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Alternative Athens

Athens happened to be the most surprising destination I visited this year (so far).  I was expecting a tatty, dirty capital, slightly dangerous and torn by the recent crisis, with few ancient remnants here and there. Well, Athens was nothing like that! It turned out the city was very lively, with an explicit alternative vibe and many cool spots to choose from. And the ruins from thousands years ago weren’t that bad either. For years I wasn’t interested in visiting Athens – when I finally went there I fell in love with the Greek capital and didn’t really want to leave.


I definitely could see why people don’t really like Athens. But, like with Yerevan, with a right attitude and enough time to discover the real face of the city it turned out to be an amazing destination for every culture lover. I spent hours sitting in the funky cafes, discovering culture centers, admiring excellent street art scene or just relaxing at the beach. Here are my fave alternative spots in Athens!



The district of anarchist, famous for riots, quirky cafes and bustling art scene. Covered in the overwhelming number of street art – some of these are just random writings, some are real pieces of art. Full of little boutiques and shops with comic books, used vinyls or books, customized t-shirts. If you’re interested in counterculture then this is the place to be! I spent big part of my time in Athens wandering around Exarchia or people watching while enjoying a cup of coffee in one of the cafes on the main square. Every evening when I was done with sightseeing I headed there too, just to relax and feel a part of this alternative world. It’s like the smaller and more extreme version of Berlin’s Kreuzberg.





I’m a huge fan of industrial places turned into alternative areas / culture centers. And so that’s why from the very beginning I knew I’ll enjoy Technopolis! This former gasworks (built in 1857) serves now as the active cultural heart of Athens, with numerous events almost every day (some of them are really famous and important, such as Athens Fashion Week or Athens Jazz Festival). The industrial surrounding definitely adds up to the overall atmosphere of the place. When I visited Technopolis some kind of festival took place there too and I had a chance to sample delicious Greek food from all over the country.




Monastiraki flea market

The area of Monastiraki is known as a shopping center of Athens, with numerous clothing boutiques, souvenir shops and specialty stores. On Sunday some of these shops close, local people take tables outside and the district, especially along Ermou street, turns into a large flea market. It’s a big attraction especially for locals – the crowd can be so huge that it feels every inhabitant of the city is there, either buying or selling. Everything you wish for can be found there: antiques, old books, vintage vinyls, second hand clothes, furniture. If you happen to be in Athens on Sunday be sure to head to Monastiraki for some true local experience and try to be there in the morning so you can fully enjoy it!





cafe culture

I was surprised how many cafes are in Athens! They’re literally on every step, offering both coffee to go (usually it’s around 1-2€) and tables to sit down and enjoy your drink. Just be aware that you have to pay more for coffee if you want to stay – for my cafe latte in one of the cafes in Exarchia I had to pay 3,50€ (which still is a fair price). Most of the places I visited had a soul and an original interior, they weren’t your random chain coffee shops. When I travel I like taking my time to stop for a coffee, pretend to read a book but actually do people watching. And so Athens was a perfect city for me! You can find the best cafes around the main square in Exarchia but also in the backstreets of touristy Plaka there were few really good places!






street art

I’ve already dedicated one post to street art in Athens but let me repeat it – it’s a street art paradise! The city is full of all forms of street art but the majority are murals and random graffiti. Very quickly I managed to recognize work of the same artist, my favourite one being a lovely girl by Sonke. I spotted her in various places all over the city and every time she brought smile to my face. Of course the majority of street art can be found in Exarchia but I saw some really good pieces also in Plaka or next to the Technopolis. If you like street art Athens will not disappoint you!




nature getaways

Well, maybe I exaggerated with “nature” but within the city borders you can find some really lovely spots to escape hustle and bustle of  the city and crowds of tourists heading to Acropolis. Catch a tram and head to the beach. Probably it will not be the most beautiful beach you’ll ever visit but it’s still a really nice and relaxed place well worth a visit. If you want to admire the city from above hike to one of the hills in the center, particularly Mount Lycabettus and Lofos Strefi offer incredible views of Athens and its famous landmarks.




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living like a local

Since Athens is an extremely touristy place, with the tourist center in Plaka district, to enjoy the city to the fullest I’d suggest you trying to live like a local. Websites like Wimdu gives you this possibility – now, with these coupon codes, you can book your accomodation even cheaper! I tried that in Toronto and it was the best way to get to know the real life there. Athens has over 300 properties listed there so just find yourself a nice area and enjoy your time in Athens like a local!


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If you think of visiting Greece or just want to read more about the country take a look what else I wrote about it!

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There are 16 Comments.

  1. You’re really quite an explorer! When I was in Athens, I just did all the usual touristy stuff: Acropolis, Plaka, Monastiraki. Psiri was as alternative as I got in Greece. Your pictures of Exarchia really impress me though. Looks so relaxing and different. The ubiquitous graffiti aside, Exarchia isn’t quite what I imagine Athens to be. =)
    Andrew Darwitan latest post…Delay or Go: How Safe is Greece During the Financial Crisis?My Profile

  2. Finally I found a little alternative guide :) It seems like greece is living in the past. Everyone is just talking about food, beaches and archeology. I want to see life there! I will visit the Technopolis, definitely. I will be there next week, I am excited! Ciekawe co odkryjemy ;)

    • kami
      21:27 29/04/2016

      I’m sure you will find many great spots in Athens! I was so surprised by the city, in the positive way. All the old remnants are just small part of it and Athens is such a cool place! Enjoy your time there, I’m sure you will!

  3. mustafa
    16:12 10/07/2016

    the streets looks so lovely and exciting :) but there are alot of place in Turkey like that.

    • kami
      21:02 21/07/2016

      hopefully one day I will have a chance to see! Do you have anything place like that to recommend?

  4. Fantastic guide! Thanks for sharing. I’m flying to Athens tomorrow and this has so much interesting content I’m really excited now! :)
    Minka Guides latest post…Fabulous Porto!My Profile

  5. I loved your viewpoint on my hometown!
    I’ve been living abroad for many years now and every time I go back I’m torn among its unique and impressive history, its offbeat quirkiness and how much it’s been run down and neglected, mainly due to the recent crisis.
    Mixed feelings every time! I’m glad you chose to see it positively!

    • kami
      14:53 29/03/2017

      Thank you! I must admit I was a little torn too but positive feelings won :)

  6. This post has had me change my plans for my Greece trip next month and allow an extra couple days in Athens. A nice new perspective on the place vs all the other blogs simply showing the ruins etc. Keep up the great work!
    Adventographer latest post…The Canadian Rockies & Banff National ParkMy Profile

    • kami
      19:58 21/08/2017

      Thanks! Alternative side of Athens was my highlight there! I’m actually returning to Athens soon to see some more of it. Enjoy your trip to Greece!

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