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  • Poland

    Płock, Poland in pictures

    This post was supposed to appear in here on Sunday, as a part of “Sunday with pictures” serie. But South Africa has the worst internet ever, it either doesn’t work or…

  • Estonia

    Tallinn Old Town in pictures

    Even if my plane landed in Tallinn I left the city right away to visit other cities in Estonia first. But after spending some quality time in Tartu and Parnu it…

  • Estonia

    Breathtaking autumn in Estonia

    I’ve mentioned couple of times in here or on Facebook how much I enjoy travelling in autumn. There are couple of reason for that but one of the most important is…

  • Poland

    Warsaw Old Town in pictures

    This year, besides re-discovering Poland I also want to explore the city I’ve been in for past 5 years – Warsaw. The truth is I’ve never pictured myself living in this…

  • Cyprus

    Larnaca, Cyprus in pictures

    Most of my time in Cyprus I spent in Larnaca – 3rd biggest city in the island, located on the south-east coast. It just seemed like the most convenient location for…

  • Sighisoara, Romania

    Photo Post: Sighisoara, Romania

    In last few days I was asked about the best places to visit in Romania quite few times. It looks like more people found out how beautiful destination it is and…

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