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This year, besides re-discovering Poland I also want to explore the city I’ve been in for past 5 years – Warsaw. The truth is I’ve never pictured myself living in this city, only visiting Warsaw on various occasions was already way too much for me. But, as it often is, the life had a different plan for me and I ended up here. With time I started liking this place and even enjoying my life here. It’s not all that bad as I expected!





Warsaw has a troublesome history. It used to be known as Paris of the East and it’s said it was one of the most beautiful cities in this part of Europe. But then II World War happened and 90% of the city was destroyed. Only two buildings were still standing in their place in 1945. What you can see now in the Old Town, no matter how oldish it looks, was actually built recently, after the War. UNESCO appreciated efforts of Polish people, who came to Warsaw from all over the country to rebuild their capital, and in 1980 Warsaw’s Old Town is on the World Heritage List as the great example of completely reconstructed city. Me and many other travelers visiting Warsaw can’t help but fall for the beauty of this part of the city!






The Old Town is full of important buildings: there’s the Royal Castle (works on its reconstruction lasted until 1988), the Cathedral, Museum of Warsaw, few other churches, many beautiful houses and the old City Walls. Market Square is full of cafes where you can sit outside, enjoy the beautiful surrounding and watch people passing by. One of the best ice cream in Warsaw can be found nearby (at Nowomiejska street, on the way to the City Walls, you’ll nottice the long queue).





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Even if the Old Town is extremely touristy and it’s not the place to hang out in the city I still do enjoy going there for a walk every now and then. It’s extremely picturesque and it never stops to impress me! It’s a pure pleasure wandering around and thinking how life used to look like there years ago…





Would you like to visit Warsaw’s Old Town?


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    26/05/2017 at 07:39

    I have visited Warsaw few weeks ago and I fell in love with this city. It is really surprisingly beautiful. I have actually stayed near the Old Town, so I had the chance to explore it. One of my favourite spots was a great bar called Bubbles. They serve many different champagnes and sparkling wines as well as delicious food. The place was very cozy, I loved it. I hope to visit Warsaw again soon!

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      21/06/2017 at 08:48

      I hope you will come back to Warsaw, the city has so much more to offer than just the old town!

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