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Kazbegi and a must hike in Georgia

(Last Updated On: 16/04/2017)
Georgia (the country, not the US state) is known for many things: for its delicious food, for its extremely hospitable people, for its reach history, for the charming capital city, Tbilisi… and for breathtaking Caucasus mountains. They’re still wild and undiscovered and the views are one of a kind and can easily blow everyone’s mind away. No matter if you’re a hiking lover or now Caucasus with its peaks as high as 5.000 meters are a must visit place when in Georgia.

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Getting to Kazbegi

The most popular place in Georgian part of Caucasus is Stepansminda, better known as Kazbegi. It’s easy to reach from Tbilisi, only 10 lari (~5€), 3 hours in marshrutka driving on an extremely picturesque Georgian Military Highway and you’re there. Just getting to Kazbegi is quite an experience but still the best it yet to come. If you did your homework before arriving you know that somewhere there is the Gergeti Trinity Church – I assume it’s one of the most pictured views in Georgia. So when you leave the marshrutka you look curiously around trying to spot it… and there it is! High up on the mountain, with an enormous Mount Kazbeg in the background the church seems to be really tiny


Hiking from Kazbegi to Gergeti Trinity Church

The hike up there takes around 2 hours from Kazbegi, 500 meters of level difference, and it’s an easy hike. It goes through the village of Gergeti, the field, the forest and eventually it reaches the hill with the Gergeti Trinity Church. The views both from the way there as well as from the top are really stunning and worth all the effort! And the magnificent Mount Kazbek seems to be just there, not that far away!


Amazing views are breathtaking but the Gergeti Trinity Church is well worth the effort as well. It was built in the 14th century and is a great example of Georgian sacred architecture. The belltower standing next to it dates to the same period. Thanks to its location the church didn’t suffer in the hard times of danger, it even was the place to hide precious relics in.


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Kazbegi can be done as a daytrip from Tbilisi but I recommend staying there at least overnight to enjoy the stunning views a little bit longer. And better go there soon, before its discovered by too many people. Because I’m sure such a gorgeous place can’t stay hidden for too long!


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  1. Maël
    15:55 16/01/2016

    Really beautiful.
    At which time of the year, the photos were taken ?

    • kami
      20:54 22/01/2016

      Thank you! it really is stunning! I was there at the beginning of October!

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