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Monday with Pictures: street art in Berlin

(Last Updated On: 16/02/2017)
Berlin must be the world’s (or at least Europe’s) capital of street art. I don’t think I can recall any other city where street art plays such an important role and helps to define the place. There are murals, posters, stickers or just random writings and paintings – the number of all of these might overwhelm some but without the street art Berlin wouldn’t be the same place. After the reunification of Germany, when the capital city was moved here (from Bonn), Berlin had to redefine itself and since it went into the alternative direction the street art is just an inseparable element of it.

Some amazing street art pieces can be found all over the city but the biggest number is in the more alternative areas. When looking for street art you can’t go wrong with places like Kreuzberg, East Side Gallery, RAW Temple or Hackesche Hofe (I personally think it’s no coincidence most of them are located in former East Berlin). But when exploring Berlin you always need to keep looking around as you never know where the excellent street art piece can be found!

Artists from all over the world come to Germany’s capital to do their job there – it’s an honor to be recognizable as a part of the street art scene in Berlin. Some of the most famous artists are:
* El Bocho -d from Spain – and his cute girls – Little Lucy who finds too many creative ways to kill her cat and Tina Berlina who tells tourists some secrets about the city (such as the fact that the new airport will be opened in 2040)
* BLU – an Italian artist and a legend of street art in Berlin. His pieces are among the most famous in the city – when you cross the Oberbaumbruecke you will for sure see big murals of the East meets West, golden handcuffs and the pink man
* ROA and his dead animals. Murals that are in Berlin are part of the bigger series by this Belgian artists – the other day I found one in Warsaw too!
* Victor Ash, an author of big mural in Kreuzberg – “Astronaut / Cosmonaut” – it reminds us of the Cold War times and attempts to rule the Space

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I could write a lot about the street art in Berlin as every second piece you stumble across is special and worth the attention. But instead I will just show you lots of pictures to prove that Berlin really is a street art paradise!






























Are you a fan of street art too? What are your fave street art cities / artists?

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berlin street art pin (1)       berlin street art pin (2)

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Note: My trip to Berlin was in partnership with Visit Berlin and Deutsche Bahn. All opinions, as always are 100% mine!

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