Barcelona in February

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I have a confession to make. I used to hate Barcelona, big time. My first visit there, back in 2005, was quite an unfortunate one. Not only I arrived there at the end of July, in the middle of extremely hot summer, so hot that breathing was a challenge, but also the immense and constant crowds of people everywhere made it impossible to enjoy the city. On top of that I got a terrible sun allergy but among all the souvenir shops I couldn’t find an open pharmacy – when I finally did it turned out they were closed for the holidays… Everything went wrong there and then and I blamed Barcelona for that.



But after hearing for years how great city it is and how much everyone falls for it I’ve decided to give it a second chance. Of course I was very sceptical about my second visit to Barcelona and didn’t have my hopes all that high. This time I went to Barcelona in mid-February so I wouldn’t have to deal with too many people (or at least I hoped so!) and the heat wave. And it turned to be the perfect time to visit Catalunya’s capital. I only wish I could have stayed one week in Barcelona.



I spent my days there wandering around, enjoying the warm-ish weather (as opposed to the cold Polish winter) and admiring the city’s beauty. I slowly, step by step, started falling for Barcelona as well! There were areas that I really enjoyed, such as Barri Gotic or Dreta de L’Eixample and places, La Rambla in particular, that I prefered to avoid. The street art there was more than awesome! All the famous work created by Gaudi impressed me yet another time, even if each place was extremely crowded and the admission everywhere except of Parc Guel was way too overpriced (I remember back in 2005 I paid less than 5€ for visiting Sagrada Familia, now it was 18€!). And it was so cool the beach was just there, so close from the city! I also went to Montserrat, one of the perfect day trips from Barcelona.



This time in Barcelona I didn’t really want to see all the important monuments to cross them off my list. Instead I wanted to get to know the city and understand why so many people are crazy about it. And even if it still isn’t among my all time fave cities I’m very glad I decided to re-visit it. It turned out Barcelona isn’t such a bad city after all!




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Have you visited Barcelona? Did you like it there?


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