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I must admit I’ve never really notticed neons. For most of my life they were such an obvious, normal part of the world around me that I didn’t even think they were such a big deal. But then, few years ago, neons became quite a big thing here in Poland, mostly thanks to the newly opened Neon Museum in Warsaw that turned out to be a huge success and one of the most visited places in the city. Somewhere along the way I found myself fascinated with this work of art (as neons surely are!) and every time I travel I try to look for some cool neons around – some of my findings you can see at Neon Museum’s FB Fanpage.

When I went to Helsinki this October it wasn’t my first visit there. I was well familiar with the city as back in 2007 I used to be there pretty often. But never before I’ve notticed how many neons can be found all over the city, it was like a neons orgy! There are everywhere! Public services buildings (train station, harbours, post office), restaurants, banks, shops – everything advertises itself in a good, old-fashioned neon! And some of them are just the prettiest, made in the neat, handwritting way.

The most neon-covered building that can be found in Helsinki is Lasipalatsi, located few steps away from the train station, on the corner of Mannerheimintie and Simonkatu. This building, built in 1930s in the funcionalism style, is the home to few cafes, restaurants, an independent cinema and media businesses. There were plans to demolish it but eventually in 1998 it became a protected place that can keep serving as a culture center covered in neons!

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I tried to find more informations as to what’s the deal with so many neons but with no luck. I put my Finnish friends on the mission to find something for me in Finnish – still nothing (but at least they’ve realized that something special and unique can be found in their capital, they didn’t nottice it before). So while it’s still a mystery to me why there’re so many neons in Helsinki here are some picture of the best pieces I found all over the city so you can see what I’m talking about and why I’m so fascinated. Enjoy!



















Do you like neons too? Are you looking for quirky things when you travel?


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