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50 Tbilisi pictures that will make you want to visit Georgia

(Last Updated On: 12/09/2018)

The first time I visited Tbilisi was in autumn 2011, way before low cost flights started serving Georgia. I was freaking out before the trip as it was the first time I set to explore the unknown land that not many have heard or known about.

The fact that just 3 years before Georgia was in the news all over the world due to the war with Russia didn’t really help my confidence. But the curiosity and excitement has taken over and after seeing some Tbilisi pictures online I was more than ready to explore Georgia, a small country at the foot of Caucasus mountains.

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First impressions of Tbilisi

It was love at first sight.

I still remember my first impressions very well: how I didn’t have the change to get myself a bus ticket from the airport to the city but a friendly local man bought it for me, just like that; how on a beautiful Sunday morning I was walking across the empty city, all the way from the train station to the old town (some 5 kms), falling for it with every single step; how my breath was taken away by the view from the Narikala fortress, with the whole city spreading in front of me, so much more spectacular than on Tbilisi pictures; how much joy I had exploring the hidden yards in the Old Tbilisi – part of the city that could as well be the museum, it’s so beautiful!

I was supposed to be in Tbilisi for 2-3 days only then, instead I’ve stayed for a week before heading to Batumi, doing day trips around but always itching to return to the capital. It was pretty obvious Tbilisi has become one of my all time favorite places.

Old Tbilisi disappointment

I return after a long time (for me), it’s been almost 4 years. So much has changed in that time. Low cost airlines started flying to Georgia (not to Tbilisi though), the border was opened to Russian citizens and tourism really has taken off in Georgia. I had a hard time adjusting to the new reality, it broke my heart to see how the Old Tbilisi was falling apart, how it was losing its charm to satisfy tourists. I still loved it but at the same time I had a difficult time finding all the small details and spots that made me fall for Tbilisi in the first place.

Bitter-sweet Old Tbilisi

Many more returns to Tbilisi

My next visits to Tbilisi, and there were pretty of them by now, were much easier. I already knew what to expect but at the same time it seems like Old Tbilisi is finally going through some renovations and I really hope its unique beautiful architecture and charm can be saved.

Every time I arrive to Tbilisi, either from Kutaisi or from Armenia, I feel a pure joy in my heart. This is my happy place, the one I know fairly well by now yet still keep returning to.

Why Yerevan is my new favourite city

My days in Tbilisi all look the same: wandering around with no purpose, trying to find some new gems (like art nouveau architecture, street art or some new beautiful courtyards), stuffing myself with amazing Georgian food at Racha, having the coffee in one of the charming cafes, wander some more… And even if I know all the places by now, even if I’ve been to Tbilisi so many times every second in the city just makes me super happy. This really is one of my places.

Tbilisi pictures

I know this post is very random but since right now I was supposed to be in Georgia (but I’m not, instead going there next month) I thought I will share my love for Tbilisi. I really can’t wait to be there again and I know I will keep returning there on regular basis, just like I do to Prague, Yerevan, Sarajevo or Lviv (only to name few places).

To show you why I like this city so much here are some Tbilisi pictures you might enjoy too, the collections from my numerous visits there between 2011 and 2016 (if you are observant enough you will see how much the city has changed). And who knows, maybe they will make you want to visit Tbilisi too?

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi cityscape

Tbilisi pictures Metekhi St. Virgin Church

Tbilisi pictures Old Tbilisi

Tbilisi pictures Europe Square and Presidential Palace

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi St. Trinity Cathedral

Tbilisi pictures Streets of Old Tbilisi

Tbilisi pictures Europe Square and Peace Bridge

Tbilisi pictures Mix of styles in Old Tbilsi

Tbilisi pictures Inside Old Tbilisi house

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi view

Tbilisi pictures Mother Georgia

Tbilisi pictures Along river Kura

Tbilisi pictures Vake Park

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi art nouveau

Tbilisi pictures Old Tbilisi

Tbilisi pictures Bambis Rigi Street

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi architecture

Tbilisi pictures St. Trinity Cathedral and typical Tbilisi architecture

Tbilisi pictures Erekle II street / Sergei Parajanov Monument

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi by night

Tbilisi pictures Old Tbilisi and Mother Georgia

Tbilisi pictures Old Tbilisi and Narikala Fortress

Tbilisi pictures View from Narikala Fortress

Tbilisi pictures Old Tbilisi

Tbilisi pictures Old and modern Tbilisi

Tbilisi pictures Inside Upper Betlemi Church

Tbilisi pictures The CouchSurfing house I’ve stayed at

Tbilisi pictures Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater

Tbilisi pictures

Tbilisi pictures Flea market at Dry Bridge

Tbilisi pictures Bank of Georgia headquarters – the gem of brutalism architecture

Tbilisi pictures Old Tbilisi and Narikala Fortress

Tbilisi pictures Streets of Tbilisi

Tbilisi pictures Another house where I’ve stayed

Tbilisi pictures Vake Park

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi street art

Tbilisi pictures Old Tbilisi

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi architecture

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi corners

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi cafes

Tbilisi pictures Peace Bridge

Tbilisi pictures Old Tbilisi

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi Synagogue

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi baths

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi baths

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi baths

Tbilisi pictures Old Tbilisi

Tbilisi pictures Old Tbilisi

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi views

Tbilisi pictures Tbilisi by night


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    Tbilisi pictures       Tbilisi pictures

    love, kami 2

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    There are 36 Comments.

    1. Phil and Davina
      21:18 13/03/2017

      Fantastic pics. We have been considering visiting Georgia this year and after looking through these pics. its now a definite.
      Me and the wife really enjoy reading your travel pages, keep it up, please.
      We have just come back from a fantastic trip on the trans-mongolian railway. Have you done this yet?

      • kami
        10:54 23/03/2017

        Thank you! You definitely should visit Georgia, it’s a stunning country with everything: mountains, sea, incredible monuments and amazing food! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it there!
        Unfortunately I haven’t been to Russia yet but it’s very high on my dream list, especially trans-siberian and trans-mongolian train!

    2. Adri
      21:53 13/03/2017

      Your photos are gorgeous, as always! I’ve planned a whole itinerary for a 2-week trip across Georgia, all I’m waiting for is some budget-friendly flights. The whole country seems so fascinating to me, I can’t wait to explore it.
      Thanks for the useful article, I’ve bookmarked it for when the trip solidifies. :)

      • kami
        10:55 23/03/2017

        Thank you for your nice words! Wizzair has some cheap flights to Kutaisi every now and then, I hope you will find some soon! You will love Georgia for sure, no doubts about that!

    3. Nick
      13:26 14/03/2017

      Hey, nice post. I wanted to comment about restaurants though. Racha ( the one you have mentioned above) is hardly a best place to go for Geo food. I would recommend you – https://www.facebook.com/www.kakhelebi.ge/?hc_ref=SEARCH this restaurant.

      Also I could not understand your disappointment purpose. The city is booming with tourists and many things have been done to strengthen the old buildings. I’ve been working there and I know it. And last but not the least, have you checked new Aghmashenebeli Avenue? A must see

      • kami
        08:36 21/06/2017

        So sorry for my late answer, I must have overlooked your comment. I, and many other people, find Racha to be really authentic and the food there is the best value for money, not to mention it’s really delicious.
        Yes, the city is booming and slightly improving but there was a time few years ago when the tourism got carried away a little bit. Fortunately now it’s going more in a good direction. And I get it, tourism brings easy money but it also needs to be done in a smart way. You know, some things look different from the local, tourist and frequent visitor perspectice and this must be the case.
        And yes, I’ve been to Aghmashenebeli Avenue but to be honest I’m not a big fan, it’s a little bit overdone…

    4. Jay (from Vancouver, Canada)
      17:21 14/03/2017

      Hi Kami,

      You are like a history teacher I wish I had growing up – love the pictures and your insight on this hidden gem. Thank you for sharing :-)

    5. Mateusz
      11:36 15/03/2017

      So nice pictures! You have a big talent! Congrats! :) I love Georgia, love place.

    6. Stefania
      16:38 15/03/2017

      I had no idea Tbilisi was so charming. I love the mix of influences in the architecture, so interesting and beautiful!

      • kami
        14:46 29/03/2017

        It is really beautiful! And the mix of architecture makes it even better!

    7. stacjabalkany
      00:16 20/03/2017

      Szkoda, że już nie zobaczę tego starego Tbilisi o którym piszesz, ale cieszę się że w ogóle zobaczę Gruzję już w lipcu:)

      • kami
        14:55 29/03/2017

        sporo jeszcze się uchowało, ale dość szybko się jednak zmienia. Na pewno coś zobaczysz!

    8. Ewa
      06:56 05/04/2017

      Lovely pictures, but somehow still I do not have a feeling for Tbilisi :) Maybe I would have to visit it again to change my mind :)

      • kami
        19:47 17/04/2017

        You definitely should give Tbilisi a second chance! Or maybe it’s not your kind of the city. After all it would be boring if all the people like the same things!

    9. Jlenia
      10:42 25/07/2017

      So nice pictures! I’m goingo to visit tbilisi on August and your post is very usefull! I’m looking for a map of the city, can you help me?

      • kami
        20:31 21/08/2017

        Sorry for my late comment, I guess you’ve already been there. Recently I’ve been using maps.me on my phone when I travel and they are the best – the work offline and are very accurate, in Tbilisi too! Hope you had a great time there!

    10. shirin
      11:42 23/08/2017

      I returned from Tbilisi two days ago. i agree with Kami. It is a wonderful city.

    11. Katarzyna Koźlikowska
      00:20 18/12/2017

      I love this city! ;)

      • Kami and the rest of the world
        12:41 28/12/2017

        I definitely can see why :)

    12. RonTreb Sztolc
      20:26 18/12/2017

      Będę tam niebawem!

      • Kami and the rest of the world
        12:41 28/12/2017

        ciekawa jestem wrażeń, ale na pewno Ci się spodoba! :)

      • RonTreb Sztolc
        12:49 28/12/2017

        nie mogę się doczekać i całkowicie podzielam Twoje zdanie. Co prawda mój wyjazd ma bardziej charakter trekkingowo/wspinaczkowy natomiast nie odpuszczę wizyty w Tibilisi. Chętnie się podzielę jak wrócę.

      • Kami and the rest of the world
        12:50 28/12/2017

        poproszę :) i udanej podróży życzę!! :)

    13. Viveka Gustavson
      14:19 19/01/2018

      WOoooOw! You have some amazing images here … going to spend Christmas this year in Tbilisi – so excited. I booked with Turkish Airways – flying from Copenhagen. I love the look of the city – the fantastic old wooden houses and all the colors. My camera will love it. Your post is so helpful. Thank you!

      • kami
        20:13 29/03/2018

        Thank you! I’m sure you will love it there!! Tbilisi is always amazing! I was there in 2016 just before Christmas and it was so beautiful with all the Christmas lights around!

    14. Martin M
      20:53 27/02/2018

      Beautiful photos, Kami.

      Going to Caucasus for 2 weeks in October – looking forward to 3-4 days in Tbilisi. It looks lovely.

      • kami
        20:14 29/03/2018

        Thank you! Autumn is my favorite time to visit Tbilisi, I’m sure you will love it too!

    15. Valentina Dcruz
      13:12 10/08/2018

      I am planning a trip in sept . Thanks for your valuable advise and information about this beautiful country.

    16. Anita Jani
      12:08 10/09/2018

      Hey your pics are gorgeous.I am also planning now to visit Georgia.Infact Got an invite to join in October .let me see if I can.I infact want to combine Armenia n Ajerbaijan too.But your write up n pictures are great motivation.Greetings from India

      • kami
        13:41 14/09/2018

        You definitely should go to all three countries as they are really interesting and beautiful. I think you will love them. Have a great trip!

    17. Michele Graham
      10:14 06/10/2018

      my daughter, husband & their 3 month old baby are heading there now as I write, from Australia. Their first travel experience with a baby after 50+ countries without one.

      • kami
        09:21 19/10/2018

        I hope they will enjoy Georgia! It’s a wonderful place and I hope you will be able to visit it one day too.

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