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Old Town in Vilnius in pictures

Even if Uzupis is my favourite part of Vilnius and that’s where I try to spend a lot of time, the Old Town is quite amazing too. It’s fairly big, with beautiful architecture, narrow winding backlanes and a big historical value. Vilnius became the capital of Lithuania in 1323 and since then all the important events in the country’s history took place there. Most of the buildings in the old town are great examples of baroque and classicism architecture but there are also some gothic and renaissance architecture too

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Vilnius is a multicultural city, with big communities of Polish, Russian or Belorussian inhabitants. Every second house on the Old Town has an information saying that someone important of these orgins used to live/work here. There’s a strong multicultural vibe in the city but still the Old Town feels familiar and cosy, perfect for strolling down and wander around calmly, for exploring it peacefully.

The best place to admire the Old Town with its red roofs and numerous beautiful baroque churches is from one of the surrounding hills. They’re all worth a hike up to the top as the view is simply breathtaking. I can spend way too much time, just staring at the city below, it’s so pretty!

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I know a lot of people prefer other nearby cities over Vilnius and well, it’s true, Tallinn is much more beautiful. But I would never cross off Lithuanian capital! It might be not as beautiful as its neighbours but it definitely has some charm and hides a lot of history. Since 1994 Vilnius’ Old Town has been on UNESCO World Heritage List and it’s definitely there for a reason!





















Have you been to Vilnius? Would you like to visit it?


vilnius old town pin (1)       vilnius old town pin (2)

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  1. I have a question: can you suggest a good hotel/hostel in Vilnus with a parking space?
    kethra latest post…Eeeeendorfinki :DMy Profile

    • kami
      21:47 03/09/2015

      sorry for the late answer! I don’t know about the parking space (should be plenty there though) but Downtown Forest Hostel was pretty amazing, I really loved it

  2. karung99
    02:10 29/11/2016

    I love old town Vilnius, a lot of good food and very pretty.

  3. David
    10:04 01/01/2018

    I am lucky to be staying in Vilnius with a friend this July 3018. I am rely looking forward to it. Tbsnk you for your information.

    • David
      10:05 01/01/2018

      Please excuse the spelling!

    • kami
      22:15 04/01/2018

      I’m sure you will have a great time! July is a great time to visit Lithuania!

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