25 Best Places to Visit in Romania

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Romania is one of those European countries that still don’t get as much attention as they should yet it is a wonderful destination to travel to. The list of amazing places to visit in Romania is really long and diverse. You will find there beautiful cities and old towns, historical UNESCO-listed monasteries, and some spectacular wonders of nature. Romania really has it all!

I remember the first time I went to visit Romania, back in 2010. I didn’t know many people who have ventured to this amazing country and I’m not going to lie, I was a bit anxious at first as I didn’t know what to expect (I was traveling solo then and it was the first country in Eastern Europe that I visited).

As it quickly turned out there was nothing to worry about and Romania exceeded my expectations. This is such a wonderful country and everyone can find something interesting there.

places to visit in Romania

Since my first trip, I’ve returned there a few more times, discovering new Romania places to visit and sometimes returning to those I’ve already known. And each time I enjoyed the country more and more, finding even more great things to see in Romania!

Below you can find an overview of the best places to visit in Romania. I haven’t been to all of them myself yet so I asked a few fellow travel bloggers to suggest their favorite Romania tourist attractions too so you can have a more comprehensive list. Hopefully, it will be useful when you plan your own trip to Romania soon!

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places to visit in Romania

Places to visit in Romania

So, without any further ado, here are the best and most beautiful places in Romania! The list is in no particular order and at the end you will find a map with all these Romania must-see marked.


Bucharest, the capital and the largest city of Romania, doesn’t get as much praise as it should and is always in the shadow of more popular Romania tourist places. But the city is actually really interesting, diverse and full of attractions for each taste.

The city was founded in the 14th century but became the capital of Romania in 1862. That’s also when the place got its elegant look, often being called “the little Paris”.

Unfortunately, during WW2 and Ceaușescu’s rule many of the buildings and the old town were destroyed and today you can see a peculiar (and often beautiful) mix of architecture in Bucharest. Be sure to visit some interiors too (like the Romanian Athenaeum – one of the best-hidden gems in the city, or Cărturești Carusel – one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world).

Bucharest is also home to the Romanian Palace of the Parliament – the World’s largest civilian building with an administrative function. While its history is rather dark it can also impress with its grandness.

The Old Town is small but rather charming with plenty of cafes, restaurants, and bars that are perfect to hang out until late-night hours. Fans of alternative activities should find Bucharest interesting too as there is lots of street art and cool spots around.

Read more about Bucharest here:

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places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania


Sibiu is one of the most picturesque and charming places to visit in Romania and there is no doubt you will fall in love with it. The town was founded in the 12th century by German settlers and till today you can find numerous remnants of their culture (or hear the former name of Sibiu – Hermannstadt).

When wandering around the city you might feel like someone is watching you – that’s because the local houses are well-known for having eyes. The extra attic window was added to the building for cooling purposes and now is one of the most characteristic aspects of Sibiu’s architecture. But there are more things to see and do in Sibiu!

Wander around both Upper and Lower Town, don’t be afraid to visit local yards as they often hide some real gems, enjoy the winding lanes and numerous coffee shops. Don’t miss the Council Tower for the best view of the city and the surroundings.

And once you are done with all the sightseeing simply enjoy the laid-back vibe of this beautiful place.

Read more about Sibiu in my article “Visit Sibiu, Romania – one of the most idyllic cities you will ever see!”.

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places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania


Brasov is one of the most popular destinations in Romania and is popular for a reason. It was founded in the 12th century and over the years of turbulent history has been the regional capital of the Transylvanian Saxons.

Brasov is yet another of places to visit in Romania that is full of monuments and attractions, many of them from medieval times. The historical center, located at the edge of the city, is where you will find most of them.

Start your sightseeing in the main square, Piața Sfatului, with the town hall right in the middle. The main landmark is, however, the Gothic Black Church from the 15th century, towering about the Old Town.

Wandering around the area is a pure pleasure and while doing that don’t miss Strada Sforii known as the narrowest street in Romania.

If you would like to see a panorama of the old town head to nearby remnants of the medieval walls – Black and White Towers – they both offer a nice vista of the area. You might also take the cable car to Tampa hill for a wider perspective of the city and surroundings.

Brasov can be also used as a perfect day trip base as some of the best places in Transylvania are within an easy reach from the city.

Find the accommodation in Brasov here.

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places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania


Sighisoara is one of the most beautiful towns you will find not only in Romania but in Europe.

It looks like the time has stopped there and the whole scenery is right from the fairy tale. This UNESCO-listed town has one of the best-preserved medieval walled towns in Eastern Europe and is packed with attractions.

The old part of Sighisoara is placed on the hill – you can get there through the Clock Tower from the 13th century – the main landmark of the town. Another popular attraction is the house where Vlad Dracul (known from Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” book) apparently was born.

But the best thing to do in Sighisoara is to just wander around, admire the beautiful medieval architecture and urban planning and simply enjoy the old-times vibe of the place.

You can read more about Sighisoara in my article here.

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places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania

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Sinaia, located 50 km south of Brasov, is one of the must-visit places in Romania. The town is known mostly for the Peleș Castle, a beautiful place that you most likely have seen in numerous movies. It looks like it’s straight from a fairy tale and can enchant every visitor.

The castle was built at the end of the 19th century in the Bavarian style and is stunning both from the outside and inside so be sure to visit the interior too.

Besides Peleș Castle there are a few more places you should visit in Sinaia, such as Pelișor Castle (part of Peleș complex, built in similar style and time), the local monastery, or casino.

In the past, Sinaia was one of the favorite getaways for noble families and still today you can feel the peculiar vibe in the place. Sinaia can be easily visited as a day trip from Brasov or Bucharest.

Check the best Sinaia tours here.

places to visit in Romania


Rasnov is another popular day trip option from Brasov since the town is located only 20 km away from the popular Romanian city.

The main reason to visit Rasnov is the impressive fortress from the beginning of the 13th century, towering proudly above the town. It was most likely built by the Teutonic Order that rules this area at that time and over the centuries it has always been in the center of the events.

Inside the fortress, you can visit a museum showing the local history, customs, and crafts. From up there you can also enjoy the beautiful vista of the surrounding area.

You can easily reach Rasnov by public transport from Brasov, it is also a perfect stop on the way between Brasov and Bran. Or you can join the tour – click here for details.

places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania


Recommended by Steve from The Trip Goes On

Bran is a small village nestled in the Transylvanian countryside not far from the city of Brasov. Bran is most famous for its castle which legend has acted as inspiration for Bram Stoker when writing his gothic classic, Dracula!

The Bran castle forms an imposing image above the village and is well worth a visit. Discover dark and winding staircases, suits of armor, and other medieval curiosities as you wander through the enchanting castle.

The castle is the main attraction in town, but for lovers of nature, it is possible to hike the lanes and alpine meadows that surround the place and take in the fresh mountain air. There is also a small Bran Village Museum which charts the history of the place.

Bran has a good selection of restaurants and café’s serving traditional, hearty Romanian fayre.

As Bran is such a small place, it can be done as a day trip from Brasov. There are also plenty of Pensions around the village where an overnight stay costs in the region of €25.

The easiest way to reach the village is by taxi from Brasov. The journey time is around 40 minutes and costs around €20. For those on a budget, there are buses every 30 minutes from Bus Terminal No 2 in Brasov.

Find the best Bran tours here.

places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania

Transfagarasan Highway

Recommended by Sean from LivingOutLau

If you are looking for epic places to visit in Romania, you cannot miss the famous Transfagarasan Highway. Deemed as the best driving road in the world by the TV series Top Gear, visiting it is a must on any Romania itinerary.

Also known as the DN7C, the Transfagarasan Highway traverses through the southern parts of the Carpathian Mountains and offers stunning views of the surrounding alpines.

At the highest point of the Transfagarsan Highway is the breathtaking Balea Lake, a glacial lake with possibly the clearest water in Romania. Here you will also find street vendors selling traditional Romanian crafts and food, a viewpoint, and the famous ice hotel.

Though visitors can get tours to Transfagarasan Highway, we recommend renting a car and doing a Romania road trip. Driving on the curvy roads and feeling the mountain breeze on the Transfagarasan Road is a unique experience only a road trip can give you.

Otherwise, you can find tours to Transfagarasan Highway from Sibiu.

places to visit in Romania

Alba Iulia

Recommended by Anda from Travel for a while

Though it’s not quite a popular tourist destination, Alba Iulia should definitely be on your Romanian itinerary. One day in the city is enough to explore the beautiful star-shaped citadel, the main attraction in Alba Iulia. The citadel is built on the site of the largest city in Roman Dacia, Apulum, where the XIII Gemina Legion was stationed.

Many centuries later, Alba Iulia Citadel was also the place where the Romanian Union was agreed upon in 1918. It also hosted the coronation ceremony of King Ferdinand and Queen Mary a few years later.

Today, Alba Iulia Citadel is a great place to visit and discover. You can see the restored city gates, the massive city walls, the museums, and the beautiful cathedrals. During the warm months, May to October, there’s a Guard Change Ceremony every day at noon.

The citadel is free to visit, with only a small charge for the museums. It is well worth a detour on your way to Sibiu, or to Corvin Castle in Hunedoara.

Find the accommodation in Alba Iulia here.

places to visit in Romania


Recommended by Lina from

A hidden gem that should be put on any traveler’s bucket list, only those in the know are lucky enough to visit, Viscri. This stunning fortified village has an incredible walled castle and historical church that can be explored from top to bottom.

And you should certainly climb to the top as the views are breathtaking from there. Look out into the green valley and majestic hills in your surroundings.

But the walled village and church isn’t the only reason to visit Viscri. Due to restrictions, tourists aren’t allowed to park on the street closest to the church.

Instead, you park in a tourist lot and proceed to walk 5-10 minutes to the church through beautiful farm country where flowers bloom and birds cheer you in your commute. The walk there is a joy in and of itself.

After visiting the walled village, stroll around the town and enjoy some local food.

places to visit in Romania

The Fortified Church of Agârbiciu

Recommended by Corinne of Reflections Enroute

We took an amazing train trip through Eastern Europe, and one of our best stops was to see the fortified churches in Transylvania. Even though only seven are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, there are many more.

German Saxons moved into Romania in the 13th and 14th centuries and stayed until communist Romania became too dangerous, building these churches. The reason they built fortified churches is was for protection against invading Mongols and Turks.

The church we visited was the one in Agârbiciu. We stopped because there was a tourist bus in the driveway. As it turns out, the bus was filled with the Saxon Germans who had previously lived in the town, worshipped at the church, and then escaped back to Germany during a turbulent time in Romania’s history.

All of the fortified churches have similar characteristics, and most of them have been adopted by previous residents to maintain their glory. We loved receiving a first-hand account of the Saxon Germans’ previous lives in Romania, their escape, and their passion to renovate the fortified churches.

places to visit in Romania


Cluj-Napoca, the capital of Transylvania, is often a getaway to this fascinating region yet not many people actually stay in the city to see what it has to offer. But Cluj-Napoca is a really interesting place and it’s worth spending there a day or two.

Even if the city has over 300.000 inhabitants it feels like a calm place with a vibrant atmosphere and a wonderful cafe culture (this is thanks to the large student community). The center is rather small but packed with beautiful architecture from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Right in the heart of the city is Piața Unirii – the Union Square – where you will find St. Michael’s Church (probably the most impressive Gothic churches in Transylvania), the National Art Museum, and the statue of Matthias Corvinus.

To get the best view of the city head to Cetățuia Park from where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of Cluj-Napoca and beyond.

Read more about Cluj-Napoca in my article “9 Great Things to Do in Cluj-Napoca, the Vibrant City in Romania”.

Find the accommodation in Cluj here.

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places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania


Located near the border with Serbia, Timisoara is a wonderful and beautiful city to visit in Romania.

It dates back to the 13th century but the city flourished under Austria-Hungary. That’s when many of the impressive art-nouveau buildings were built, shaping the face of the city. Timisoara is also one of the most important places in the current Romanian history as that’s where the 1989 revolution has started that eventually led to the fall of communism in the country.

Today this is a wonderful and vibrant city with a multicultural legacy that you can find all over the place. The best thing to do in Timisoara is to wander around and enjoy the city with all its charms and enjoy its atmosphere.

Most of the attractions are located in the center focused around three squares: Victoriei, Libertății, and Unirii (the last one being the prettiest of them all) but if you will wander outside the center you will find some lovely places too, like the Fabric district.

Read more about Timisoara in my article “Why you should visit Timisoara, Romania”.

Find the accommodation in Timisoara here.

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places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania

Corvin Castle

Recommended by Maria & Katerina from It’s All Trip To Me

The Gothic dream that is Corvin Castle is among the largest castles in Europe and one of the best castles to visit in Romania. Situated in the outskirts of industrial Hunedoara, Corvin Castle feels like a fairytale-like remnant of times gone contrasting to a dull concrete jungle.

Corvin Castle enjoys an utterly picturesque location. Built atop a rock near the Zlasti River and adorned with a dramatic drawbridge that any Hollywood producer would envy, the castle is a sight for sore eyes. Upon entering, you’ll be taken aback by the splendor of its massive courtyard and the elegance of its high-ceilinged rooms.

The best areas to check out inside Corvin Castle are the Knights’ Hall, the infamous well, and the gruesome bear pit. There are many informative signs scattered around the castle that narrate its history and legends.

Apart from being one of the most popular places to visit in Romania, Corvin Castle is so special that it’s often chosen to host special events and celebrations or even weddings and other themed photoshoots.

places to visit in Romania

Danube Boilers Gorge

Recommended by Raluca from Travel With A Spin

The largest and oldest canyon made by a river in Europe was created by the Danube as it makes its way between the Carpathians and the Balkans.

But the most impressive part of it is the Gorges. Here the mighty river really struggled to pierce the rocks. The high stone walls are only 230 meters apart. Due to the speed of the water, before the 1970s, strong currents formed and the river seemed to be boiling. This made navigation difficult and brought the area the nickname “Danube boilers”.

After the construction of the Iron Gates hydroelectric stations, the 150 km canyon was transformed into a huge lake. Villages and monuments were flooded and the entire ecosystem changed. But the Gorges kept its picturesqueness and wilderness. The abundance of attractions and the hospitality of the locals turn it into an ideal holiday spot.

The best thing to do is a boat trip. It passes by Mraconia Monastery, which seems to be clinging off a rock, two caves, the almost 2000 years old Tabula Traiana, which commemorates the Roman Empire’s victories over the Dacian Kingdom and the Romanian version of Mount Rushmore, the largest stone statue in Europe of the Dacian king Decebalus.

places to visit in Romania


Oradea, located right at the border with Hungary, is one of those hidden gems of Romania that doesn’t get many visitors but it should. It was founded in the 11th century and has been a significant center in the region and even a burial place for Hungarian kings.

The city developed in the 18th century and many of the interesting and eye-catching buildings you can see today date back to that time. But the biggest attraction of Oradea is its art-nouveau architecture and every fan of this style will be in surely impressed with the city.

Of all the great buildings you can find there the most amazing one is the “Vulturul Negru” Palace (“Black Eagle” Complex), built at the beginning of the 20th century with two symmetrical parts and a beautiful passage in the middle.

Since Oradea was a multicultural city in the past you will find plenty of traces of its legacy all over the place. Overall, it is a very charming and pleasant city that you should consider when visiting Romania.

Read more about Oradea in my article “25 Pictures That Will Inspire You To Visit Oradea, Romania”.

Find the accommodation in Oradea here.

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places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania


Recommended by Kristin from Adventures with Ensuite

A trip to Maramures feels like going back in time. Village homes are fronted by beautifully-carved wooden gates and it is common to meet a horse-drawn cart on the road.

In addition to seeing the traditional agricultural lifestyle, the main reason to visit Maramures is its wooden churches. In the 14th century, locals were not allowed to use stone for building so they built their churches using wood.

Eight of these churches are UNESCO listed and two which you shouldn’t miss are Barsana and Surdesti. Most are open to tourists although you might need to hunt down the attendant who has the key. So few people visit the area the attendants might be at home having naps!

Being located on the border with Hungary and Ukraine, getting to Maramures is time-consuming by public transport and traveling around the area is even more difficult. A rental car is the best option.

Winters are cold with lots of snow. May to September have the most comfortable temperatures and best driving conditions for a visit.

places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania

Merry Cemetery

Recommended by Jade of Traveling Transylvania

Cimitriul Vesel (the Merry Cemetery) in Săpânța, Romania is one of the country’s most prized treasures. It’s a shining example of the Romanian sense of humor and proves to its visitors that death can, in fact, have a lighter side.

Situated just behind the Church of the Assumption, Cimitriul Vesel is located in the small village of Săpânța in northern Romania. So, what makes Cimitriul Vesel so special?

In lieu of somber, austere grave markers, Cimitriul Vesel is filled with colorful, hand-painted carved crosses, each adorned with lively poetry inspired by the deceased. Some of the poetry is funny, some is whimsical, some is heartwarming – you’ll find it all.

This tradition began in the 1930s and has continued into future generations of cross painters. The verses on each cross may seem a touch shocking, disclosing infidelities, indiscretions, and a penchant for alcohol. But, it’s the norm in Săpânța, a small town where everyone knows everyone’s business anyhow.

Can’t read Romanian? No problem. In addition to the verse, there is an accompanying painted scene on the crosses, that gives a remarkably clear conveyance of the words.

To reach Săpânța, you can take a train from either Baia Mare or Satu Mare.

places to visit in Romania

Sovata & the Salt Region

Recommended by Megs from Packing up the Pieces

Sovata is nestled picturesquely in the Carpathian Mountains. This lovely city is the gateway to the overlooked salt region of Romania.

In Sovata, take a stroll through Bear Lake Natural Reserve, which boasts natural curative pools. In fact, the actual Bear Lake is Europe’s largest heliothermal salt lake.

In the reserve, find free mud pools, where you can lather on the gooey mud, bake it to your skin, and rinse off in one of the free salt lakes. There’s also a wide range of thermal pools scattered all throughout the town.

If relaxing isn’t your thing, Sovata has a colorful farmers’ market, primitive hiking trails, and is easy to day trip to the nearby village of Praid.

Praid is known for its underground salt mine, which is sought-out by those seeking the healing properties from the salt. These days, the Praid Salt Mine feels like a full-blown attraction with a church, ropes course, ping-pong tables, restaurants, and a wine shop.

Another lovely natural gem in Praid is the Salt Hill Nature Reserve, which has hiking trails, mud baths, and fascinating information boards on all things salt.

Sovata is the perfect city to relax and explore the untouched salt region of Romania.

Find the accommodation in Sovata here.

places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania

The Monasteries of Bucovina

Recommended by Elisa from World in Paris

The Monasteries of Bucovina are some of Romania’s most spectacular sites. These stunning medieval monasteries are located in Moldavia, a historical region in Western Romania, on the Carpathians’ northern slopes, and they were built between the 15th and 17th centuries.

The Monasteries of Bucovina are well-known for their beautiful frescoes depicting different religious scenes. These paintings are located inside the church but also on the external walls. The ensemble of Monasteries of Bucovina is listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

The best way to explore the Bucovina Monasteries is by car as public transportation in this area is scarce. You can visit Moldavia as part of a Romania road trip or rent a car for one day or two from Bucharest or Brasov.

There are many monasteries to visit in this area. The list of most popular monasteries includes Moldovita, Dragomirna, Sucevita, Voronet, Humor, and Putna. Each monastery has information panels so you can learn more about the monastery’s history and the different paintings.

places to visit in Romania


Recommended by Ellis from Backpack Adventures

Iasi is the second-largest city in Romania. It is located in the northeastern part of the country, close to the border with Moldova.

This area of Romania sees few visitors and Iasi is a city that is often overlooked by travelers. A pity, because Iasi has a lot to offer and is considered to be the historical capital of Romania.

Iasi has a long history of being the academic and cultural center of the region. In the 16th century, it was the capital of Moldova and many churches and monasteries were built in Iasi. Some of the most beautiful churches still stand strong and have beautiful frescoes inside

The 19th century was another important era for Iasi. It was when the first university in Romania opened its doors in Iasi. In the communist era, Iasi developed into an important industrial center, and nowadays it is once more a modern and young student city.

As a result, Iasi is a beautiful mix of different styles with lots of historical landmarks. From medieval churches to neoclassical and baroque buildings to the communist era brutalist architecture. The biggest attraction is the impressive Palace of culture.

Iasi is also a very green city with lots of parks and the oldest botanical garden in Romania. This makes it a very pleasant city to explore. There is always a peaceful place to relax or a trendy cafe nearby.

Find the accommodation in Iasi here.

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places to visit in Romania

The Clay Castle in the Fairies’ Valley

Recommended by Violeta Matei of Bucharest Inside Out

In the heart of Transylvania, at about 40km from Sibiu, there is this magical place known as places to visit in Romania


Recommended by Rich from RJOnTour

The city of Constanta is located on the Black Sea coast in the east of Romania. Constanta is an interesting city, in fact, it is the oldest still inhabited city in the country dating back to 600 BC.

The city has lots of things to see including historical buildings, a beautiful port, and long sandy beaches extending to Mamaia. Dining out in the city has many options including traditional Romanian food, Turkish, Greek, and more.

The centerpiece of the city is the art nouveau casino that sits on the coast, a stunning building. One of the most interesting buildings is the Cathedral which has some very special decorations, the grounds contain ruins of the Roman city of Tomis.

For history buffs, there are many museums in Constanta, the most significant being the Museum of National History and Archeology. The town has many influences from the past and its architecture reflects this.

To summarise there are lots of things to see in Constanta, including beaches for relaxing and many fun activities to enjoy.

Find the accommodation in Constanta here.

Check the best Constanta tours here.

places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania


Recommended by Stella Jane from Around the World in 24 Hours

Tulcea, a port city in Eastern Romania, is famous for its absolutely stunning natural setting. It is located right on the Danube River, just a short boat trip away from the world-famous Danube Delta.

On one of the many day trip cruises of the Danube Delta that leave from Tulcea, travelers will have the opportunity to see birds and other flora and fauna that don’t exist anywhere else in the world.

They can also visit the charming villages of the Danube Delta, such as Mila 23, and taste the local cuisine, which includes dishes like mamaliga (cornmeal porridge) and fresh catfish.

Tulcea itself is worth exploring for its interesting history and museums. The most popular museum in Tulcea is probably the Danube Delta Museum.

Here visitors can learn about the history of this area and why it’s so important to preserve its natural beauty. They can also explore the aquarium inside the museum which hosts fish from both the Danube Delta and all over the world.

In the evening, be sure to enjoy the sun setting over the Danube River. The best vantage point is from the Independence Monument, on a hill in the northeast of Tulcea.

Find the accommodation in Tulcea here.

See the best Danube Delta tours here.

places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania

Vama Veche

Recommended by Jade from The Migrant Yogi

Vama Veche is a tiny village on Romania’s Black Sea coast, just adjacent to the Bulgarian border. What was once an uneventful fishing village has transformed into Romania’s premier seaside party destination.

Vama Veche has always catered to alternative crowds, such as hippies, intellectuals, punks, and artists – and today is no exception. The village blossomed when professors from Cluj-Napoca vacationed there, and it gradually became a safe haven for free thinkers and expression of thought.

When the bars close, the party moves to the beach, where it’s a rite of passage to stay up till sunrise. This is a beautiful experience to have in Vama Veche, regardless of whether or not you partake in the partying!

There’s more to Vama Veche than a good party, however. There are a number of stalls selling handcrafted goods, watersports, and diving all provide for a family-friendly atmosphere, as well.

Take a walk (or a taxi) down to 2 Mai, a neighboring village with slightly different vibes. Or, head to the border of Bulgaria and walk along the Bulgarian shore – it’s a short walk, but there are no Bulgarian towns or villages nearby.

places to visit in Romania

places to visit in Romania

Map of the best places to visit in Romania

To make it easier to plan your trip to Romania, here is a map of all the amazing Romania highlights mentioned above.

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places to visit in Romania

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