! Look for them at:

  • entrance to Vltavska metro station (red line C) – full of street art, including impressive human figures sketches by one of the most known European artists – Mode 2
  • Milady Horakove street – random small street art pieces, including one of the best Czech artists – Point
  • DOX Center of Contemporary Art – the building itself is covered with some really cool murals by Pasta Oner as well as some smaller pieces




Pasta Oner

Since I’ve already mentioned that name – this is probably the best and most known Czech street art artist.

He has a very distinctive style, getting his inspirations from popart. I came across only few of his murals (I know there are many more!) but all of them were really impressive. They are located:

  • few steps away from Dejvicka metro station (green line A), on the corner of Verdunska street (this mural was named the best in Czech Republic in 2012)
  • at the corner of Narodni and Mikulandska, in the very heart of Prague (however it looked a new hotel will be built there and the construction will cover the mural)
  • at the building of DOX in Holesovice





I didn’t actually manage to explore Smichov properly in terms of street art (but I really like this area), however I saw two really nice murals there:



Also in the historic center of Prague it is possible to find some decent street art examples!

Just keep your eyes open, look around each corner and who knows, maybe new Prague gem will be there!



And here you have a map with all the locations I’ve mentioned in the post:


prague street art pin (1)       prague street art pin (2)

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    What a nice guide through Prague’s street art! Well done, some pieces are really interesting :)

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      Thank you! There were definitely some great works in Prague :)

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    Hi Kami, we are amazed by all the street art you spotted in Prague. Sadly, some pieces cannot be tracked down anymore but on the other hand new are popping up occasionally.
    If you are curious what happened since your post, feel invited to have a look at our list.
    Greets and good travels!

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      That’s the beauty of street art I guess, that it is not permanent. Seems like a lot has change in Prague’s street art scene, I need to go back and catch up! Thanks!

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