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Larnaca, Cyprus in pictures

Most of my time in Cyprus I spent in Larnaca – 3rd biggest city in the island, located on the south-east coast. It just seemed like the most convenient location for my stay – the airport was located just 5kms away from the center and the good intercity buses allowed me to travel easily to other places I wanted to see – the divided capital of Lefkosia and Limassol with its ancient city Kourion.



Larnaca itself wasn’t the most exciting city ever, especially off season at the end of November, but it was pleasant enough to have a nice time.The shore was full of big hotels that you can see in every other resort but since there were only couple of people around the place wasn’t annoying at all. For as little as 2€ you could rent the sunbed for the whole day and lie down with a book, listening to the sound of waves. That’s actually what I did on my last day there and it was so relaxing, I felt like on a real beach holidays and not another long-weekend trip (but then one day of such laziness was definitely enough for me!).



The beach in the center wasn’t the best one, it was small and dirty. But it took a little walk in the direction of the airport to be in a completely different world, with a beautiful, wide, sandy beach and not a person around. Not far from there the Salt Lake where lots of flamingos live is located. The birds are there between November and March and I was really lucky to see them, they look so adorable!



Larnaca has few monuments too, the most important one being Church of Saint Lazarus. The church dates back to 9th century and hides a tomb of Saint Lazarus. It is pretty from the outside but inside it is a true gem. It’s tiny but extremely rich in adornments. It doesn’t happen very often to me but I whispered “wow” when I entered it. It is a great example of the Orthodox architecture and I must say I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a beautiful church before!



At the seafront the small castle can be found but to be honest it’s nothing special. I was more interested in walking around the narrow streets, looking at small colorful houses and experiencing the slow life of Larnaca.



I’m sure the city in the peak season would be unbearable but end of November seemed like the perfect time to visit. The weather was still really good (over +20C, it was possible to swim), the streets weren’t busy and it was possible to enjoy empty beaches.



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Larnaca is also a perfect place to stay when you want to explore more of Cyprus. The main airport is there, the bus service to nearby bigger towns is there and it doesn’t take longer than 1 hour to get to other places of interests. Oh, and the food is so good there!!



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