A look back at summer 2017

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These last few days, when I hear the rain drops falling on my window sill or when I look outside to see a gloomy day, I can’t believe we’ve just had summer. And most likely it’s over for this year. These past two months went by so quickly I haven’t even noticed them properly, and I mostly blame job for that (or maybe it’s my tired talk as last 3 weeks were especially exhausting). Anyway, let’s see what I was up to in July and August!


I didn’t do as much travelling as I first planned to but that’s fine. I still managed to visit many places, some of which were new to me! In July of the three weekends away I’ve planned I did go somewhere only once. I was supposed to travel to Serbia (but cancelled because of work) and Lithuania (but it turned out it’s impossible to find the accommodation at the seaside in the summer time). I was only in Vienna with my mum and a giant zucchini. The story of the travelling vegetable was rather hilarious, I’m still laughing when I think of it! You can read all about it and my time in Vienna here.

August was better but again I had to cancel my birthday trip to the Balkans because of work. I spent the first weekend of the month in Hannover, Germany and I loved it! I literally knew nothing about the city and when I mentioned on Instagram I’m going there I got comments telling me it’s the most boring city in Germany. Well, I have to disagree as Hannover turned out to be really interesting and cool! If you are looking for not so obvious city break destination then Hannover might be a place for you! Here you can read more about my time there as well as about top things to do in Hannover!

A week later I spent few days in one of my favorite travel destinations – Ukraine! This time I’ve returned to Kyiv (such a great city!!) and went for a Chernobyl tour. To be honest I wasn’t so sure about going to Chernobyl as I felt it’s too much of a tourist attraction and it might have lost its true feel. Fortunately a friend of mine who happened to be taking the same flights to Kyiv (so we just eventually went for this trip together) talked me into going – and it was the best decision ever! Soon I will tell you more about this day trip with Chornobyl Tour but it was all I enjoy the most: Soviet architecture, industrial sights and abandoned buildings!

I was supposed to stay in Ukraine for a week or so but it turned out it would collide with the only weekend I could go away with friends, and we haven’t travelled together for a long time! So I returned from Ukraine earlier and spent another weekend with friends in Cieszyn (with a day trip to Brno, Czech Republic). It was so much fun and such a quality time with some of my favorite people! As much as I love solo travels it’s good to go somewhere with friends too!

And then I was supposed to go for a week to the Balkans (Macedonia and Bulgaria) but work happened. I didn’t cancel the trip though, I just postponed it for September!


Even though those past two months were really busy I also managed to meet friends a lot (it’s amazing how long day and warm weather make you squeeze so many things in so little time!) and had good summer in the city! I somehow deliberately limit my travels in the summer as Warsaw is so much fun at that time of the year! And this summer was no exception!

Unfortunately the situation in Poland wasn’t so good and thousands of people (including me) were gathering against the changes in the law our ruling party tried to push through. The issue of courts we were fighting for ended mostly good but I’m afraid we will have to attend many more protests in future…

A completely random highlight of the summer was discovering the Armenian bakery in my neighborhood! Not only the bread and khachapuris are to die for (and long lines are the best prove of it) but it also has a huge picture of Yerevan on the wall! The day after I discovered it I booked flights for another trip to Armenia in August 2018!

Books read

I finally finished few books but all of them were in Polish (two by Ziemowit Szczerek and “Zielona Sukienka” by Małgorzata Szumska). I also finally bought a new Kindle after my old one (that was already pretty old) was stolen in Sarajevo earlier this year. That means I’m hoping to read many more books when travelling, especially that recently I bought some (supposedly good) ebooks!

Blogging bits

In July my blog turned 5 years old! I’m still pretty impressed I sticked to something that long and that this something turned out to be one of the best things in my life! This anniversary was a good occasion to ask you to fill a quick survey for me. I was overwhelmed with the number of your answers and all the kinds words you shared! If you’re curious about the survey results click here.

I also caught up on writing a little bit. I really enjoy writing recently so you can expect more posts coming up (if time allows!). My recently published posts were:

I got really into photography! I’m not hoping to be another great photographer in the world but I simply enjoy taking pictures and editing them afterwards. I’m currently working on finally setting a proper galleries with my travel pictures. I also bought new lenses so hopefully we all will be able to see even better pictures in here! First I just need to learn how to use them in the best way!

Speaking of pictures – my most popular Instagram photo in these past two months was from Graz (Austria) when I mentioned I’m going to Vienna for the weekend. Abandoned bump cars in Pripyat was a close second!

Plans for September

This weekend I’m going to Lviv again! I know I was there just 3 months ago but this city is magnetic and I just keep returning there! There are always so many things to do and see that each time I have something new to discover! Again I will spend a day only in Lviv but that should be enough to see some beautiful interiors, go for a tour on the rooftops and enjoy few cafes! I’m staying in Hotel George again – it’s the oldest hotel in Lviv and so beautiful (plus dirt cheap!).

A week later I’m going for a weekend to Kaunas, Lithuania. I’ve already been there but it was snowing like crazy so even if I really enjoyed the city I want to see it in a better weather! Kaunas is known for its modernist architecture and cool street art scene and that’s what I want to focus on this time!

And then I’m off to the Balkans for over a week! I was supposed to go to Serbia for few days but since I had to cancel this last trip I figured I don’t need to return from Serbia so early, I can stay few more days in the area – and so I got myself a ticket from Skopje. I still haven’t planned anything but I would love to see more of Macedonia! Since I will be so close I’m really tempted to return to Kosovo, at least for a day or two!

Hope your summer was good! Have a great September everyone!

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  • Reply
    08/09/2017 at 19:05

    Plans for September SHOULD HAVE BEEN… come visit me in Sofia :) Hehe joking. Hope to see you soon!

    • Reply
      05/10/2017 at 13:36

      it really should have been… I hope we can meet somewhere soon!

  • Reply
    Stacja Bałkany
    09/09/2017 at 14:31

    Bardzo lubię Twoje podsumowanie miesiąca. U mnie też niestety odpadła Macedonia, a Lwów pod koniec września chyba też się nie uda, ale Kowno sam bym chciał kiedyś bardzo ujrzeć. Sytuacja w Polsce chyba na lepsze się nie zmieni i obawiam się, że władza tak czy siak przeforsuje te ustawy o ustroju sądów i o Sądzie Najwyższym. Co ciekawe, echa tego dotarły na Bałkany a znajomy z Bośni i Hercegowiny nie mógł uwierzyć, że to prawda. Wypad na Bałkany teraz to świetny pomysł, ponieważ nie będzie już tak okrutnie gorąco tam. Trochę Ci zazdroszczę, baw się dobrze :)

    • Reply
      05/10/2017 at 14:18

      już po fakcie, ale dziękuję :) Kowno bardzo polecam, bo naprawdę jest fajne! A z wyjazdami odwołanymi no cóż, jednak zdrowie ważniejsze. a co się odwlecze… :)

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