31 Amazing Things to Do in Yerevan, Armenia

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Yerevan, Armenia is one of my favorite places, the city I always love returning to and the one that makes it so hard for me to leave every single time. I can’t imagine a trip to Armenia without visiting Yerevan.

And even if I’ve been to the capital of Armenia so many times (over the years I spent a few months there in total) every time I visit Yerevan I have a new list of things to do in Yerevan. Because there is just so much to see, do and experience there!

And now it’s about time I share with you the list of my favorite Yerevan attractions so you know what to do in Yerevan when you visit the capital of Armenia.

To be honest, the city is not the most beautiful one, especially not in a classical way, but with so many things to do in Yerevan, you will be busy for at least two days and eventually will want to return for more.

That was the story with me however, after my first trip to Yerevan in July 2012 I wasn’t too crazy about the city. It had to grow on me but now I consider Yerevan to be one of “my” places, the one I’m a bit crazy about and wouldn’t mind living there for a while.

Yerevan essentials

Short History of Yerevan, Armenia

You might be surprised but Yerevan is actually older than Rome, Italy. Not long ago the city celebrated its 2800th birthday.

That’s because in the year 782 B.C. the Erebuni Fortress was built on the territory of Yerevan and it is said the city developed from it. Over the centuries Yerevan often changed its state belongingness but never really played an important role.

Until the beginning of the 19th century, it was just a provincial town but once Yerevan became the part of the Russian Empire the city grow rapidly with its biggest development in the 20th century.

For the very short time, between 1918 and 1920, Yerevan was the capital of independent Armenia before it became part of Russia and the Soviet Union again. Since 21st September 1991, when Armenia regained the independence, Yerevan is again the capital city of the country again.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Best time to visit Yerevan

It’s great to visit Yerevan all year long but there are moments when this might not be the best idea.

If this is your first trip to Yerevan (or Armenia in general) I would avoid summer months, simply because it can be too hot, even over +40C. This makes sightseeing almost impossible as you can’t fully enjoy the place and all you can think of is finding some shadow or better yet, the air-conditioned room.

Your chances of seeing Mount Ararat – the holy mountain of Armenians – are also slim then as it’s often pretty hazy in the summer months.

Another time I would advise against visiting Yerevan is the New Year and Christmas time. Just recently I was in Yerevan exactly at that time and everything was closed: shops, museums, numerous restaurants, and cafes – everything!

The choice of places to go out, have a coffee or eat something was very limited and the majority of my favorite places was just closed. You don’t want to deal with this feeling of disappointment!

On the contrary, I would recommend visiting Yerevan in late spring or early autumn when the weather is pleasant but not too hot, days are long and sunny and you can fully focus on Yerevan sightseeing.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

How to get to Yerevan

The majority of people traveling to Yerevan arrive either by plane or by land from Tbilisi, Georgia.

These days there are more and more airlines serving Yerevan airport, including low-cost flights with Ryanair and Wizzair. That makes getting to Yerevan so much easier and cheaper.

I usually use LOT Polish Airlines – they are not the cheapest (I usually buy my tickets when they are on sale) but I definitely appreciate the direct flights to Yerevan from Warsaw.

Zvartnots International Airport is located around 12 kms from the center and is connected with the city by bus or marshrutka.

Taxis are also very affordable, especially with Yandex Taxi (a local Uber) you shouldn’t pay more than 2.000 AMD. There is free wifi at the airport which should make ordering a taxi via the Yandex app much easier, you can also buy a local SIM card at the airport.

If you come from Tbilisi to Yerevan you will arrive either to Kilikia bus station (around 2,5 kilometer from the center, bus no 5 goes to the center) or the train station (you can get there by metro, station Sasuntsi David).

Click here to read in full details all about getting from Tbilisi to Yerevan.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

How many days should you spend in Yerevan

I honestly think that you should plan at least 2 days in Yerevan but of course the more the merrier. I’ve spent around 2 months in Yerevan in total and still haven’t seen all Yerevan attractions I’ve wanted to, my list of things to do in Yerevan is only growing.

In those two days, you can see all the major attractions and sights, visit some museums and enjoy the city to the fullest.

While Yerevan is a very walkable city and you can get to most of the places on foot, there are a few sights, like the Armenian Genocide Memorial, that are located a bit away from the center (Yandex Taxi will come handy again).

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Where to stay in Yerevan

The best area to stay in Yerevan is, of course, the city center so you can be close to all the attractions.

My personal favorite part of the city for Yerevan accommodation is between Pushkin street, Tumanyan street, Mesrop Mashtots Avenue and Nalbandyan street. I feel it’s the most central area and walking just about anywhere doesn’t take too long.

Here are some of the recommended places to stay in Yerevan:

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Yerevan Card

If you plan to visit museums (and you definitely should include some of them in your Yerevan itinerary) I recommend getting the Yerevan Card – the official city pass. Not only you will get free admission to most of the museums, but the card also offers free transfer from the airport, free metro rides, numerous discounts all over the city and more.

Click here to get your Yerevan Card!

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Things to do in Yerevan

So now that you know the basics of visiting Yerevan, let’s cut to the chase. Here is the list of all the best things to do in Yerevan

Climb the Cascade for the best view of Yerevan

This is the absolute number one activity in the capital of Armenia and you should start your Yerevan sightseeing with it!

The Cascade is a masterpiece of Soviet architecture and one of the most impressive things you will see in Yerevan. Designed by Sargis Gurzadyan, Jim Torosyan, and Aslan Mkhitaryan and built between 1971 and 2000s this giant, spectacular stairway is rich in the details referring to the Armenian culture and carefully planned with lots of green spaces surrounded by the concrete.

But the main reason to come here is to see the best view of Yerevan and, if you are lucky, Mount Ararat. Try to be here around the sunset time for the best light and the biggest chances to see the Holy Mountain.

If you are too lazy to climb up the stairs, and there are many of them, you can find the escalator inside the Cascade, the entrance is on the left side and it’s free of charge.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Admire the modern art at the Cascade

Once at the Cascade, after focusing first on the view of Yerevan take a look around you. There are numerous pieces of modern art scattered around on the Cascade itself and in the small park leading to the giant stairway.

They all belong to Cafesjian Center for the Arts, the modern art museum located inside the Cascades.

While you need a ticket to visit the exhibition inside, admiring the art outside and when riding the escalator is free of charge.

Among all the pieces of art here you will find your favorite ones for sure – mine is the overweight woman and the giant teapot.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Say hello to Mother Armenia

As you might have seen in other post-Soviet cities (especially in Kyiv, Ukraine and Tbilisi, Georgia) the idea of the massive statue of “mother” personifying the country is rather popular.

You can find a similar statue in Yerevan too.

Mother Armenia is located in the Victory Park above the Cascade and even if she has a very seriously-looking face and she holds a sword, she is there to take care of her country and the nation.

Around the monument, you can see a few military objects, such as tanks or planes – they are part of the military museum.

Mother Armenia isn’t the only reason why you should visit Victory Park. On the contrary to the serious statue, you can find here the amusement park with the ferries wheel (a mandatory piece in all the post-Soviet cities) and lots of other rusty attractions.

If you like exploring abandoned places, the cafe “Aragil” is perfect for that.

From in front of Mother Armenia, you can also admire some spectacular views of Yerevan and Mount Ararat.

Victory Park is located on the steep hill. You can take the escalator to the upper part of the Cascade and then keep walking further up or you can take Yandex Taxi to the park and after visiting it continue your way down to the center through the Cascade.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Visit Matenadaran to see impressive manuscripts

As you might know, Armenia has its own unique alphabet, created at the very beginning of the 5th century by Mesrop Mashtots. It has 39 letters and is very beautiful, although it looks nothing like the Latin alphabet.

Not far from the Cascades you can find Matenadaran – the museum of Armenian manuscripts, the largest one of that kind in the world. This is one of the most precious treasures of the Armenian culture.

Inside you can find around 13 thousand manuscripts, the oldest one from the 5th century. The majority of them are in the Armenian language but there are some in Latin, Arab, Hebrew, Persian, Greek, etc.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

See the Opera house and get a ticket to the show

The National Opera Theater in Yerevan is a massive building, dominating the northern part of the center. It was opened in 1933 and inside you can find two halls, each of them with over a thousand seats.

If you would like to see the play here you can get the affordable tickets for the show and enjoy a bit of the culture during your time in Yerevan. You can purchase the tickets at the ticket office on the left side of the Opera House, at Sayat-Nova Avenue.

Opera and its surroundings are also a very popular place among locals, with numerous cafes, green areas and a small pond called Swan Lake. You will spend some time here for sure, just enjoying the city vibe.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Visit the Cathedral

Armenia was the first country in the world that adopted Christianity as the state religion, in the year 301. That’s one of the reasons why this country is so interesting and unique.

You won’t find all that many churches in Yerevan but there is one very impressive sanctuary – Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral. It’s fairly new, finished in 2001, and currently, this is the largest cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Church in the world.

You should visit it even if you are not a very religious person. It looks spectacular, with its sharp geometric lines, not like your usual cathedral.

The interior is a bit raw, overwhelming and a bit modern, so different from the churches we are used to seeing. From the architectural point of view, this is a real masterpiece.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Find other churches

When sightseeing in the center of Yerevan you might notice there are not too many churches around, which might be surprising considering this is the oldest Christian nation in the world. Well, they are there, just a bit hidden.

You will find them in some unusual places like the yard behind the blocks of flats, blended in between modern architecture or standing casually at the corner or busy streets.

The modern look of Yerevan was designed at the beginning of the 20th century and well, back then the church wasn’t in a good relationship with the state. The churches, even if important for the Armenian culture and identity, weren’t built on a mass scale (like in Poland, for example).

Some of the churches you might want to see include Katoghike Church (on the corner of Abovyan and Sayat-Nova streets), Zoravor Surp Astvatsatsin Church (in the yard on Parpetsi street, close to Tumanyan street) and Saint Sarkis Cathedral (on the edge of the Hrazdan Gorge at Israyelyan Street).

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Walk Northern Avenue

Each city has a place where you go to see others and to be seen. For Yerevan, it’s Northern Avenue – a pedestrian street opened in 2007 that stretches from the Republic Square to the Opera.

During the day it’s a bit soulless with modern buildings that are often empty and with fancy shops but in the evening it’s bustling with people, buzzing until late night hours.

You can see here the street performers, sit down in one of the cafes and just observe the world going by and people walking up and down the street like on the catwalk.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Find cool Soviet architecture

For years Yerevan and Armenia were part of the Soviet Union and even if most of the architecture in the center was kept from before that time, you can still find in Yerevan some good examples of brutalism and other examples of the Soviet architecture.

The biggest masterpiece is, of course, the Cascade with its giant stairway but other places you can’t miss are Karen Demirchyan Complex, the Institute of Communication, the House of Chess or Tsitsernakaberd – the Armenian Genocide Memorial.

In front of the Republic Square metro station, you can see a beautiful concrete fountain, probably my favorite piece of brutalist architecture in Yerevan.

Click here to see my complete guide to the Soviet Architecture in Yerevan (the link will open in the new window).

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Visit some interesting museums

Yerevan isn’t very big on museums but there are some interesting ones (and some that are a must, that’s why they got a separate mention in this article).

History Museum of Armenia, located in the very heart of the city, at the Republic Square, has a collection of around 400.000 objects in five departments, all of them hocusing on the long and troublesome history of Armenia. This is a very interesting place if you would like to learn more about the country and not only about its recent history.

Fans of modern art should also visit the Museum of Modern Art, located on Mashtots Avenue 7, focusing mostly on Armenian artists. It’s not spectacular (Cafesjian Center for the Arts at the Cascade is better, in my opinion) but still worth your time.

If you plan to visit museums you should get yourself a Yerevan Card. With the card, most of the museums are free of charge and you can save quite a bit of money. Click here to get yourself the Yerevan Card.

For more info on the best museums in Yerevan click here.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

See why Yerevan is called “the pink city” at the Republic Square

Yerevan is often called “the pink city” thanks to the tuff – the volcanic stone with the pink shade that was used to build the city. Most of the Armenian capital was has the pinkish look but you can especially see it at the Republic Square – the main square of the city.

All the buildings surrounding the square: banks, post office, Marriott hotel or the Government of the Republic of Armenia have a very distinctive pink shade and are the quintessence of Yerevan architecture.

Speaking of the Republic Square – in the warmer months (from April on) in the evening you can see here the singing and dancing fountain. It is a bit kitschy, with some of the hits from the 1990s, but both locals and tourists enjoy it and each day there are crowds watching the show.

Even if you don’t like this kind of entertainment you will enjoy it too! It’s one of the ultimate Yerevan experiences.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Ride the metro

Yerevan metro might not be as spectacular as metro stations in other post-Soviet cities (like in Moscow, Kharkiv or Tashkent) but it still has this old times charm and can give you the impression of why the Soviet metro systems were and still are so popular.

Even if it was opened in 1981, the metro system in Yerevan is small, it consists only of one line with 10 stations but you need only a few of them to get around the city: Sasuntsi David (for the train station), Zoravar Andranik (for the Cathedral), Republic Square, Yeritasardakan (for the Cascade, the station building itself is a brutalist gem) and Marshal Baghramyan (for Lovers’ Park).

Metro in Yerevan is cheap (you only need a token for 100 AMD for the ride), clean, safe and efficient. In the hot summer days, this is a perfect getaway to escape the heat.

If you need to connect to free wifi – Yerevan metro is your answer!

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Shop for souvenirs at the Vernissage

If you are looking for some Armenian souvenirs to take home with you there is no better place than the Vernissage. This open-air market, located near Republic Square, focuses on Armenian souvenirs only and the choice is so big everyone can find something interesting here. From rugs and paintings to pomegranate earrings or keychains – literally everything is here.

The Vernissage is open every day, from 7:00 in the morning till 18:00 (although the opening hours can be shorter when the weather is bad or it’s the holiday season).

Another, smaller open-air market with paintings only is located near the Opera, in Martiros Saryan Park.

To find out more about shopping in Yerevan click here to read the guide written by my friend Emily.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Go to GUM for fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and more

Armenia is known for its fresh produce and you can get the best fruits, vegetables, spices, cheese, pickles and more at the GUM market.

As soon as you enter the building you will be welcomed with the incredible smell of all the goodies you can purchase here. From there it gets only better!

In this colorful foodie paradise, you are invited to try all the amazing food and it’s really hard to say no as everything looks and is so delicious. Just don’t go too crazy with trying all the samples, otherwise, you will never leave the place. Focus on buying the goodies from friendly locals instead.

Every time I visit the GUM market I leave with many more things that I planned to buy as it’s so hard to resist all the amazing goodies you can find here.

GUM market is open daily from 11 am to 5 pm. To get here take the metro to Zoravar Andranik and walk a few minutes south. Republic Square is around 20 minutes walking away.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Visit the only active mosque in Armenia

Hidden behind the unobtrusive gate on Mashtots Avenue, the Blue Mosque in Yerevan is one of the prettiest buildings in the city. It was built in the 18th century when Yerevan was still under the Persian rule, and these days it is the oldest structure you can find in the center of the city.

Today this is the only working mosque in Yerevan and Armenia but even if you are not a Muslim you are welcome to visit the place.

The mosque and especially its garden are such a pleasant place, a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. You enter the gate and you are transformed into another world. You can sit down on the bench under the tree, admiring the beautiful architecture of the Mosque in front of you and just relax.

Since you are at the Blue Mosque you can also visit Pak Shuka – the remnants of the stunningly beautiful covered market that is located across the street. It used to be a real gem but after the renovation, a lot of its charm was gone and now it is a regular shop but you can still see some interesting architectural features in the building.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Learn about brandy at one of the brandy factories

Armenia is home to brandy. The legend says the wine was distilled into brandy in this area already in the 12th century, however, the official production started in 1887.

It is said that the Armenian brandy is among the best ones in the world, it was cherished by some of the most important people in the world including Stalin or Churchill who received several cases of the Armenian brandy per year.

Today you can find two major brandy companies in Yerevan, Noy and Ararat, and they both offer tours where you can learn more about the famous drink and even taste it. You will visit the museum telling all about brandy and then walk the cellar with impressive barrels.

Such a tour is a must for everyone who is interested in the Armenian culture and heritage. You can go for a free tour with the Yerevan Card.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

See the remnants of Old Yerevan

Even if Yerevan is a really old city you won’t find many remnants of the past there. Most of the city was designed at the beginning of the 20th century.

However, there is one part of the center where you can see old Yerevan’s heritage and that’s Kond. The neighborhood dates back to the 17th century and back then it was one of the three original quarters in Yerevan.

Still today you can see the remnants of the multicultural past, with some of the houses having the distinctive features of the Persian/Muslim/Ottoman culture. This is part of the city like any other, of the great historical value and importance.

The houses were built with clay and stones, the area is covered in narrow and winding lanes and looks nothing like the elegant center. Unfortunately, much of Kond needs renovation really badly but you still should visit it to see another face of Yerevan.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Walk Kond tunnel to Hrazdan gorge

One of the quirkiest Yerevan attractions is Kond tunnel, connecting the center (near Mashtots Avenue) with Hrazdan Gorge. It was designed by Alexander Tamanyan, completed in 1936 and is still in use.

The tunnel is almost 500 meters long but you don’t need to use the flashlight when walking through it as the place is well lit.

Those who enjoy street art will find a few decent pieces here too.

From away it might look like the tunnel is closed but in fact, it is not, the parking lot blocks the view of the entrance.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Visit Sergei Parajanov Museum

Sergei Parajanov was a famous Soviet Armenian director, well known around the world. The museum was established in 1988 when he was still alive, and Parajanov chose the location himself, in the traditional Caucasian house.

Even if you are not familiar with his works you still should visit the place. It’s like a pure madness of the creative mind, with lots of installations, collages, assemblages, drawings, dolls, and hat as well as more traditional exhibits like festival prizes or unpublished screenplays.

This is one of the most popular museums in Yerevan and it attracts visitors for a reason – this is a beautiful tribute to the beautiful mind.

You can visit the museum for free with the Yerevan Card.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Learn about the Armenian Genocide at Tsitsernakaberd

The present identity of Armenians was very much shaped by the Armenian Genocide, in 1915, when over a million people lost their lives. I believe every visitor to the country should go to the Armenian Genocide Memorial at Tsitsernakaberd and learn more about this tragic part of Armenian history.

The memorial complex was completed in 1967, after massive protests that shook up Yerevan in 1965, 50 years after the Armenian Genocide. On the hill overlooking the city, you can find a very good museum as well as the monument dedicated to all the victims.

In the Armenian Genocide Museum, you can learn all about the events leading to the Genocide, the Genocide itself and the world’s reactions, including famous Hitler’s words “Who now remembers the Armenians”. It is a very touching place, not an easy one to visit but I think it’s obligatory to understand the history of Armenia and the people.

The monument to the victims is a fine example of brutalist architecture and with its raw concrete, it makes even a bigger impression. It consists of 44 meters stele, the symbol of the national rebirth, and twelve slabs – symbol of twelve lost provinces.

Inside the circular monument, you will find the eternal flame dedicated to all the people who lost lives during the Armenian Genocide.

Every year on April 24th there are big celebrations commemorating the victims of the Armenian Genocide. I took part in them three times, including the centennial, and it was a truly unforgettable and remarkable experience to join thousands of Armenians in the march up to Tsitsernakaberd to pay the respect to all those who lost lives in 1915.

If you happen to be in Yerevan on that day make sure to visit the memorial complex too.

The Armenian Genocide Memorial is located a bit away from the center. The best way to get here is by Yandex Taxi, you should pay around 500 AMD for the ride.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Visit Erebuni Fortress

The reason why Yerevan is considered to be older than Rome is Erebuni Fortress – the remnants of the Urartian fortified city founded in 782 B.C. It was developing for two centuries until it was abandoned prior to the Persian invasion.

The ruins were discovered only in the 19th century but since they are located in the administrative area of Yerevan, Erebuni is considered the birthplace of the Armenian capital.

Erebuni Fortress is located some 7 kilometers away from the center, it’s best to use Yandex Taxi to get there.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Relax in the Lovers’ Park

Yerevan has a few nice green spaces, like the Victory Park or parks near the Republic Square, but the most pleasant one is small Lovers’ Park, located right next to the Marshal Baghramyan metro station.

Even if the park in this location has been part of the city for years, the current look was given to it in 2008 after the renovation works. As the name says, this is the favorite hang out place for the couples but everyone else is more than welcome to.

On the premises, you can find lots of well-maintained lanes and benches, numerous sculptures, an open-air cafe or the small amphitheater. This is yet another perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

One interesting thing I noticed in the Lovers’ Park during my last visit was the ban on taking pictures that was displayed on the info board – I’ve been to the park many times, took lots of pictures and had no issues.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Admire beautiful old houses

Even if in the central Yerevan you can find mostly the impressive modern(-ish) architecture there are also a few beautiful old houses, a perfect example of how the city used to look like a hundred or so years ago.

The prettiest ones are on Abovyan street, between Republic Square and Tumanyan street but look carefully when you wander around Yerevan to find even more of them!

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

See the iconic Moscow Cinema

Of all the buildings from the pre-war period, my favorite one is Moscow Cinema, located at the Charles Aznavour Square on Abovyan street.

It was built in the middle of the 1930s on the site where Saint Paul and Peter Church used to stand (it was demolished by the Soviet rule) and the grand opening took place on the 12th December 1936. Over the years the building was rebuilt and renovated a few times but it is still impressing, even today.

On Charles Aznavour Square in front of the cinema, you can find numerous quirky sculptures, such as a giant spider or the fountain with the zodiac signs.

It is possible to spend a night in the Moscow Cinema building – Moscow Boutique Hotel is located here – click here for details.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Enjoy the amazing cafe scene

One of my favorite things about Yerevan is its incredible cafe culture. The variety of cafes is really amazing, you can find them all over the city, some of them are random, others might be fancy and overpriced but they all have one thing in common – they serve really good coffee!

My favorite cafes in Yerevan include The Green Bean, Achajour, Twelve Tables, Epicure or The Coffee 23.5 but you can just randomly stumble a real gem too. Click here for more inspiration for cafes in Yerevan.

Coffee is such an important thing in the local life that you can buy it just about everywhere (and I’m not talking about the drink, but the coffee beans).

If you would like to purchase freshly ground coffee or just coffee beans you can find those in the small shops or in the underground passages.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Try Armenian wine

Did you know that Armenia is the oldest country in the world producing wine? The first wine cellar in the world was found near Areni, south of Yerevan, over 6 thousand years ago!

What’s special about Armenian wine is the fact that it is not made only from the grapes but also other fruits, such as pomegranate, apricot or blackberries. Make sure to try them all as they have such a unique taste, even if a bit too sweet.

You can find all the best wine shops and wine restaurants on Saryan street.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Eat as much food as you can

Armenian food is very delicious, using only local fresh ingredients. You can find it in numerous places around Yerevan and many of the restaurants are very affordable in the European standards.

My favorite one is Anteb at Yeznik Koghabatsi Street, serving modern Western Armenian cuisine. I also like Caucasus Tavern at 82 Hanrapetutyan street – the service is the worst but the menu is really long (a bit too long as it’s hard to decide), the prices very fine and the food super delicious.

The hidden gem for a quick bit is Zatar Pizza at Mher Mkrtchyan street (near Republic Square), it might look very random but everything with zaatar is to die for!

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Find cool street art

Yerevan street art scene is a bit unusual. You will find here a few bigger murals but still not so many of them.

But this doesn’t mean there is no street art around. Quite the contrary actually.

Almost every single gate in the center of Yerevan is beautifully painted in the various themes and altogether they create a very nice addition to the city. The paintings were the project of the local art university a few years ago but now are an inseparable part of Yerevan.

I’m not giving you addresses where to find them as they are literally all over the place.

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Drink craft beer

Yerevan is only getting on the craft beer map of the world but there are a few places you need to check: Dors Craft Beer & Kitchen (by the way, try their grilled vegetables!) and Dargett Brewpub are the musts! Don’t miss the 2nd Floor too – this is one of the best bars in Yerevan, always busy but so cool!

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Enjoy the city’s vibe

While I enjoy doing all the things mentioned above my absolute favorite thing to do in Yerevan is to just wander around and enjoy the city’s vibe. It’s hard to describe it properly but it makes me fall in love with the city every single time.

Yerevan is a cosmopolitan but with a Soviet past, bustling but laid-back, big but not overwhelming and so full of art and green spaces on every step. Not to mention the view of Mount Ararat that takes my breath away every single time.

Yerevan is one of those cities I could stay in for a long time and wake up with a smile on my face only because I’m there.

I can imagine this is not a place for everyone, especially that it lacks major tourist attractions and pretty old town, but if you manage to look beyond just the surface you will enjoy Yerevan half as much as I do (and that’s already a lot).

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Go for some amazing day trips around

Last but not least – go for some day trips from Yerevan. The city, conveniently located more or less in the middle of the country, can be a perfect base to explore some of the great places to visit in Armenia.

There is a range of day trips to choose from and no matter where you go, you will see some spectacular places: amazing Lake Sevan, numerous old monasteries (my favorites include Noravank, Sanahin, and Haghpat), quirk monument to Armenian Alphabet, the longest cable car in the world and more. Armenia really had a lot to offer!

Unfortunately, public transport is limited or nonexistent to some of the biggest attractions of Armenia as they are often located in remote areas. You might try driving if you are adventurous but the roads in Armenia are in a rather poor condition.

Fortunately, there are plenty of organized day tours from Yerevan for a very affordable price. That’s how I visited all the places too, I only used public transport (train and marshrutka) to Gyumri and Dilijan.

Here is the list of some of the recommended day trips from Yerevan:

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

things to do in Yerevan Armenia

Further reading

I published many articles about Armenia that you might find useful when planning your trip there. Here are some of them:

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Travel Resources

You can find the best accommodation options at Booking. They have many discounts and excellent customer service. Click here to look for the place to stay in Armenia

Never travel without travel insurance, you never know what might happen and better safe than sorry. You can check the insurance policy for Armenia here.

I recommend joining organized tours to get to know the place better and to visit more places during your trip. You can find a great selection of tours at Get Your Guide – click here.

Make sure to have the offline map always installed on your phone, they can save you so many troubles. I always use the free app Maps.Me.

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things to do in Yerevan Armenia

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  • Reply
    Michael Oconnor
    21/02/2021 at 23:35

    Place is a shit whole, old and dirty
    Rude people, but it’s a good article
    I don’t think any American will go to Armenia be honest

    • Reply
      12/03/2021 at 21:59

      I disagree but everyone has a right to their own opinion. I know many Americans who went to Armenia and loved it. I’m sorry you had a bad experience there.

      • Reply
        01/06/2023 at 09:44

        Probably an Azeri. They love to hate on Armenia under foreign names. Beautiful shots!

        • Reply
          15/06/2023 at 13:01

          thank you!

  • Reply
    Anna Garibian
    28/02/2021 at 18:18

    Thank you Kami. This was a very interesting guide for me. A look to the city where I grew up and left before the Soviet Union collapsed. Amazing photos. History lesson. As a linguist in Armenian language just want to add….the many churches in Yerevan were destroyed by the Bolsheviks the communists. As we know they are atheists. The main architect of the city was Alexander Tamanyan who build the new Yerevan in a shape of sun after it became Soviet. The Opera house in the center. In the beginning of the 20th century. Later on where added many Soviet style building surrounding the center….unfortunately. You may see the shape of sun in a famous photo of Yerevan taken from the sky when you check Yerevan photos with the view of biblical mount Ararat . thanks again.

    • Reply
      12/03/2021 at 22:00

      Thank you for your comment, Anna, and for adding extra valuable info, I really appreciate that! All the best!

  • Reply
    Anna Garibian
    28/03/2021 at 00:05

    If it’s an ugly place Why do you like the article or even read it. Many famous Americans visited and even baptized their children in the oldest Christian cathedral on earth built in 4th century in Echmiadzin. Like Kim Kardashian. Or rock star Serj Tankian. And many more. Tankian and his band Soad performed in the Republic Square in 2015. It seems you didn’t have a good guide. It’s a place of extremes nowadays. Some parts remind of Vienna some of Bangladesh. After All is a crossroad of west and east. The troubled history in a difficult neighborhood also shaped the negative moments. Read the history of Armenia . Google it. It will help to understand the place you visited.

  • Reply
    08/04/2021 at 12:48

    Thank you soo much,Armenia is a really oldest country in world ,the people are very friendly and nice and am really proud to see a lot of good words about my country!!!

    • Reply
      27/06/2021 at 12:15

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the article!

  • Reply
    19/04/2021 at 14:57

    Thank you very much for writing a beautiful text from Yerevan
    Yerevan and other cities and villages of Armenia have people with culture, sweet, warm-hearted, hospitable,
    Yerevan, the paradise of Eurasia and the Caucasus …
    Abbas, Germany

    • Reply
      27/06/2021 at 12:19

      I’m glad you liked the article. all the best!

  • Reply
    10/06/2021 at 06:28

    I’m a Brit who has been in Armenia now for a few months and I’m really enjoying the place. Head up to Dilijan for some beautiful nature!

  • Reply
    22/02/2022 at 04:34

    We just spent a month in Yerevan. Had to go there for business, but the city and the country grew on me. We were there in January, a lot of outdoor places, playgrounds are shut. Kids are not playing outside. Even Lovers Park was not impressive. However, we found out favorite spots in the city, delicious and cheap food to eat, and took amazing day trips. I would go back any time! In the spring or fall.

    • Reply
      05/03/2022 at 20:15

      Yeah, January is a bit challenging for outdoor activities but still, there’s plenty to enjoy in the city. I hope next time you visit Yerevan will be with the better weather, the place changes so much then!

  • Reply
    18/04/2023 at 19:22

    Thanks for an interesting insight. I am in Yerevan at the moment and definitely got inspired. You said that you do not want to direct people to specific graffiti but nevertheless I am curious, where exactly is this photo taken?

    • Reply
      19/04/2023 at 17:26

      I’m sure you will enjoy Yerevan, it’s such a vibrant city. This exact mural was located in the passage just off Pushkin street, at Koghbatsi st., more or less here But as it always is with street art, there are no guarantees it is still there…

  • Reply
    24/04/2023 at 20:58

    Thank you for the graffiti tip. As I was actually staying on the corner of Abovyan and Pushkin, it was just a short detour to check the location. The picture was actually there if you looked carefully, but it was fully covered with posters advertising different events, so I could only see the edges of the graffiti and understood it was there only because I knew it was supposed to be there. But alas, as you said, graffiti is never forever.

    • Reply
      26/04/2023 at 12:40

      That’s too bad it’s covered now :( but that’s the beauty of street art… at least you could see a bit of it :)

  • Reply
    Mike M
    07/07/2023 at 09:16

    Very informative and well written blog. I’m currently visiting Yerevan from the US and loved the suggestions and all the history and culture.

    • Reply
      10/07/2023 at 08:15

      thank you for your kind words. Hope you are having a great time in Yerevan!

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