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How to have a full time job and travel the world

(Last Updated On: 01/04/2018)

If I get a penny every time I was asked if I really work (since I travel so much) or how I afford my trips I wouldn’t have to work to afford my trips! Every time I go somewhere, no matter if it’s a weekend trip to a neighbor country or two weeks long journey to a more exotic destination like China, South Africa or South America, the question pops up again, and again, and again! And to be honest I’m pretty bored with it by now but I patiently keep answering every person, trying to prove that yes, it’s possible to have a full time job and travel the world!

Before we continue can I have few announcements, please?

Thank you! And now on to the post!

But then last week I got a comment on the blog, under a totally random post, from a person that I don’t know, who I’ve never talked to (even online) and who have never commented on my blog. Yet she found time in her (I assume) busy life to write this few words about me. I wish they were addressed to me but obviously they’re not, they’re more for you! So meet Karolina, a Polish woman who (most likely) lives in UK, at least that’s what her ip address said. Here’s what Karolina has to say:

“All looks nice and wise but I am sure she is sponsored by some organization/company /or………..It is impossible in Poland being Polish typical/normal worker 1st )to get so many day for holiday during the year .2nd) to have enough money for such journeys .Naked truth .Any way nice blog specially about Iran .

Dear Karolina,

first of all I’m really impressed that, for the reason I cannot really understand, you’ve decided to write these few sentences about me and my life – both of which you have no idea about. And it’s funny how you seem to know everything better than me or people around me. With your comment not only you’ve made my day but you made some of my blogging friends laugh (and all of them just like me work full time and travel the world, do you have something to say about them too?). One of my good friends – Ibazela – was so impressed with your witty words that she has answered you on her blog, isn’t it an honor? Here you can read her post “How travel bloggers afford to travel” But to be fair I also need to thank you – with your amusing comment you finally motivated me to write this post, something I should have done ages ago! So, to make things clear, once and for all: yes, I do work full time; yes, I pay for my travels with my own money; no I’m not sponsored by any organization, company or these meaningful dots which I guess must mean some rich, disgusting guy. And here, specially for you and for everyone else who keeps asking the same question, is the (not so simple) answer how I manage to have a full time job and travel the world.

I’ve been working in the same company for over 7 years now. I have a regular, full time office job, the one that also is my passion (and that definitely helps dealing with the monotony of the every day life). I work in one of the biggest railway companies in Poland, dealing with train schedules and everything connected to this. When people hear what I do they usually start giggling but hey, someone has to do this job and that’s me (and my workmates). In Poland when you work full time you get 26 days off per year.. That’s actually a lot, over a month if you take it all at once! But together with weekends and holidays it gives us 141 free days each year, over 4 months that we can spend on traveling! Pretty impressive, huh? Of course it’s impossible to spend every single day off traveling but still it’s not as bad as it seems when people say they work full time. Just look at the big picture and don’t focus on these 26 days as it doesn’t give you the full image of your possibilities!

My days off are sacred to me, I do respect them more than anything! In these past 7 years I never took a day off for something else than traveling, never! I bet it’s hard to believe. If I need to run some errands (as we all do sometimes) I just take few hours off, never the whole day as it’d be just a waste! Also I never take an extra day for packing before the trip or taking a rest after the trip. I often start my travels straight after work (like two weeks ago before going to Riga, 10 minutes before my train to the airport I was still doing some changes in the train’s parameters – don’t ask ;)) or return from them to work – my workmates (in the whole company) are not surprised anymore when they see me with the backpack. I don’t mind going from the airport to work and I can easily switch into the working mood after spending a night at the airport in Yerevan, Tbilisi or any other exotic destination. Probably the craziest thing I’ve done so far was arriving to work after 2 days on the way (with maybe 5 hours sleep in total), from Iran to Warsaw via Doha, Berlin and Poznań. But I was fine! And after such a tiring journey I’m always hyperactive at work, trying to catch up with everything as soon as I can.

Another thing that not everyone can do is working extra hours. In past months there’s been just too much work to deal with and it’s impossible to do everything in only 8 hours. So I’m always the first one to stay and work longer as I have a reason for that and the work needs to be done anyway. We don’t get paid for over-hours but we can take them off, even the whole day. So I’m working really hard, sometimes it’s just too much and I feel dizzy and I can see mini trains running in front of my eyes but I never complain and do what I have to do. Partly because I need more days off for my travels, partly because I don’t want anyone at work telling me I do nothing but traveling and partly because I just enjoy it so very much.

I’m also lucky as every now and then my job requires going outside of the office and see how our trains run, how many people travel etc – basically how the schedule looks like in reality. And that’s another thing I really enjoy and I’m always up for! You will never hear me complaining when I need to get up at 3am to catch the first train to Pilawa, to travel to Skierniewice at 5am when it’s -20C outside, when I’m back at 11pm from Łowicz or when I need to spend 3 hours at freezing platform of Warszawa Wschodnia station, checking how full departing trains are. Never a single word of complain as I see it as opportunities to travel more! And that’s what the most important for me! Sometimes I manage to take as much as possible from these work trips, like when I have 4 hours between trains in Sierpc and I go to visit the amazing Museum of Masovian Countryside or when I have 7 hours in Gdańsk and can explore the local street art scene!

So, to sum it up, how I manage to have a full time job and travel the world: 141 days off per year is actually a lot, I spent every single day off for traveling, I often start/finish my trips at work, I work really hard, take every extra hours that I can and I never complain. When you have a clearly set goal – for me it’s traveling – all these things come easier! When you want something really badly and work hard for that you achieve it! These two rules can be my motto. I’m also really lucky as my boss also likes traveling so he understands my passion very well and he figured out that a happy employee is a better employee. Anyway, in 2014 I’ve spent 114 days traveling (both in Poland and abroad), this year up till today – mid September – it’s already 94.

Actually balancing work and travels isn’t that difficult. Try adding blogging to that and that’s when things get tricky! I started this blog for friends abroad who wanted to catch up with my travel stories. Shortly after more and more people I didn’t know started following my adventures and it was actually nice to know that I must have something interesting to say. Now, over 3 years after my first post, I can say that this blog was one of the best things that I’ve ever done, it brought so many amazing people to my life, so many opportunities, so many challenges and well, travels. It keeps me motivated for all the time, keeps me pushing forward and now I just can’t imagine my life without it.

But it’s not all butterflies, rainbows and unicorns. Only fellow travel bloggers know how much time it takes to run a decent blog. There’s always something to do: write a post, edit pictures, promote your work, answer emails (today, for the first time ever I’m all caught up with my mailbox!), work on various blog-related things… this list can keep going and going. But actually I know many travel bloggers who have full time jobs and we somehow manage to do everything and still have time for our families, friends and a good book or movie! I don’t think I know more organized people than working bloggers! We are always surrounded by never-ending “to do” list (I currently can see 3 of them around me), we don’t know what “boredom” means, our calendars are full for few weeks in advance. We are masters of planning and time management and in all this craziness we can get the most of our lives!

Anyway, back to Karolina’s comment and her wondering how I afford my travels. First of all I think it’s purely rude to ask him/her what he/she does with his/her own money, especially if that’s the person we don’t know. Would you ask a random person on the street how he/she afforded the nice jacket? I don’t think so! So, dear Karolina, what gives you the right to write to me, a person you don’t know, and conjecture about my income? But since the question (and some false accusations) has been already asked and I have nothing to hide here’s my answer: I work, full time, as I’ve already explained above. And as every job brings you money that’s how I get my income. Easy, right? I don’t know if you, dear Karolina, live and work in the UK or you’re there just temporarily, but assuming England is your base you might not know how the situation in Poland is. And let me tell you, it’s fine here, really! It’s not a third world country, most of us – people in our 20s and 30s, living in big cities – earn enough to survive, save some money and even have extra for traveling. Naked truth!

I find it really disturbing that someone is interested in such a private thing as a bank statement, and it doesn’t matter if I know this person or not. And it’s funny how it’s ok to party all the weekend (and spend tons of money), go on a shopping spree (and spend tons of money) yet a city break somewhere in Europe (that probably costs less that either partying or shopping) is such a controversial thing. I think some people, especially in Poland, still believe that traveling is a privilege. Well, it’s my money, earned from the hard work, and it’s my and only my business how I spent them! But since everyone seems to be so interested in my wallet I can tell you I earn less than the average in Poland and I still manage to have a decent life in Warsaw, help my parents financially (yes, I’m such a good daughter) and still have money for travels here and there. And there’s no secret to that. I don’t need much in my everyday life: I do grocery shopping always with the list, I never buy more than I need, I don’t spend money on unnecessary things, I don’t eat out very often (and when I do I try to keep it under 5€), I do go out with friends from time to time but never spend more than 10€, I don’t buy many clothes and when I do I usually go for a sale or second hand stores (like few days ago I bought a brand new, beautiful autumn coat for just 2€ ;)) and so on and so on. Really, nothing special, nothing revelatory. Each month after getting my salary I leave the amount I need for live on one account and the rest, that can be saved or spent (and that goes for traveling) on another account. Again, it’s all about good planning, achieving goals and priorities. I guess I should also mention that my job gives me a benefit that I can’t imagine my life without – a discounted train tickets in Poland and Europe. That definitely helps with my traveling around!

Then there’s this blog. I’m not gonna lie to you, it brings me some money every now and then. I try to keep it advertisements free here but thanks to the blog I got some really cool side projects going (like writing the article from one of the biggest Polish travel magazines, “Podróże”, or preparing a Warsaw section for Like a Local). I just have one rule – money I earn thanks to the blog can go for traveling only! Sometimes I partner up with some hostels or tour company for their complimentary services but the review you can read here are always 100% my honest opinion, don’t expect anything less from me! It’s also a great help with my travels and sometimes this way I can introduce you to some best accommodation or tour options too. So don’t hate me for that!

But the most important thing is: traveling doesn’t have to be expensive! How much you spend depends on your own standards. I, for example, don’t need much. I can easily stay in the hostel, eat the street food (or even do grocery shopping in the shop), walk around and skip some museums. And these days, with internet and all the mobile applications it’s really not difficult to find cheap restaurants, figure out when the entrance to local attractions is discounted or get a great deal on accommodation on transport. Take my last trip to Riga for example: I got my flight tickets well in advance (around 6 months), return for 50€, I found decent hotel for 16€/night (for a single room with a breakfast) and I didn’t pay more than 5€ for lunch. Just do the proper research and you can travel for much less than you think!


So, to finish this long answer to Karolina’s comment and the numerous questions that I get so often: it really is possible to have a full time job and travel the world, without having dubious sponsors. It just takes much more determination, organization, strong will and really hard work! And that’s the naked truth! What’s more I’m not even thinking of leaving it for neverendig travels. I honestly believe I have the best of two worlds now so why would I change it? And if you think I’m not the most trustworthy source you should take a look at blogs run by some of my best blogging friends – (all blogs are in Polish) Osmól, TroPiMy, Wojażer, Poszli-Pojechali, Kto podróżuje ten żyje dwa razy, Złota Proporcja, Łukasz Kędzierski or Kami Everywhere – who just like me have a full time jobs and travel the world! We are the walking examples that if you work hard for your dreams you achieve them!

Do you have any tricks to have a full time job and travel the world? Or maybe you think it’s impossible? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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There are 134 Comments.

  1. Angélica
    13:38 22/09/2015

    Great post! I don’t nearly travel as much as you do, but people keep asking me the same thing! Weird huh? Maybe they’re not as creative ;)
    I love how your full time job includes traveling as well, seems like a perfect combination :)
    Anyway, keep up the great work!

    • kami
      21:02 24/09/2015

      Thank you! And yes, i can’t complain about my job! Even yesterday I went for a railway fair but managed to find some extra time to visit the beach, because why not :)

    • Nikola
      23:40 18/01/2018

      It is hard to have full time job and travel the world. Freelance option can be really complicated, it is very competitive, and it would be something that would need of our time (a lot of it) in order to generate income, when one travels want to know places, in conclusion: Or you go outside and know places or stay at the hotel “freelancing” until you have enough money to move to your next destination. Remote work isn’t for everyone. Many remote jobs still require you to work a certain number of hours per day – and sometimes even a specific set of hours per day. It can also be challenging if you’ve never been your own boss before. Do you know how difficult it can be to get motivated?
      But, yes, it is possible.

  2. Ibazela | Love Traveling
    14:47 22/09/2015

    141 days? Wooow! I knew that it’s a lot but 141 out of 365 sounds much better :) I agree with you that working full time and traveling often is a matter of good time management. Few weeks ago I came to work on a Friday morning without my backpack and I heard “What happened?! Where’s your backpack?” probably hundred times… What’s more, I really enjoy my weekends away from the place I live everyday. Getting into a new environment, meeting new people or simply enjoying other than everyday view from the window is what gives me perspective I need and 200% more energy than weekend at home. And yes, I have never EVER spent any of my days off in Warsaw. Never :)

    • kami
      21:12 24/09/2015

      I actually like lazy weekends at home every now and then (like once every 2 months probably) but most of my weekends are very active! And I agree with you 100% about weekends away! Also, 141 days sound pretty impressive, right? totally changes your perspective about the possibilities we have!

  3. polakogruzin
    15:39 22/09/2015

    It’s also possible to combine hobby and full-time job when You work in a travel agency/as a guide/etc :) Of course it’s always has a dark side when You spend most of Your time abroad. I love Your blog, keep rockin :)

    • kami
      21:13 24/09/2015

      Thanks! nothing is perfect, never! and there’re so many possibilities to have the most of your work, one just has to look carefully around and not just sit and complain!

  4. TuJarek
    16:50 22/09/2015

    Good post! Of course it is possible to have a full time job and travel the world. We`ve got so many ways to do it. I think that only people without hobby can`t understand that when we want – we can.

    • kami
      21:14 24/09/2015

      True! I actually think that there’s something wrong with people who have no hobby! Life without a passion must be so boring and empty! Even if someone collects matchboxes it’s already amazing :)

  5. Iza Zawadzka
    18:18 22/09/2015

    Chyba każdy bloger w pewnym momencie musi stanąć przed trudem odpowiedzi na podobne pytania! Temat maglowany już tyle razy, że też ludziom nie znudzi się zaglądanie do cudzych portfeli. Sorki, że wylałam trochę goryczy, ale irytują mnie podobne pytania.

  6. Dariusz Sieczkowski
    18:29 22/09/2015

    A ja mam inne pytanie. Skąd bierzesz tyle energii na podróże i jak robisz, że omijają cię przeziębienia, grypy itp.? Ja przez to nigdy nie kupuję biletów z wyprzedzeniem.

    • Natalia Kielur
      19:49 22/09/2015

      Hahaah i to jest dobre pytanie! Podpisuję się pod nim. Kami, tłumacz się, skąd u Ciebie ten wulkan energii?!

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      21:06 22/09/2015

      szczerze – nie wiem! sama się nad tym zastanawiam, jakim cudem jeszcze mi się chce. ale z drugiej strony podróżuję ile moge teraz, bo nie wiem na ile jeszcze mi starczy zdrowia i siły, póki co narzekac nie mogę :) raz na jakiś czas jakieś przeziębienie mnie złapie, ale pewnie nie częściej niż przeciętną osobę. Śpię ~6h na dobę, i jest ok! ale zdarzają się weekendy jak ostatni, że musze odespać. po 11h snu znów jestem chodzacym adhd ;)

      • Anna @AnnaEverywhere
        22:56 02/10/2015

        Dokladnie to samo pytanie chcialam zadac :D Ja po roku full-time pracy i podrozy jak Ty mialam dosc :P

        • kami
          21:44 05/10/2015

          ja już chyba się zaprawiłam, bo jakoś nie zwracam uwagi czy w podróży jestem czy odpoczywam w domu, samopoczucie wszędzie takie samo :)

  7. Monica
    19:36 22/09/2015

    Great post Kamila! Well explained and I guess you it’ll be pretty useful in the future as you can refer all the whiners here to read the explanation. Still, I somehow think many won’t believe you ;)

    • kami
      21:15 24/09/2015

      Thanks! And yes, that was one of the reasons why I wrote it, I just got tired of the same question being asked over and over again :) and well, the hard work is such a boring explanation that I’m sure people won’t believe too!

  8. Emilia Heimonen
    18:40 22/09/2015

    LOVE this post!!!!! You show them, girl :)!

  9. Łukasz | Gdziesakasperki.pl
    19:50 22/09/2015

    Great post, Kami!
    Actually we need to think about of knocking up similar post, as we’re often asked about the same thing. Of course it’s possible to travel and work full-time. I and my wife do it, but as you say it’s not easy to fit in travel into 26-day-vacation schedule, and it requires consequence and detailed planning of your days off. Leaving right after work and coming back home just the day before going back to business is nothing extraordinary, but it seems crazy to many people. Not to mention that we have a traveling baby, too, who goes full-time to nursery as well, (but she can have as many days off as she wants), and that’s crazy to many people, too… You can add us to your list then, and make it even double full-time! ;-)
    It’s good that you’re saying about the never-ending to-do lists – we have the same and it’s becoming stressful if to-do things get built up, but at least now I see that’s “normal” when you try to balance work, family and loads of traveling! That means we’re just fine ;-)

    • kami
      21:20 24/09/2015

      you’re definitely just fine, Łukasz! People have different priorities, our is travelling and we can sacrifice a lot to that. It’s just sad that people just don’t even try to understand that! I bet it must be even harder for you, with a baby but you’re still managing! You definitely should write something similar, that should cut off lots of questions in future!

  10. Kinga
    20:18 22/09/2015

    Finally someone wrote this!!! :-) I get asked the same questions over and over again (including “but WHY do you travel solo?!”- but that’s a subject for another post). I often see people spending lots of money for irrelevant things (they are irrelevant from my point of view, of course) and then complaining, that travelling must be so expensive. not true. ;) Thanks for the post, well-explained.

    • kami
      21:33 24/09/2015

      Thanks! oh yes, solo travelling is another never ending story however people around me probably got used to it by now! as for irrelevant things – it’s all about perspective and not looking at things only from my point of view! unfortunately people tend to forget about it and they know better what’s good for you

  11. Natalia Kielur
    19:48 22/09/2015

    Wielu moich znajomych pracuje zdalnie, na pełnym etacie. Mogą pracować zewsząd. Coraz więcej pracodawców dostrzega plusy takiej pracy i godzi się na taki system. Bo plusów jest wiele, nie tylko znacznie większa motywacja. W wielu zachodnich firmach to się stosuje. Polscy pracpdawcy dopiero do tego dojrzewają, a dla wielu to wręcz nie do pomyślenia. Pewnie dlatego ten komentarz. U nas jest mimo wszystko trochę zaściankowo ;) Fajnie że napisałaś ten tekst, może choć garstce otworzy oczy

  12. Nesha Miladinovic
    20:07 22/09/2015

    Super blog Kamila! Samo napred! :)

  13. Tim Roosen
    21:50 22/09/2015

    Great post. We don’t get asked that question a lot, but you can always tell it from the look on people’s faces. “Are they off AGAIN?!?” What people don’t get is that we don’t need a 5 star hotel. We look for the restaurant off the main street. We take the bus from the airport into town instead of a taxi. Minimize your expenses. Save it for another trip. :)

  14. ewel
    09:11 23/09/2015

    It is all about priorities in life I would say :-) Very informative post Kami!

    • kami
      21:33 24/09/2015

      thanks! And exactly, priorities! Different people have different priorities, so sad not everyone remembers about that

  15. Maria
    12:05 23/09/2015

    I am actually reading you not for such a long time, less then 2 weeks probably, since I’ve found you through you Iran posts, which I deeply admire. But I didn’t know that you’re a fellow LAL Warsaw local! Greetings from Minsk Local and thanks for Phlegm mural tip :)
    Great post too!

    • kami
      21:35 24/09/2015

      Hi Maria! Thanks for your comment and nice words and welcome :) I wish I knew about LAL Minsk before my visit there last year, it’d have been so useful! But I loved your city anyway! And Phlegm mural is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!

  16. Danuta/boliviainmyeyes
    13:29 23/09/2015

    I will say one thing – well done!

  17. Ewa
    18:46 23/09/2015

    Great and wise post Kami! I have to say i admire your dedication to traveling. I could never be able to go straight to work after a journey like yours back from Iran! I would probably just fall asleep on the desk :)

    • kami
      21:36 24/09/2015

      Thank you! I always keep saying that I do these crazy things as long as I have energy for that but it might change overnight. And these tiring days at work are usually pretty funny as I’m hyperactive for some reason ;)

  18. sekulada.com
    19:59 23/09/2015

    Such a grat post! Someone had to say it, ovbious things never are too obvious :)

  19. Aleksandra | urlopnaetacie.pl
    23:28 23/09/2015

    You nailed it, Kami! Great post! :)

  20. Tatiana
    00:01 24/09/2015

    I confirm!!! People keep asking where do you take money from to travel. Well, somebody likes to buy things, somebody likes to travel. It’s a matter of somebody’s priority what you spend your money on. My favorite mem ever “It doesn’t matter how old your shoes are if you walk in them in Paris”. And it’s my motto kind of :)))) If you really want something, you will find a way to reach it, to do it. And it works!!!

    • kami
      21:39 24/09/2015

      exactly! I haven’t known this mem before but I love it!! Need to memorize it! As for the money – I just hate all these questions as it’s my own business how I spent my money! I earned them in a legal way, I didn’t steal them etc so why it interests people so much what I do with that??

  21. Piotr (Made in China)
    07:45 24/09/2015

    dont bother trying to explain anything to a small, narrow mind like this one here. She know better, ant that is that.
    If you spend time trying to explain anything….you’re simply wasting your time.

    • kami
      21:41 24/09/2015

      well, maybe I was wasting my time on this person but at least I won’t have to repeat myself anymore when the neverending question will be asked again, I will just give this post to read :)

  22. Katarzyna B. (Wapniaki Wdrodze)
    08:41 24/09/2015

    It’s no reason, you’d have to publicly explain how you earn. If someone has a problem, she might invite you and ask about it face to face;) Be careful , because now the company receives hundreds of resumes of candidates who will be happy to replace you!

    • kami
      21:43 24/09/2015

      I know I have no reason but I just wanted to explain it once and for all as somehow so many people have a problem with it. And as for today I’m not too worries about my job, it will not be easy to replace me simply because you just cannot take a random person from the street for my job, it requires a special knowledge. Besides I really am a good and valuable worker, with or without my travels, and fortunately my bosses know that :)

  23. Sądecki Włóczykij
    08:57 24/09/2015

    Powiem tyle, że tak kulturalnej, czystej i mało ironicznej odpowiedzi na jakąś krytykę dawno nie widziałem. Gratuluję wycecedzenia emocji i napisania logicznej, prostej odpowiedzi na hejta. Good job, Girl! :)

    • kami
      21:44 24/09/2015

      ha, dziękuje :D chociaz nie mogłam sie do końca przed ironią powstrzymać, no po prostu się nie dało! :)

  24. Magda
    09:30 24/09/2015

    That’s true! It’s all matter of priorities, that’s it. Besides, it’s proven that money spent on experiences makes you more happy than money spent on new shoes, bags, car or whatever else. And is there a better experience than traveling? I don’t think so :)

    • kami
      21:45 24/09/2015

      True, true! Even today I bought new pair of jeans and I felt nothing special but when I’m in a new (or even old) place I feel a pure happiness :)

  25. Travelekspert
    17:30 24/09/2015

    Dobra robota Kami!!!!!!!!! Podróżuj, a innym niech szczęka opada!!! O Karolinie nawet nie wspomnę – typowa sfrustrowana Polka… nie warto o takich osobach rozmawiać i obdarowywać ich protagonizmem!

  26. Pati
    18:35 24/09/2015

    Totally agree with you!!! People keep asking me the same thing :) The thing is travelling is my biggest dream and I do anything I can to be able to hit the road – I save money, I don’t buy unnecessary things and so on…. Poor Karolina – a typical frustrated and envious human being…

    • kami
      21:48 24/09/2015

      I think it’s normal to sacrifice a lot to make your dreams come true! Too bad some people don’t get that!

  27. Ewelina
    20:18 24/09/2015

    Yeah, I definitely understand you and your text! Well, it’s just truth. So many people ask me: “how come you have money for traveling”…no..sorry…better: “you need to have shitloads of money”.
    So my answer is: “not shitloads of money, but some money, because I work while travelling. And yes, it is possible!”
    Yeah, I did wrote the text: Jobs you can do while traveling!
    Well done! :)

    • kami
      21:50 24/09/2015

      Thanks! it’s funny how people just assume you sleep on money but don’t think of the simplest answer: we work to have the money ;)

  28. Natalia / zlotaproporcja.pl
    20:31 24/09/2015

    If you respect everyday of your holiday and include weekends and public holiday in your travels,you can do really a lot! And money… it’s a matter of choice, some people spend money on clothes, shoes and other irrelevant things, while we spend on travelling. I prefer buying a few plane tickets to having a few more dresses in the wardrobe!

  29. Ania
    09:53 25/09/2015

    “When you want something really badly and work hard for that you achieve it!” – I totally agree with you, Kami! I always keep this sentence in my mind, both with my favorite motto: “impossible is nothing”! I read the whole post and have to tell you that I really admire what you do. I think I got inspired and motivated even more to get more organized! ;) What else can I say? It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together! So it’s really nice that your job gives you a chance to travel by train and visit new places by the way! Also, next time when you come to Tricity – let me know! :)

    • kami
      09:13 26/09/2015

      Thank you Ania for your lovely comment and nice words! Good organization is the key ;) I’m seeing than now better than before and it really helps when you have so many things to deal with :) And actually I was in Tricity on Wednesday but it was just a daytrip for the railway fair. But I really want to come back to see the place properly, I’ve been there tens of times but I feel I don’t know it anymore. I will let you know for sure! And thank you again!

  30. Sam
    12:49 25/09/2015

    Great post, Kami! Whenever people tell me that they wish they could travel more, but they can’t because of their job, I always send them to your site! You’re such an inspiration. Keep it up!

    • kami
      09:29 26/09/2015

      Thank you Sam for your encouraging words, you don’t know how much it means to me!

  31. B&M Down Under
    06:10 26/09/2015

    Dobrze napisane! Kibicujemy i pozdrawiamy :)

  32. Molly
    13:08 26/09/2015

    Yes! Yes! Yes! This describes my life almost perfectly! It’s a challenge to balanced full time work, travelling and a successful blog but it certainly is great fun. I have been living a similar schedule to the one described here and blog about Life and Travel in Spain.
    I totally agree with lots of the points here and am thrilled to connect.
    Thanks for explaining this so well.
    My friends and colleagues often ask me similar questions too.

    Keep up the travel fun
    Kind regards from Spain

    • kami
      07:48 27/09/2015

      Thank you for your comment Molly! I’m glad I’m not the only one :) it is hard and overwhelming sometimes but at the end all the travels are so rewarding! All the best!

  33. Molly Sears
    12:15 26/09/2015

    Thankyou! I am sharing with my friends and family this helps a lot to explain myself too as a fellow blogger

  34. Karolina Bednarz
    06:14 27/09/2015

    “Chcieć to móc” :D

  35. Karolina
    07:33 27/09/2015

    No nieźle. Ludzie ak chyba piszą z zazdrości. Ja też pracuję na pełen etat + w soboty i w tym roku byłam już na Hawajach, na miesiąc w Europie i niedługo lecę do Japonii. Jak ma się chęci, da się coś zorganizować :) Fajny tekst.

    • kami
      07:48 27/09/2015

      dzięki! no własnie, jak widać na Twoim przykładzie można! tylko najpierw trzeba chcieć i coś zrobić w kierunku, zeby było lepiej, a nie tylko siedzieć i narzekać!

  36. Ola Żeleńska
    07:26 27/09/2015

    Pewien mój znajomy powiedział że tyle wydaje na co tygodniowe balety, że spokojnie mógłby co miesiąc na olinkluziva do Egiptu pojechać ;-) no cóż, kwestia priorytetów :-)

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      07:41 27/09/2015

      ano własnie! tylko śmieszne, że takie balety nie są kontrowersyjne, ale wojaze już tak ;)

    • Ola Żeleńska
      07:46 27/09/2015

      No wiadomo, przecież żeby ruszyć się z kraju potrzebujesz milionów ;-) A jeszcze na własną ręke!!!

  37. Dominika Krzysiek
    17:23 27/09/2015

    Straight to the point! ;)

  38. Wiola Starczwska
    19:03 27/09/2015

    To be honest, I was also impressed how you do this… Now I know, good that you wrote this post! You are master of planning, really!

  39. The Tales of A Traveler
    04:37 28/09/2015

    Impressive and nice post … we do travel with a full time job . We can completely relate to you on this. Managing full time job, travelling and blogging needs lots of hard work and effort ..

    • kami
      15:16 28/09/2015

      It surely does! but at the end it’s really rewarding, isn’t it?

  40. Mirøslav Hristøff
    07:12 29/09/2015

    I’m don’t travel so much as you or the others, who have written comments before me, do it but I like to read travel blogs a lot. And here it’s not about how to travel the world with a full time job. It’s about – why do you stick your nose into other people’s business? After all don’t you have life to live? I like what you said about the jacket. And that girl Karolina – she doesn’t deserve the whole explanation. But for and I believe for the others it was pleasure to read it.

    • kami
      22:14 29/09/2015

      Thank you! You’re so right!! But I felt this whole “problem” needs to be explained once and for all as the questions keep returning. And here is the whole story that yes, this lifestyle is possible!

  41. Tyna Julia
    16:55 29/09/2015

    Cieszę się, że trafiłam na Twojego bloga a teraz ten post :) Przykre jest, że ludzie zawsze doszukują się drugiego dna – tym bardziej brawa za powściągliwość i inteligentną ripostę :)

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      20:01 29/09/2015

      dziękuję :) smutne jest patrzenie na świat tylko ze swojej perspektywy i nie przyjmowanie do wiadomości, że jednak może być inaczej…

  42. Divine
    07:44 01/10/2015

    Such an inspiring post! I’m working full time myself and contemplating to travel the world. Thank you! :)

  43. Joanna Dark
    19:50 04/10/2015

    I don’t have much more to say than other people already said here, but I wanted to leave a comment just to let you know how many people think you did a great job :) Very well written and an eyes-opening post! I also try to do some blogging (nothing official so far), having full-time job and travelling. It was good to read how it all works for you. And it works great! Keep doing what you’re doing and never give up :)

    • kami
      21:55 05/10/2015

      Thank you Joanna for your kind words, they really mean a lot to me! And when you are ready please share a link to your blog, I’d love to take a look!

  44. Agnieszka /Zależna w podróży
    02:50 07/10/2015

    So I finally read the famous post. As many above me – I think it’s great! As you said many times – it’s all about the priorities.
    I also admire your energy and the will to move so much. But it reminds me of the things me and my friends used to say at the university. I was the one who studied at two different departments and some people used to ask me how I could manage my time so well (as I was always open to go to a bar or for a long walk). The answer was easy – if you think you don’t have enough time take 10 classes – take 20. If you think you can’t deal with 20 classes – take another 10. The more you do the better you organise your time (sorry about this digression but it somehow came to my mind after reading your post).

    • kami
      21:08 17/10/2015

      Thank you! And the digression is very accurate here! I guess that’s how it works – the more you have to do, the more organized you’re and as a result, the more time you have! :)

  45. Zemirah
    14:49 09/11/2015

    I just stumbled on your blog today. I absolutely love it and love this article even more!

  46. Marta Tatarynowicz
    19:32 29/11/2015

    WOW, bardzo imponująca liczba. Szczerze gratuluję! (i tylko trochę zazdroszczę…)

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      19:33 29/11/2015

      ale naprawdę, głowię się i głowię jak to zrobiłam i nie mam pojęcia… ;)

  47. Laura Gieczewska
    04:59 30/11/2015

    Polacy to zawsze wiedzą najlepiej :)Fajnie z tymi biletami, nie macie wolnego etatu?;)

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      19:37 04/12/2015

      ano niestety… ale taki bonus zdecydowanie się przydaje :D

  48. Laura Rua Silva
    22:12 02/12/2015

    I loved this post,so true! If you’re doing what you love who are others to judge what you do on your free time with your own money?

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      19:37 04/12/2015

      exactly! but people still seem not to understand that…

  49. Zygmunt Kuba
    08:18 03/12/2015

    a mnie 95 i to tylko studiując :P (no, czasem też pracując tu i tam)

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      19:36 04/12/2015

      zacny wynik! ale dociągnij jeszcze z 5 dni, żeby było równo :D

  50. Jill
    19:57 12/12/2015

    Great post! Thanks for explaining. I have often wondered myself how people manage to travel like they do (bloggers or not). I have been lucky to have a job that sometimes allows me to travel. I work on board ships and in the past some have allowed me to stay and visit a place when I get off to go home. I’ve been laid off now due to the low price of oil and now trying to figure out if there’s any way I can AFFORD to travel without that (or any) income. I agree with you, it’s all a matter of priority.
    Most people here in the US get NO time off (except weekends) so we’re a little envious of your 26 days! Again, I was very lucky in that my profession did allow me more time off than most. I did get to travel a lot on my own, still never as much as I would have liked, always too much to do at home. I have been blogging to try and transition into a self-financed way of life. Do you have any insights, tips, etc on how to earn from blogging? Or maybe you’ve already written about that?

    • kami
      09:42 13/12/2015

      Thank you Jill for your comment. I know how bad the situation in the US with days off is and I really can’t imagine that. Here the days off are your right, not the luxury. So sorry about your work situation. I didn’t write about monetizing your blog and don’t have any tips as I don’t really earn from it. But I saw many bloggers writing about this so you should google it and I’m sure you will find many ways to earn from blogging! Good luck!

  51. Nina - Where in the World is Nina?
    23:39 15/12/2015

    Nice post Kami! I agree, it is rude when people ask us about money, and even more so when it’s surrounded with a bunch of accusations. Good on you for working so hard, like most of us do, to make our travel dreams actually come true. :)

  52. annika
    23:27 14/02/2016

    I never respond at blogs, but wow you inspired me and you kicked some ass! Well done and thank you for this blog:)

    • kami
      22:57 15/02/2016

      Thank you for your great comment Annika, you really made me smile :)

  53. Maarten
    11:28 25/02/2016

    Hey Kami! I just saw the title on Twitter and I simply had to read it. People do ask us the same thing, although we aren’t traveling as much as you do. I really liked the following statement: “I don’t think I know more organized people than working bloggers”. It’s so true! I think that’s the reason we are able to travel: we organize, make lists, set priorities ànd we are in perfect control of our finances. Just like you do. It astonishes me sometimes what some people do with their money (expensive car, brand clothes, big house, shopping in the most expensive supermarket etc…), when it’s so easy to save some money to be able to travel. We both work in education, so we’ve got a lot of free time for traveling. It’s the finances (mortgage) that keep us homebound for most of the year, though. And we travel as a family (two of us and the little girl), which obviously is more costly. So we don’t travel that often, but when we do, we make it either a long trip (3 weeks or more), or a far-away trip.
    I do wonder how many travelbloggers have full-time jobs. If I go through our Twitter feed, most people seem to be traveling year-round. But your story made me think: maybe there’s a lot more people like us…
    Sorry for this long reply. It just made me happy to learn that you have the same view on life and travel. And it’s good to know that the railways in Poland are well-managed ;-) The country is pretty high on our want-to-vsit list :-)

    • kami
      21:31 26/02/2016

      Hi Maarten! thanks for this long and interesting comment, I’m so glad you came across this post and you share my point of view. I actually think there’re pretty many bloggers who also work full time, they just don’t go around saying it out loud as it’s simply not popular – these days bloggers should live off from blogging and travelling and if someone doesn’t agree with this (s)he is considered a weirdo ;) At least that’s how I see it these days. But yeah, there’re are more of us than it seems!
      I hope you will have a chance to visit Poland soon, it’s a great country and so diverse I’m sure you will find something for yourselves! Cheers!

      • Maarten
        12:42 01/03/2016

        We’ve already “researched” (= made lists, travel map etc) it, but we got this chance to go to SA this year, so we will first take that opportunity. I think we can’t pass through Poland and not go to Auschwitz, but I don’t know if this is a good idea with our (currently) 5-year old…
        I was reading through your Iran posts as well. Ranks no. 1 on my personal bucket list, but we don’t want to take safety risks with our little girl. So it’s postponed ;-)
        And yes, there must be more like us around. It’s the best of two worlds I suppose ;-)

        • kami
          20:03 05/03/2016

          You shouldn’t be afraid of going to Iran with your daughter, it will be actually a whole better experience! Just last month two families I know came back from Iran, both with small girls, and they had the best time ever there!
          As for the Auschwitz – believe it or not I’ve never been there. But I’ve visited another Nazi camp in Poland, couple of times, and it was such a terrible place. Can’t tell you if it’s a good idea to go there with such a small child but those places are definitely must when visiting this part of Europe, they’re part of our history

  54. Lili
    16:20 11/04/2016

    Hi Kami! Like some readers I hardly comment on blogs but I really enjoyed this charming post. It truly resonates as I type in the other side of the world (Malaysia / Singapore), I smiled remembering moments where I go through multi-country transits and moments where I had to run from the office to the airport (or vice versa) to save a day off for travelling. Thanks for sharing – and I look forward to visiting some of the places you’ve recommended in Poland as I head there next week!

    • kami
      09:18 13/04/2016

      Thank you for your nice comment Lili! Where in Poland are you going to? If you need any tips feel free to email me, I will be glad to help!

  55. Adi Adrian
    09:07 01/07/2016

    We get the exact same question all the time :D
    We can also take overtime as days off, we always optimize (take flights or drive off after work or even arrive to work directly from the airport). Unfortunately, we “loose” vacation days to also travel home to Romania, since we moved to Germany 5 years ago (but from the 30 vacation days + many holidays + weekends, we still get a lot for travel :). It’s very easy for me as an engineer, but not so much for my wife who is a medical doctor and also has to to shifts, also on weekends and holidays, yet we still manage to squeeze a lot out of it :)

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      05:47 03/07/2016

      The most important thing is that you manage! It’s not very easy but so rewarding :)

  56. Agnes Wroblewski
    09:22 01/07/2016

    I’m jealous. Its hard when you have to fly at least 20 hours to get anywhere

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      05:46 03/07/2016

      But you can also travel locally! That’s what I mosty do :)

  57. Vargas Virgilio
    12:58 01/07/2016

    Hello, I’m in the same process.. I’m a telecommunications engineer from Costa Rica and i have worked with the same Company for the past 5 years. I’ve been working remotely all the time and I’ve been traveling a lot. I’m in 51st country and it takes dedication and discipline to do such thing. Yes I don’t sleep a lot and Jetlag hits me like crazy but it’s worth it!

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      05:45 03/07/2016

      It’s definitely worth it even if it’s not easy (as you said, discipline is a must!). I’m even in the worse position than you as I work in the office and I can’t work remotely but I still somehow manage! Congrats on 51 countries!

    • David Amando Trombetta
      08:44 03/07/2016

      I loves this way of life! Nice regards to Costa Rica :) I am probably planing Middle America in November.. well let’s see!-

  58. Tralalabka
    16:08 01/07/2016

    Love your posts and humour! Thanks for the inspiration ;-)

  59. Jan
    20:26 26/08/2016

    Hey so why dont you get a job that doesn’t require to be in one place? That’s what most people do nowadays. But ye sure traveling doesnt have to be expensive. Usually myself I try to find a way to generate income while traveling to at least cover the costs. I rarely stay less than a few months in one place though. Working online, making music, language teaching – depending on your qualifications – can even allow you to make savings.

    • kami
      14:38 31/08/2016

      Good for you! But I don’t want to have a job that I can do while traveling. I like my job here and my life here and this way I can have best of both world. I really enjoy my life as it is and don’t plan to change it. But what works for one doesn’t have to work for another person, that’s how life is :)

  60. Kim
    21:53 23/09/2016

    Wow! You are such an inspiration!! I follow mostly blogs of vegan travellers but like you I prefer Eastern and Central Europe and I was thrilled to find your site. I was in Poland 16 years ago but would love to experience the vegan food in Warsaw. Now I will spend lots of hours reading your older posts. Thank you!

    • kami
      08:16 30/09/2016

      Thank you for your nice comment! You definitely should come back to Poland, it has changed so much since your last visit! And the vegan scene in Warsaw is pretty decent too!

  61. Jesse
    16:32 03/10/2016

    26 vacation days!!! You guys are lucky. I have a full-time job in Canada and I started out with 10 days. 15 vacation days per year is considered generous over here.

    • kami
      21:58 04/10/2016

      I know we’re very lucky! I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be for Canadians or Americans with so little days off! I’d go crazy!

  62. Podróżnik
    09:35 02/12/2016

    Although my work programmer does not allow me to travel non-stop, but several foreign business trips in the year happens – I love all of them :)

  63. Kat
    11:10 23/01/2017

    It’s a similar story to people thinking they can’t leave their country to live in another country, with little money and no job to go to. Rubbish, it’s fear that holds people hostage, not reality.

  64. Harsha
    09:18 25/01/2017

    Great write up Kami. I am too a solo traveler and what you said is absolutely true. It just need good planning to manage your holidays and you can see the world.I love backpacking and I think with that you can see lot more places in a budget. Its not such a hardship ,You can always pick places based on your budget like I do and can do 3 or 4 trips in a year. So whoever is doubting your travelling does not know what they are talking about and I really feel sorry for them as they don’t know how to plan their travel and may be loosing good opportunities to explore the world.
    Good luck to your exploration :). Its lovely to read about your adventures and quite inspiring.

    • kami
      22:18 28/01/2017

      Thank you for your nice and so true comment! I agree with you so much!

  65. Lany
    07:40 15/03/2017

    Thx for sharing your experience and thoughts with us.
    Airline ticket is the most costly expense in travelling. If we already live or based in EU it would be easier travelling to nearby countries and local flights are not that expensive. I love travelling too. My objective is to have international travel at least twice a year. I live in US. The airline ticket is pretty expensive to fly to EU, Australia or Asia. I also work full time and work a lot, but so far I’m still able to balance it between working and traveling. Yes it is doable, just need to know what we want and make priorities and plan it accordingly.

    • kami
      14:45 29/03/2017

      yes, that’s true, local flights in Europe are really affordable. But sometimes you don’t need to travel far away to have a great time! I enjoy discovering my own country a lot too! Balancing work and travel isn’t easy but it’s definitely doable!

  66. Helen
    04:22 13/12/2017

    Hey Kami
    I have just started reading your posts and absolutely love hearing about your life! You are honest and forthright and call it as it is is! What you see is what “we” get! So inspirational. You energise me!
    The person that sent that random mail to you could never say that to you personally – they hide behind their cheap shots and their media facade. We just roll our eyes at them and hope they get a life”…But your readership love you – please don’t let them snipe at your wonderful writing style and “true grit” nature. We need people in the world like you to give us hope and inspiration that we can start doing what you did albeit small – we need to learn from your determination!
    Thank you so much for continuing your blog – you must rarely have a day off from thinking and writing….
    Well done!

    • kami
      17:37 27/12/2017

      Thank you Helen for your kind comment, you just made my day! Thank you!! :)

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