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  • Greece

    Meteora, Greece in photos

    From the moment I stumbled across Meteora photos I knew it’s one of the places to visit in Greece I really have to see! The name of the place, Meteora, literally…

  • Greece

    Alternative Athens

    Athens happened to be the most surprising destination I visited this year (so far).  I was expecting a tatty, dirty capital, slightly dangerous and torn by the recent crisis, with few…

  • Greece

    Street art in Athens, Greece in pictures

    The majority of people visiting Athens are interested in seeing the remnants of the ancient greatness. I totally understand that, even if the ruins there aren’t as magnificent as everyone expects.…

  • Spain

    Barcelona in February

    I have a confession to make. I used to hate Barcelona, big time. My first visit there, back in 2005, was quite an unfortunate one. Not only I arrived there at…

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