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Why you should visit Timisoara, Romania

Timisoara took me by surprise.

I didn’t know much about the city, I didn’t know many people who visited Timisoara. Yet when planning my Interrail trip to Romania and Bulgaria I’ve decided to go a little bit around and visit Timisoara too. Turned out to be the best decision ever!

Timisoara happens to be a wonderful place for a city break and had everything I enjoy. Even if I’ve spent only 1.5 day there Timisoara almost immediately got into my very elite list of 10 favorite cities. I was leaving the city with a heavy heart, promising myself to return there when I have a chance. And one day I will!

Visit Timisoara, Romania

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Thank you! And now on to the post!

It’s really hard to put in words why I enjoyed visiting Timisoara so much. It was just a combination of these small things and lively vibe that made me click with the city. I even dare to say it was my favorite place in Romania (not that I’ve seen that many, only Bucharest and Transylvania) and I was really surprised why it wasn’t so popular with tourists!

So when planning your next trip to Romania (or Serbia or Hungary, as it’s just across the border) do yourself a favor and visit Timisoara too, even for a day. You won’t regret it!

Visit Timisoara, Romania

Here is the list of reasons why I enjoyed the city and why you should visit Timisoara, Romania too!

Incredible architecture

The first impressions of Timisoara weren’t the best. The train station and the area around are rather nondescript and the moment I saw these I started doubting my decision to visit Timisoara.

But the closer I was getting to the center, the more things were looking up! Finally, the heart of Timisoara turned out to be what I like the most: mix of art nouveau and peculiar style from the Habsburg time.

I felt like a kid in the candy store when wandering around the streets of Timisoara, everything around looked so beautiful! Parts of the inner city, including the most beautiful of three main squares – Piata Unirii – were under construction but still looked colorful and just the prettiest.

For some architecture gems you should definitely focus on the center and Fabric neighborhood (especially around Piata Traian). Sadly many of these spectacular buildings look neglected but if you’re able to look past the layer of dust and flaky plaster you can see the real beauty of Timisoara.

With a little bit of investment (which I really hope will come one day) the city have a chance to be one of the most spectacular, jaw-dropping places in Central Europe!

The good option is to explore Timisoara with a guide – this way you can learn a lot about the place! Click here for more details and prices!

Interesting history

I love cities with interesting history and Timisoara is definitely one of them.

Origins of Timisoara come from Middle Ages and the place always played an important role in the history due to its strategic location at the crossroads. Over the century it was under the rule of Hungarians, Ottomans and Habsburgs.

Those last ones transformed Timisoara into an important industrial hub (this is how the city used to look like then) with numerous improvements that made the city exceptionally modern for that era. It was the second place in the world (after New York) with electric street lamps and second in Europe with horse-drawn trams. Rumors say that even Gustaf Eiffel (known to everyone as the creator of the Eiffel Tower in Paris) made sketches of one of the bridges in Timisoara!

On the contrary, 20th century wasn’t that good for the city. It was badly destroyed in the WW2 and afterwards, as the result of post-war pacts, the Sovietization process has begun. Timisoara played a very important role in the Romanian Revolution at the end of 1989 – that’s where the whole movement has started! Wandering around the city and discovering all the remnants of the past, especially the recent events, was a great lesson for me.

Visit Timisoara to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere

Timisoara is the city of students and you can feel that on every step. The vibe is young, there’s always something going on and no matter what time of the day the center is full of people.

I visited Timisoara over the weekend and on the main square, Piata Victoriei, there was some local event with music till the late evening, attended by crowds of people (I so wanted to join as well but I had to finish my trains related work, that’s what sometimes happen with my crazy lifestyle). Posters around the city announced some more events to come, including really big festivals.

When I googled events in Timisoara I got the whole long list, with offers for every taste. You can really feel there’s always something going on in the city and the inhabitants make the place very lively. There is no way to be bored in Timisoara!

During my visit in Romania I’ve heard many times from people both in Timisoara and Bucharest that this city is the best to live in in the country and I could clearly see people are enjoying their lives there.

Decent cafe culture

With the Austria-Hungary legacy I kind of expected Timisoara to have a good cafe culture. And I wasn’t disappointed! Recently cafes are a big part of my travels so it is important for me to find nice places around and Timisoara was a treat!

There are so many good places to choose from and – like in many places around Central Europe – I wished I had more time just to explore the local cafes! And like everywhere else the best source to find cafes was Foursquare – a free application you can either install on your phone or check in the browser. I’m a huge fan, using it everywhere and it never failed me!

Multicultural legacy

With the location at the crossroads and an Austria-Hungary past Timisoara was a multicultural city. Even now there is a firm Hungarian, German and Serbian minority living in the city. There’re cultural institutions, such as German State Theatre or Hungarian State Theatre, or numerous events showing the rich legacy of Timisoara.

When wandering around the city I’ve also spotted two really beautiful synagogues, one in Fabrica (at Strada Ion Luca Caragiale) and another one in the center (at Strada Marasesti). It just made me more curious about all the various religions and cultures living in Timisoara and making the city so unique and well, awesome.

Timisoara street art

I really enjoyed the street art scene in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, but Timisoara is so much better! There’re numerous murals, stencils and random paintings and altogether it just looks good. There’s even an International Street Art Festival that contributes a lot to the local art scene!

Best places to find street art in Timisoara center are under the bridge (between the cathedral and the central park), at Strada Marasesti and in the streets around Piata Unirii.

Morover Strada Alba Iulia is decorated with colorful umbrellas that look simply amazing. I know this is a well known trend all over the world recently but Timisoara was the first city I saw pictures of umbrella street from. Seeing this in reality brought a big smile on my face. During my visit in Timisoara I crossed Strada Alba Iulia some 10 times, I just headed there for no reason, only to enjoy the roof of umbrellas above me. And it was beautiful!

I honestly didn’t expect Timisoara to be so amazing, that we will click right away. Together with Chernivtsi, Ukraine these were my best travel discoveries of the year 2015.

Even if Timisoara might be slightly off the path it has a huge potential and I’m almost sure it will be discovered soon, with numerous low-cost flights there it’s just a matter of time. I know I’d love to go back there to spend some more time, simply enjoying the beautiful architecture around and the vibrant life of Timisoara. And I’m sure it will be amazing again!

Visit Timisoara, Romania

Timisoara – practical information

How to get to Timisoara?

I went to Timisoara by train during my Interrail trip. The city is well connected with cities in Romania and abroad (it’s only 5 hours to Budapest!). If you’re into train travels I definitely can recommend Eurail (for non Europeans) / Interrail (for European citizens). Click on the relevant name to learn more about each ticket, you can also purchase it through the website.

Recently Timisoara got lots of low cost flight connections from numerous cities across Europe. Very often I see flights there for 10€/return! I always look and purchase my flights via SkyScanner, I especially like their “anywhere” and “anytime” option that helps me find the cheapest connections. Check out the deals on Timisoara flights here!

Where to sleep in Timisoara?

I stayed in Downtown Hostel and it had the best location ever, right at Piata Victoriei. I definitely recommend you this place, you won’t see a better view from the room anywhere else! Check out prices and more details here!

If hostels aren’t your thing there’re almost 200 accommodation options in Timisoara, plenty to choose from! Click here to find the best deals on Timisoara accommodation!

Where to eat in Timisoara?

The old town is full of restaurants serving delicious dishes from all over the world. Since Timisoara is a student city you will find lots of affordable options too! Check out the best restaurants in Timisoara here!

Don’t travel without a travel insurance! I’ve learnt my lesson that you never know what might happen and I don’t leave the house without being insured. Click here for more info and best rates on travel insurance at World Nomads!

If you think of visiting Romania or just want to read more about the country take a look what else I wrote about it:

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There are 49 Comments.

  1. Renovations are finished. You can enjoy a big pedestrian city center :)

  2. Megan
    08:48 21/07/2016

    I always see cheap tickets from here to Timisoara- I am going to take advantage of that next time! Brilliant photos. Sounds like such a fun and charming place!
    Megan latest post…A Day Trip from Split to Krka National ParkMy Profile

    • kami
      21:41 21/07/2016

      It is!! I think you’d really enjoy it so next time you see cheap tickets just book them! :)

  3. Karol Werner
    11:21 21/07/2016

    Timisoare pamiętam tylko jako ocienioną bramę w której się schowaliśmy po 50 km pedałowania w totalnie męczącym słońcu :D Ale i tak fajnie było!

  4. pani grająca na flecie – super! Znasz artystę?

    • kami
      21:43 21/07/2016

      gugiel mówi NEGO & LUX :)

    • Hahaha, no i latam po wszystkich zdjęciach w poście i szukam kogoś, kto gra na flecie. Nie ma. Ja wiem, może ten telefon niedobry, ekran taki mały, mało widzę. A później taka myśl – no dobra, ale jak Kami znalazła artystkę, że co, zawsze gra w tym samym miejscu? Aaa, streeetaaaaart… ;)

  5. 16:46 21/07/2016

    Brzmi super zachęcająco, zwłaszcza architektura i te kafejki, podobnie jak u ciebie stanowią istotną cześć moich podróży. Zdjecia też są super

  6. It is cheap to fly to Timisoara from the Netherlands. So I was also considering to go someday, but you might have convinced to go this fall. It sounds like a great city, love the street art and the multicultural scene!

    • kami
      21:46 21/07/2016

      You definitely should go, Timisoara is pretty amazing! I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did! And in autumn it must be pretty with all the colors around!

  7. To jedno z niewielu większych miast w Rumunii, w którym nie byłam. Muszę to nadrobić koniecznie!

  8. Byliśmy przejazdem, niestety nie doceniliśmy tego miasta :( a szkoda trzeba nadrobić :)

  9. street art mnie zachęcił:P

  10. Tak wielką mam nadzieję, że w przyszłym roku może Rumunia się uda

  11. Rumunia wciąż jeszcze nieodkryta, a prezentuje się naprawdę fajnie!

  12. Combination of beautiful architecture, street art and cafes full of students sound like a perfect mix for a citybreak! I didn’t expect it from this Romanian city, you really surprised me :)

    • kami
      19:58 25/07/2016

      I think there’re more awesome cities in Romania, we just still have to discover them! Transylvania region is pretty amazing, you should consider visiting it too!

  13. WOW! The first photo reminded me of Disney World, and I thought, “I need to visit!” But then I saw everything else in your post and I thought, “I need to book my ticket now!” I love how you come across these amazing cities no one has heard of.
    Jasilyn latest post…5 Things I Learned in an Intercultural RelationshipMy Profile

    • kami
      19:59 25/07/2016

      Thank you! Sometimes I even don’t know how I find all these places! :)

  14. 13:33 23/07/2016

    Te ulice z parasolkami… widuje je na różnych zdjęciach z różnych miejsc na świecie, a samych ulic tak udekorowanych nigdzie nei widziałam. chowają je przede mną czy jak?
    A co do Timisoary to już kilkukrotnie słyszałam pozytywne opinie o tym mieście. Faktycznie patrząc po zdjęciach budynkom przydałoby się odświeżenie, ale tu pojawia się odwieczne pytanie – czy jak je odremontują i odmalują to miasto zachowa swój urok? Oby :)
    Ewa latest post…Na równiku czyli szybka powtórka z geografiiMy Profile

    • kami
      20:10 25/07/2016

      nie jest Ci dane zobaczyć parasolek! ja już w kilku miejscach widziałam, nawet koło domu mam kilka, ale pierwsze na zdjęciach widziałam właśnie te z Timisoary, więc super było je na żywo zobaczyć, urocze były :) a i wydaje mi się, że trochę odszorowania miastu nie zaszkodzi :)

  15. Luminita
    12:55 27/07/2016

    Hi Kami, it’s so nice to see you share your readers your impressions from your trips to Romania. I’m glad you had so many positive experiences. Love your photos too!

  16. Tom
    12:04 15/01/2017

    Hi Kami…thanks for your information which is really most helpful. My friend and I have booked our flights and accommodation to Timisoara ? For summer this year.
    We then plan to cycle down through Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro and into Greece. Are there any other magnificent towns or places you would definitely recommend visiting?

    Can’t wait to see Timisoara… ticking off the days now

    Kind regards

    • kami
      21:57 28/01/2017

      Hi Tom. You will enjoy Timisoara for sure, it’s such a great city. The area is full of interesting places – I’d definitely recommend Novi Sad in Serbia, Kotor in Montenegro or Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria but no matter where you go it will be great, do doubts about that! All the best!

    • Nils Aas
      21:57 08/04/2017

      I have been to Romania 18 times and my favourite city is Timisoara. But I would also recommend both Brasov and Iasi. They are both very different from Timisoara, but well worth a visit. If you like music, I would recommend both Dao’s club and Capite in Timisoara. You should also visit Ambassada if you are interested in culture. Timisoara is full of good restaurants and the prices for me as a Norwegian, are very acceptable. A beer will cost you from 6 lei to 8-9 lei in a pub and you can get a good meal for less then 10 euros.

      • kami
        21:04 17/04/2017

        Thank you for your comment! I was in Brasov couple of years ago and really enjoyed it too! Now I really hope to visit Iasi soon!

  17. We recently visited Timisoara as well! A pretty unusual city trip, but we loved it! The architecture is indeed stunning and we loved the colourful buildings and overall vibe of Timisoara. No construction works at Piata Unirii while we were there. It was probably the cutest square I’d ever seen! We did miss the umbrella street, but I guess it’s maybe not there anymore?

    • kami
      22:49 21/02/2017

      Ah, that would be such a big shame, this street was so pretty! I agree that Timisoara is unusual but so interesting! I need to go back to see renovated Piata Unirii!

  18. Andy
    23:44 23/04/2017

    I am so happy to see your lovely posts about Timisoara!

    The umbrellas are up during the summer only. So, they should be back soon xx

    • kami
      09:34 27/05/2017

      Great, umbrella street was amazing!! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Timisoara really is amazing and so underrated!

  19. I am currently in timisoara and it has great atmosoherel i love all the bikes here that you can enjoy city on the bike, great bars by the river…also I like to see the Romanian sourrindings too.

  20. I am currently in timisoara and it has great atmosoherel i love all the bikes here that you can enjoy city on the bike, great bars by the river…also I like to see the Romanian sourrindings too.

  21. elise van den Akker
    16:51 22/07/2017

    thanks for this article, from the netherlands you can fly low budget with Wizz air en we want to go in september maybe. I read that this city is one of the europe cultural city s in 2021 ! So I will go this or next year because I assume prices will be increasing …

    • kami
      20:40 21/08/2017

      You definitely should go, it’s such an interesting and beautiful destination!

  22. Great article!!
    I love the street with the umbrellas on the top! Do you know if these is the whole year, or just in summer?
    I am going to visit the city in November, and hope its gonna be there :))

    • kami
      07:55 05/10/2017

      Thank you Silke! Unfortunately I’ve heard the umbrellas are up only in the summer time but I’m sure you will have a great time in Timisoara anyway! Have a great trip!

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