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December 2013

  • Poland

    Poznan, Poland in pictures

    2013 for me was not only a year of far-away trips but also a year of travelling around and re-discovering Poland (which I plan to continue next year as well). One…

  • personal

    2013 you were pretty awesome!

    I was about to start writing about the awesome South Africa but then I’ve notticed the end of the year is getting closer and closer and it’s time to sum up…

  • Lithuania

    Beautiful Rasos Cemetery in Vilnius

    For some reason that is unknown even to me I’m kind of fascinated with cemeteries. The calmness and stillness of the place, the spirit of old times, the emptiness – all…

  • Lithuania

    Old Town in Vilnius in pictures

    Even if Uzupis is my favourite part of Vilnius and that’s where I try to spend a lot of time, the Old Town is quite amazing too. It’s fairly big, with…

  • Lithuania

    Karaim culture in Trakai

    Less than 30 kms away from Vilnius a really lovely town, called Trakai, is located. It’s easily accesible from the capital and definitely makes a must (half) day trip from Vilnius.…

  • Estonia

    Random facts about Estonia

    My latest trip to Estonia made me realize how little I know about this country and how interesting yet not well known it is. Then, after reading your comments and messages,…

  • Finland

    Neons of Helsinki in pictures

    I must admit I’ve never really notticed neons. For most of my life they were such an obvious, normal part of the world around me that I didn’t even think they…

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