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A photo walk through Prenzlauer Berg

(Last Updated On: 11/09/2018)
The coolest, hippest and most bohemian district of Berlin (however it slowly is losing these titles to Neukölln). The dream-address for many young people looking for a place to live. The area that still carries scares of the World War II destruction and the one that recently went through a big change due to the gentrification. The place that always has been an alternative center of the city and eventually played a big role in the fall of Berlin Wall. The area full of cozy cafes, quirky shops and probably the best known flea market in Berlin. The place where you can sing karaoke in the park with hundreds of strangers cheering for you and the one where you can live in a former water tower (that served as a prison in the darkest times of modern German history). And finally the one where local police has a department responsible only for cases of stolen baby strollers. Welcome to Prenzlauer Berg, the heart of the famous Berliner lifestyle.

The neighbourhood was developed at the end of 19th century as a district for working-class but after the World War II the area was mostly inhabited by artists, intellectuals, students and alternative types. Due to that background Prenzlauer Berg used to be a starting point of many (mostly peaceful) protests in the times of German Democratic Republic and the Gethsemane Church located in this district served as the informal center for opponents of the East German regime. The peak of the events happened in the night of November 9th, 1989 when thousands of people gathered at the checkpoint in Bornholmer Strasse and forced the authorities to open the gates and let people go to West Berlin. What happened in this night and in this location lead to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the event that has changed the history of Europe.

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25 years later the beautiful, colorful, five-story houses make a perfect scenery for the relaxed, bohemian vibe and the most wanted addresses in the city. And I can’t blame all these people dreaming of living in Prenzlauer Berg. Even if half of my time in Prenzlauer Berg was spent in rain the neighbourhood was still very lively and full of people. Life must be really good there with all the awesome possibilities around. Prenzlauer Berg reminded me a lot of Saska Kępa – a neighbourhood I live in Warsaw – and maybe this is also the reason I liked it there so much. Well, just take a look at how beautiful and cozy this Berlin district is!






























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Note: My trip to Berlin was in partnership with Visit Berlin and Deutsche Bahn. All opinions, as always are 100% mine!

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