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  • Greece

    Meteora, Greece in photos

    From the moment I stumbled across Meteora photos I knew it’s one of the places to visit in Greece I really have to see! The name of the place, Meteora, literally…

  • Greece

    Alternative Athens

    Athens happened to be the most surprising destination I visited this year (so far).  I was expecting a tatty, dirty capital, slightly dangerous and torn by the recent crisis, with few…

  • Italy

    Milan, Italy in pictures

    Milan – one of the most visited cities in Italy, the capital of the northern part of the country. Magnificent, sophisticated, beautiful, with Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele that never fail…

  • Greece

    Street art in Athens, Greece in pictures

    The majority of people visiting Athens are interested in seeing the remnants of the ancient greatness. I totally understand that, even if the ruins there aren’t as magnificent as everyone expects.…

  • France Monaco

    Why we love Mediterranean towns

    As a person who grew up in the country with long and wide sandy beaches I didn’t really understand the whole craziness about the Mediterranean places. Beach-wise this area is really…

  • random

    First half of 2013 in pictures

    I’m so very sorry for the very rare updates here. The reason is my ultrabook crashed and is in pieces (literally) yet Lenovo refuses to repair it… It’s a long story…

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