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Street art in Athens, Greece in pictures

(Last Updated On: 14/03/2017)
The majority of people visiting Athens are interested in seeing the remnants of the ancient greatness. I totally understand that, even if the ruins there aren’t as magnificent as everyone expects. I wanted to see these as well, of course, but prior visiting Greek capital my biggest excitement was about the street art scene. I heard so many good things about it and I just couldn’t wait to discover it properly.

I expected to see some good pieces every here and there, like it usually is in most of the places. But to my great surprise graffiti and murals cover the big part of Athens. It was literally everywhere, even in the oldest, most touristy area, next to the ancient ruins, so overlooked by crowds. I was overwhelmed by the great finds on every step! After walking around for a while I could already distinguish which pieces were created by the same artist. The most I liked the series of paintings of girl with a wavy hair – I spotted them all over the city and they were the prettiest

The biggest number of street art can be found in Exarchia – the alternative neighborhood of Athens, famous for the riots that often take place there. In this part of the city literally every building, every wall, every door was covered in some kind of graffiti. Some were better, most were not that good. Sometimes the awesome pieces were covered by random writing. But the overall impression was overwhelming, I felt like I found myself in the street art paradise. I was wandering around slowly, carefully looking at each corner not to miss anything. 

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I’ve been to many cities where the street art scene was amazing – Montreal, Toronto, Barcelona, Tartu or recently Amman – but Athens was the most surprising one. I felt like it was a smaller yet equally awesome version of Berlin and I enjoyed every single moment exploring it, especially when my wanders around were full of wonderful street art finds. Below you can see some of the best examples

























Are you a street art fan too? Where did you find the best street art scene?

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athens street art pin (1)       athens street art pin (2)

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There are 3 Comments.

  1. Andrew Darwitan
    13:10 14/03/2017

    Street art in Athens is really on a whole different level. My favorite street art spot in Athens has to be the stretch of streets along Psirri, especially around Louka Nika. It’s so colorful I just love it!

    • kami
      11:08 23/03/2017

      I so agree! I could return to Athens just for the street art!

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