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I love Berlin, big time. It’s one of my all time favourite cities that I alway like returning to and I feel extremely good there. Also back in 2007 I was lucky to live there for a month when I had my internship and ever since I consider Berlin as one of “my” places, kind of like home. Long ago I stoped visiting all important sight there, now I just want to be in Berlin, feel its amazing hip vibe and enjoy my time there. I don’t really need a reason to visit Berlin as every single one, no matter how silly, is good enough for me. So when in October, shortly after returning from Lithuania, together with friends we found a really good deal on buses – we ended up in Berlin at the beginning of December.

This time of the year might not be the best one for sightseeing, especially for some of my friends who have never been  Berlin before. But it has another big advantage that makes visiting Berlin special – visiting famous German Christmas markets! Funny thing, with my numerous visits to Berlin an with my big love to this city it was the first time I happened to be there in that joyful period! And as it turned out I missed so much from the Berlin experience!

Every square in the city was filled with Christmas stalls selling everything you might or might not need. There were all kinds of holiday ornaments, candies, toys, scarfs, souvenirs… But I think people don’t visit Christmas markets only to do their shopping. There’s another reason: eating delicious food (mostly German but there were lots of options from all over the world available too) and warm up with the cup (or two;)) of mulled wine. Each Christmas market, and there are really A LOT of them, has a special designed theme cups that you can borrow for 3€ (and take home with you later on) and re-fill with wine. Actually in the chilly December weather it’s hard to survive there without a warm cup in your hand! And the wine was so good!

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It seemed like Christmas markets are the places to be this time of the year. Each of them was full of people and even if sometimes the walking speed was extremely slow it was still such an enjoyable experience. Happy people chatting over the cup of wine, kids playing on the merry-go-rounds, the smell of delicious food and the sounds of carrols created such a lovely, holiday atmosphere that all of us wanted to return to the markets for all the time and eventually we visited pretty many of them. And now I’m sure next year I will do my best to be in Germany at this time of the year as well, to experience this joyful event again!
















Do you like visiting Christmas markets? Did you visit any this year?


berlin christmas pin (1)       berlin christmas pin (2)

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