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Ruins in Jerash, Jordan in pictures

(Last Updated On: 17/02/2017)
When I planned my time in Jordan I just knew I have to find half a day to visit impressive ruins in Jerash. This city, located only 50 kms from Amman is a perfect getaway to escape the busy, chaotic life of the capital. The local bus drops you right in front of the entrance to the area that used to be known as the Greco-Roman city of Gerasa. I’ve seen some spectacular ruins in my life: Pompei, Kourion or Caesarea to name few. But what I’ve seen in Jerash was simply the best, an outstanding example of the old greatness!

The city was established in the 3rd century BC but its best times came two centuries later as a result of the location on the main trading routes (incense and spice trade from the Arabian Peninsula to Syria). Jerash was also a favorite city of the Roman emperor Hadrian and was growing and flourishing both economically and socially until 3rd century. Eventually the city was under the Byzantine and Muslim rule and the year 1112 marks the end of ancient Gerasa.

Once you go through the market place selling nothing but souvenirs and get your ticket (8JD for foreign tourists) you’re free to wander around the old ruins. The area is enormous and it took me over 2 hours to see everything! All the remnants of the old times are really impressive – there are arches, temples, theaters, agora or hippodrome. But the biggest attraction of Jerash is Forum – the Oval Plaza surrounded by numerous columns – and the Cardo – a 600 meters long main street of the city that used to be a commercial center. During my visit there were barely any people around and so I could peacefully wander around, look inside every corner and imagine how interesting the life had to be back then. All the ancient architecture details that I learnt about in school I could finally admire in real life as they were present in the ruins surrounding me on every step. It was a truly unforgettable experience and definitely the best ancient ruins I’ve ever seen! And the thought that 90% of the city is still unexcavated is just mind blowing!

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Here’s a little tour of old Jerash. Isn’t it just amazing?

























Do you like visiting ancient sites too?

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