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Photo walk through Zizkov – the authentic Prague

Most people who visit Prague focus only on the picture-perfect Old Town, Mala Strana and Hradcany. And while those places are beautiful and make people fall in love with Czech capital there are also other neighbourhoods in the city that are the reason why Prague is among my favourite cities in the world, the one I often return to! One of these places is Zizkov – the alternative area of Prague, a former working-class district, the most authentic  neighbourhood of the Czech capital and the quintessence of its awesomeness

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Located behind the main train station Zizkov until 1922 was a separated city. It was built in the way to squeeze as many people as possible in the very small space, hence the area is full of narrow, usually steep streets and high tenement houses. It has always been an alternative, edgy place and the residents – most of them were workers, wretches, drunks, madmen and artists – were very proud of the bad reputation Zizkov has. Up until now it is often called “Free Republic Zizkov”. Sadly, as it often is in this kind of places, the neighbourhood is going through gentrification and is slowly changing towards more wealthy area. But so far it still has its authentic, unique vibe that so many people look for in Prague and a place where some cool street art can be found!

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Zizkov makes a perfect getaway from crowds in the Old Town and a offers a great chance to see the real Prague. That’s where the life goes by in its own pace, where the atmosphere is much more authentic and where you can meet local people in one of the pubs (Zizkov is number one district in Europe when it comes to the quantity of pubs, there’re over 300 of them in such a small area!). Of course eating options are much better and more affordable here too! After stuffing yourself with delicious Czech food and even more awesome Czech beer you can wander around some more. Be sure to check the former train track, now a walking, biking and roller skating path at the bottom of Vitkov hill – not only it’s a pure pleasure to walk there but also you can take a look at the back of the tenement houses and have a small impression of the life in Zizkov!








































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There are 6 Comments.

  1. I currently live in Zizkov and could not have chosen a better neighbourhood! The street ar, the pubs, the narrow streets.. Great to see it getting some love!
    Nikita latest post…Finding the Heart of Saturday Night in PragueMy Profile

    • kami
      22:46 26/01/2015

      I love Zizkov!!! I was in Prague this weekend and again spent a big part of my time over there :) Zizkov is addictive :)

  2. Mario Falzon
    14:13 07/06/2016

    Whenever I visited Prague, I always stayed in the chic district of Bila Hora, an area of villas, green spaces and big thoroughfares. Last year however, accommodation in Bila Hora (where villa owners rent rooms to visitors) was scarce when I visited and so, I had to search for a room elsewhere. Without actually knowing where I was heading to, I took Tram 9 from the stop on Vaclavske namesti and after a short uphill ride that bypassed Hlavni nadrazi, I found myself in the district of Zizkov. At first glance, the place seemed to be a derelict run-down area frequented by delinquents, crooks and unemployed. I asked passers-by for hostel accommodation but nobody seemed to know that visitors need a room where to sleep. After walking downhill for a couple of minutes, I stumbled upon a hostel, appropriately named Prague Hostel. I was given a warm welcome and offered a simple clean room for next to nothing. I stayed here for 7 days enjoying both the hostel atmosphere as well as the general grubby ambience of Zizkov. Whenever I’ll visit Prague, I will return to Zizkov to stay and live as the locals do.

    • kami
      21:32 21/06/2016

      Zizkov is one of my favorite areas to stay in Prague too!

  3. Emma
    12:42 15/02/2017

    I’m going to Prague for a few days next month so reading your posts on Prague has been very interesting :)

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