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Persepolis images – a gallery from the most known ancient city in Iran

For years when I heard about Iran I had Persepolis images in front of my eyes. This is probably the most known tourist attraction in this incredible country, the one that even people not interested in the area know about. And so when I planed my trip to Iran obviously I included a journey all the way south to see Persepolis and its greatness too.

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Short history of Persopolis

The oldest remains of Persepolis date back to the year 515 BC. It’s been the capital of Achaemenid Empire, one of the biggest of that period, and considered the greatest city in the world. After reading the history of Persepolis my expectations were really big. I’m not a big fan of ancient ruined cities but truly enjoyed Petra and Jerash in Jordan so I secretly knew I’ll also like Persepolis. Well, as it turned out I was wrong…

Visiting Persepolis

After walking for hours around the ruins in Jordan I prepared myself for the similar experience in Persepolis, I equipped myself with comfortable shoes and a bottle of water and was more than ready to explore the place. To my great surprise the site was pretty small! It took me one hour to (very) slowly wander around every possible spot and climb up to the tombs, to carefully check every single decoration of camels, lions or people and to reflect at the great past and big fall of the city.

Finally planning a trip to Iran is so much easier! I remember how much I’ve struggled not being able to book anything ahead. Fortunately it has changed with 1stQuest website!

Happy Iran travels!

Nevertheless I found Persepolis a spectacular place, the one where my imagination could have drifted away and think about the magnificent times where the city was at its best. If you visit it with the open mind you’d really enjoy the ruins, otherwise you’d think it’s just a pile of stones and nothing more. I made the mistake of comparing Persepolis to the places I’ve visited in Jordan and therefore expecting something similar. That’s why I found the place pretty disappointing and not worth all the hype. Now, when I think back to my visit there I have more warmer feelings for it and can see why it is a highlight of Iran.

A little gallery of Persepolis images

Now let me show you few Persepolis images so you can do your own judgement of the place!

Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Persepolis images
Do you like exploring ruins? What was the greatest ancient city you’ve visited? Would you like to visit Iran?

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  1. I’ve not made it to this area of the world yet, but would love to go someday. You’re photos are amazing.

  2. Persepolis looks like an awesome place. I would love to get there someday to see it in person.

  3. Would love to be able to explore this place!

  4. Oh, wow! I would LOVE to see this in person!

  5. My husband and I were checking out the pics you had posted on facebook while we were out eating dinner this evening, and were inspired and had to pop by and read your post. Great images of a beautiful place :) Thanks for sharing!

    • kami
      21:29 19/06/2015

      Thank you! Persepolis is really impressive! Glad you liked the pictures!

  6. Lovely photos! A place I’ve always wanted to visit.

  7. Jako archeolog śródziemnomorski muszę Ci dać wielkie ♥

  8. Świetne zdjęcia ;-)Zwiedzałam podobne ruiny na Cyprze;)

    • kami
      21:31 19/06/2015

      dzięki! A gdzie na Cyprze były te ruiny? Ja byłam w Kurion i całkiem niezłe były

  9. albańskie starożytne ruiny chyba nie imponują jak irańskie – piękne i w dodatku przy upalnej, słonecznej pogodzie :)

  10. Jeśli patrzę na stare budowle to intryguje mnie ich proces budowania. Trud włożony w pracę i ta precyzja, która przebija czasami dzisiejszych budowlańców :)

  11. Wow. What an amazing place. The photos really took me there, the history, the carvings, the columns. My favorite ruins that I have visited are Ephesus in Turkey, but now I really want to go to Iran and see Persepolis.
    Rhonda Albom latest post…Photos of Lake Tekapo New Zealand – Weekend Travel InspirationMy Profile

    • kami
      21:32 19/06/2015

      I heard so much about Ephesus yet I never made it there! Guess I need to plan a trip to Turkey soon :)

  12. Great photos. I sooo want to visit Iran but need the rules allowing UK citizens to travel there independently!

  13. Persepolis looks amazing! Iran is on my bucket list right now as some of my friends went there last year and loved it!

  14. wow that looks incredible!

  15. Sometimes we set out expectations too high and are bound to be disappointed. It happened to me with Geneva. I learned my lesson and approach a new place with an open mind.
    I would absolutely love to visit Persepolis, as I appreciate ruins and archeological sites in general. I just hope that fundamentalist fanatics don’t ruin them
    Ana O latest post…Retiro Station, an architectural gemMy Profile

    • kami
      21:35 19/06/2015

      I had a completely different impressions of Geneva, I expected nothing and was nicely surprised. Lausanne however was a different story ;)
      Iran is safe, there’s no ISIS there (and it’s very unlikely they will come to Iran) so hopefully Persepolis is safe!

  16. Thanks for sharing this piece. Your photos look amazing. Iran is definitely on my bucket list! Glad to see so many people starting to visit there :)

    • kami
      21:36 19/06/2015

      Thank you! Fingers crossed you will make it there soon, it’s totally worth it!

  17. Love your photos, but I’m also extremely jealous you got to visit Iran! I read some great advice in your other posts about visas! Thanks Kamila :)
    Anna @AnnaEverywhere latest post…Beaches of Mexico: where to go?My Profile

    • kami
      21:36 19/06/2015

      You are very welcome! Why don’t you go there yourself? I’m sure you’d enjoy it, it’s a great country!

  18. Beautiful images! I have long had iran on my to do list. A friend of mine just recently visited as well and it is making me long to visit!
    karilyn latest post…How to Fly with Spirit AirlinesMy Profile

  19. To be honest I’m not really big fan of ruins but this place seems pretty awesome (and so sounds all of Iran to me). The pics are stunning! Isn’t it funny how we sometimes look forward to something, then end up disappointed and only realize how amazing it once when you’re back home? I have to admit it happens to me quite often…
    antonette – we12travel latest post…Confessions of a hiking travel bloggerMy Profile

    • kami
      21:38 19/06/2015

      haha, it’s the same with me! Guess we need time to digest some places :)

  20. Great pictures. Never thought of visiting this country, but now I am inspired to put it on our travel list!

  21. Carol Colborn
    01:13 19/05/2015

    Great ruins! But I do not know if I would go to Iran.

    • kami
      21:38 19/06/2015

      You definitely should give it a chance, it’s worth it! Thanks!

  22. Gorgeous photos! They really capture how massive this place must be. What a way to spend the day.

  23. 08:27 19/05/2015

    This reminds me a lot of the ancient aegyptian ruins like Karnak for example. Looks nice, but I am sure it is much more impressive when seen live :)
    Ewa latest post…Golden Circle – złoty krąg nieustannych zachwytówMy Profile

    • kami
      21:39 19/06/2015

      I think all the ruins in the Mediterranean/Middle East are kind of similar. But I must admit I haven’t heard about Karnak before, must google it!

  24. Szymon | Znajkraj
    08:30 19/05/2015

    Kamila, how is it possible, that people in not so far (!) countries devastate places like Persepolis? How is it possible to ignore the world heritage…

    That’s great that you have seen it, you have been there, before some crazy winds of history will tear it down :/
    Szymon | Znajkraj latest post…Rumunia na rowerze: Maramuresz i BukowinaMy Profile

    • kami
      21:41 19/06/2015

      Just remember how old Persepolis is, we cannot compare it to old historical buildings we have in Poland. And the history can be brutal, all over the world and a lot can happen over centuries. Most of the impressive ancient cities, no matter how rich they used to be, look similar to Persepolis these days. That’s how things are and will be, I’m afraid

  25. Beautiful! You can always feel some special vibes, some spirit of old times in those places, don’t you agree? :)
    Koralina latest post…W Krainie Ognia, czyli bliski i daleki AzerbejdżanMy Profile

  26. Absolutely incredible photos. Did you watch any documentaries before you visited Persepolis? Apparently, the ceilings were very high for ventilation, and the entire complex was a series of audience halls which doubled as administrative areas – the whole thing was meant to awe, and definitely made an impression of foreign dignitaries – I think we’re all super jealous! :D
    Milosz Zak latest post…Egyptian Sidekick and LuxorMy Profile

    • kami
      21:45 19/06/2015

      Thank you! I read a little bit but now, after visiting, I’m eager to find out much more information about the place! I always read a lot about the place after visiting it, it’s easier to imagine everything then!

  27. Wow your pics are beautiful… I love such places with history, remains, insights to older architecture…What was your first impression of Persepolis?? Is it preserved well?

    • kami
      21:47 19/06/2015

      Thank you! Honestly I was slightly disappointed with Persepolis as I was expecting something on a much grander scale! But overall it was a nice place to visit

  28. Amazing! I wish i were there :)

    Agnieszka latest post…Norwegia – wycieczka na TrolltungęMy Profile

  29. I think it’s really incredible country, place with interesting history. Of course I’d like to visit Iran. I know something about culture etc. Amazing pictures :)

    • kami
      21:48 19/06/2015

      Thank you! I really hope you will get there someday soon! You’d love it for sure!

  30. To me, it looks fascinating! I mean, I can barely believe how long its stayed standing. Amazing!
    Sammi Wanderlustin’ latest post…What I’m Taking to Lapland in the SummerMy Profile

    • kami
      21:49 19/06/2015

      I know! It’s really incredible and fascinating how places used to be built all these centuries ago!

  31. Interesting historical ruins and great photos.

  32. 19:40 19/09/2015

    To jak u mnie z Akropolem. Weszłam, pospacerowałam z 30min i najwięcej czasu zajęła mi makrofotografia kwiatków na tle ruin ;)
    Ewa latest post…Szukanie mieszkania w Szwajcarii – mikroblog prosto z BazyleiMy Profile

    • kami
      04:25 23/09/2015

      podobnie miałam, najbardziej na Akropolu zachwycały mnie widoki z Akropolu!

  33. Jahan
    09:36 22/11/2016

    Thank you for your awesome photos. Looking at ancient ruins of Iran fills me with awe and pain at the same time. Pain, because of the damage caused to the country’s culture over time. Persepolis was first set fire to by Alexander, and then was further ruined by ISIS-like Muslim pioneers who occupied Iran in AD 650 and did not, and do not, like art and culture.

    • kami
      20:37 03/12/2016

      I had very similar thoughts, Persepolis must have been amazing at its best time and it’s so sad how ruined it is now…

  34. Lidia
    20:43 05/12/2016

    Persepolis to kupa gruzu i trzeba mieć trochę wyobraźni żeby czerpać przyjemność ze zwiedzania tego miejsca. Albo… Wykosztować się na przewodnika! Akurat tam w 100% warto! Myślę, że gdyby nie przewodnik, to zamiast “mega interesujące miejsce” moja opinia brzmiałaby “meh”. Wiele rzeczy zwizualizował, dużo dopowiedział i zwrócił uwagę na mnóstwo szczegółów, które na pewno bym pominęła.

    • kami
      10:10 08/12/2016

      Zgadzam sie, przewodnik może zrobić kolosalną różnicę! Ale mimo wszystko Persepolis jakoś mnie nie powaliło, chyba miałam za wysokie oczekiwania

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