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When solo female travel sucks…

(Last Updated On: 09/05/2017)

I like travelling with friends as it’s always lots of fun but the majority of trips I take are what you would call “solo female travel”. I don’t have any philosphy behind that. At first I was kind of forced to travel on my own and then I just enjoyed it so much it became my thing that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I like just about everything about solo travels: the independence, the flexibility and the fact that I can do and see whatever I want to. I covered some cool places on my own, like Iran or Morocco, and fortunately so far I didn’t have any big problems. But sadly it has changed on my last day in Malta… And even if my story is strictly connected with what women have to deal with the lesson I learned might be valuable to everyone as you never know what might happen and when your body will say “enough”…

Before we continue can I have few announcements, please?

Thank you! And now on to the post!

It was a beautiful Sunday morning after the time change and already at 7:30a.m. I was ready to explore some more sights of Malta. It was my last day in the country, my flight back home was scheduled at 5:45p.m. and I had big plans of what I’d love to see – Valletta, Vittoriosa and hopefully something else if the time allows. The good thing about Malta is that the country is so tiny it doesn’t take much time to visit all the major attractions, hence by 11a.m. I was more or less done with my plan. Since I still had couple of hours left I thought visiting nearby Cospicua was also a good idea.

Already when I was leaving Vittoriosa I started feeling some cramps but they were still not too disturbing to stop me from sightseeing. You see, I had my period but that’s nothing strange, after all we deal with it every month. I used to had really painful periods but in recent years it happened very rarely, last time was over 1.5 year ago. And it didn’t look like this very day in Malta I will find myself in this nightmare again. I took two pretty strong painkillers, those that always help me, and started walking towards Cospicua. It took me few minutes to realize it wasn’t the best idea. The pain was getting stronger and stronger and as soon as I reached the next bus stop I’ve decided I’d better go back to my hostel in Sliema and just lie down and relax before going to the airport. I really regretted not seeing more places in Malta when I had the chance but well, sometimes it just happens.

I was hoping it won’t take me long to reach my hostel but as there was no direct bus from Three Cities to Sliema I had to go via Valletta. And since it was Sunday buses weren’t that frequent anyway. I was waiting maybe 20 minutes for one, feeling worse and worse but at least still I was able to stand. When it arrived I was lucky to find a seat as the pain was hitting harder and harder and the painkillers obviously didn’t do their job. Some 20 minutes later I arrived to Valletta and I was feeling really awful, barely able to walk. At first I thought I’d catch the bus to Sliema right away but since the pain was slowly being unbearable I just crossed to street to find a hidden corner in the park and wait there till the pain will go away.

But instead it was getting worse and worse, one cramp was coming after another, not giving me a chance to catch my breath between them. When I felt it’s getting pretty serious and I might actually be in trouble I somehow managed to pull myself together and walked towards the bus station. It was just across the street but getting there seemed like a big challenge. Step by step I somehow got there and found a quiet corner in the shadow, fairly away from hustle and bustle of station yet everyone could see me in case I faint or something (and there were so many moments I felt I’m losing the consciousness). I sat there for around one hour, on this kind of plastic thing that separate the road during constructions, and all kind of dark thoughts were coming to my mind. The time was running out and I had to catch my flight; the pain was getting stronger and stronger, the cramps didn’t stop and what if I have to go to the hospital; I’m here all by myself and what if I faint… Every time when I was about to start panicking even the heavier cramp got me and I had to focus on that, which was kind of good in a way, at least I wasn’t freaking out as I should have been…

I know myself and I know that when I deal with such a massive pain at some point I just fall asleep from it and when I wake up in something between 15 minutes and 2 hours I feel fine again. It’s probably the way my body deals with this tremendous effort and fatigue. And so when I was sitting on this plastic thing I felt the moment to fall asleep has come like 10 times. Yet I couldn’t allow myself to sleep, not there and then! I was literally whining louder and louder because I had to somehow find the outlet of the pain – it was so huge it even made me puke…

After one hour of sitting there I’ve decided it’s time to go, no matter what. I was pretty woozy but determined to get to the hostel to lie down. Well, as soon as I started walking I’ve realized there’s no way I can get further than few steps, the whole lower part of my body just didn’t cooperate with my brain, I was one giant walking cramp. There was an empty bench, not far away from me, right in the middle of the bus station and I aimed for it. A minute or so after sitting down I just felt I have to lie down, even if for a short while, otherwise I would just fall to the ground. I didn’t care what others might think of me, I just couldn’t control my body anymore, it was taken over by the pain. I lied down for half an hour or so, whining loud-ish, napping, losing the consciousness and coming back… The world around was passing by and I was in the middle of it, in my bubble of pain.

Suddenly I started feeling slightly better so I just used the moment, got up and went to find the bus to Sliema. Lucky for me there was one ready for departure and I even found a seat there. I was again napping for the whole journey of some 20 minutes, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open, it was just stronger than me. Fortunately I didn’t sleep through my bus stop and slowly managed to get to the hostel. I still had less than 1 hour to leave for the airport so I found my way to the comfy couch in the common room and lied down there, still with the cramps but not so heavy anymore. I finally managed to sleep a little bit and when my alarm went on 15 minutes later I felt all fine again, the whole pain was gone and I just was extremely tired, dreaming to be in the plane so I could keep sleeping.

You may think that this story is too personal and I should have kept it for myself. Well, it took me some serious thinking and conversations with friends if I should write it down or not but eventually I’ve decided it needs to be said. Not only to show you that traveling is not always unicorns and rainbows but also to remind myself and all of you that we are all only humans and our own body might fail us in the most unexpected moment. For me it was due to the period but it can be as well a food poisoning, a terrible headache or just the exhaustion and the situation would be more or less the same.

It didn’t take me long to find out some very good life and travel lessons from this story. Hopefully you’ll learn on my mistakes and conclusions too:

1. So what I have a travel insurance bought. I always travel with an extra wallet for the local currency where I also put my ID and the bank card, just in case. My regular wallet, with everything else, is neatly hidden in my backpack. And that’s also where my insurance card was. I could have needed it in Valletta as I was really considering getting to the hospital at some point but the well needed card was in the hostel in Sliema. So from now on it will always go into my traveling wallet as it might be useful in the least expected moment. Never ever travel without a travel insurance!! You can get yours here!

2. Always always always have some water with you. I used the last sips of mine when I was taking the pain killers. Before the whole nightmare properly started I was passing by at least 3 stores and could have stopped to buy another bottle but I didn’t. Then, when I really needed it the small shops on the bus station were within my sight, I just couldn’t force my body to reach them.

3. If you start feeling bad try to be around people. I believe that if something happens (you faint etc) people would help you. At first I just felt kind of ashamed I’m in such a big pain and hid in the park but quickly I’ve realized I need to be in a more busy place. And even if almost everyone looked at me with surprised / concerned / disgusted faces and no one came to ask if I need some help I still believe they would show more interest if I really fainted, lose consciousness etc.

4. Ask for help. Now I know I should have stopped someone and ask to buy me this damn bottle of water. But of course I didn’t do that because I felt too ashamed / proud / whatever. Now I know I was just stupid.

Fortunately everything ended up well for me. I got to the airport on time, pain-free, and few hours later I could enjoy a lovely evening in Wrocław with friends. But it didn’t have to be like that, things could have turned any other, much worse way. That was probably the first time ever when I really wished it’d be so much better to travel with someone. Even if this person wouldn’t make my pain go away just the thought that I’m not there all alone, that there’s someone whose hand I can smash when the cramp attacks would be a big help and make a huge difference. Of course I’m not going to abandon solo female travel, I’m just more aware now that an unexpected problems might arise in the least expected moment. After all we’re just humans. These were absolutely the worst 4 hours in my traveling life and I really wish something like this would never happen to me again!!

And to lighten up the mood a little bit I just used the random pictures I managed to take on that very day before everything started. Because Malta really is pretty!

Have you ever been in a similar situation? What would you do if this would happen to you?


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There are 53 Comments.

  1. Andrea
    09:24 27/10/2015

    What an awful situation to be in. My fear would be falling asleep and someone stealing from me or just thinking I was drunk not sick. I was extremely sick in Berlin earlier this year. I couldn’t get out of bed for a week. I wasn’t alone but I did wonder what I would have done if I was. There was no one I could have called for help. I’m so glad it worked out for you in the end. It could have been so much worse.

    • kami
      18:46 15/11/2015

      Thank you Andrea! I know it could have been much much worse so I’m glad everything ended up fine. At some point I didn’t care if someone would steal from me, I was in such a pain. But that’s also why I moved from park to the bus station, to be around people just in case. So bad that you had some rough moments in Berlin too – situations like these really teach us a lot, don’t they?

  2. Kinga
    09:45 27/10/2015

    Poor you. :( I used to have bad periods when I was younger, but now, even though I am not in such a big pain, on the first day I am just powerless. Walking a kilometre is a challenge, I got sweaty and annoyed with everything, so I can well imagine how you must have felt in Malta. BTW – I also fall asleep when in pain. ;-)

    • kami
      18:48 15/11/2015

      ah, that’s so bad! I’m usually fine (even if really annoyed that we have to go through all of these ;)) but there are very rare occassions when it’s as terrible and here. Oh the joys of being a woman ;)

  3. Brewa
    09:53 27/10/2015

    Well – traveling solo unfortunately rhymes with “fuckup” from time to time. One have to “tighten his/her jaw” and remember that, after all, it will become a good beer story some time after ;).

    • kami
      18:48 15/11/2015

      true! it’s already an interesting story to tell, just maybe without too many details ;)

  4. balkanyrudej
    10:09 27/10/2015

    While traveling I have many situations with health. But for almost 5 years I’ve had my companion, who takes care of me.
    Few years ago, when I was traveling alone through polish mountains alone, I could always count on people. But once I had situation, in the winter, in Tatra mountains, when I was going down from one peak and I fell in the snow hole. I spent almost one our to get out of it and of course there was no one around, who could help me. I thought that it’s not good to be alone in the mountains.

    • kami
      18:59 15/11/2015

      mountains put the whole solo travels into a completely new, more challenging and dangerous level. I’m glad you were all safe after all, your story really doesn’t sound fun

  5. Eva
    17:20 27/10/2015

    “Traveling is not always unicorns and rainbows” – exactly! And few people are willing to talk about all those difficulties that we face every day. It happened to me as well to have stomach cramps while travelling. Fortunately my partner took care of me and drove me to the hospital. I left after a morphine injection. It would have had a hard time going back home if I’d been there by myself. As you can imagine, I was feeling quite woozy afterwards!

    • kami
      19:00 15/11/2015

      that sounds so horrible! I’m glad you weren’t alone there and everything ended up fine!

  6. Monica
    20:41 27/10/2015

    A very unpleasant experience, indeed. Poor you!
    I often travel alone and I really enjoy, but I love having good travel companions as well ;) This year I experienced something that I might call the worst travel experience so far and I was really happy I was not alone – it’s good to have someone around who you can rely on and share bad moments.

    • kami
      19:16 15/11/2015

      I like travelling with a companion from time to time as well and it’s sometimes really needed but unfortunately here I was all on my own :/ glad you weren’t alone when you had this terrible experience!

  7. Marta Warzycka
    19:44 27/10/2015

    najważniejsze, że wszystko dobrze się skończyło….. ja miałam podobne zajście w Cassablance, miałam niewiarygodne atak dreszczy też w dzień wylotu do domu…. dodałabym jeszcze punkt 5 osobna kasa na tzw czarną godzinę lub niespodziewany wydatek, tak żeby nie tłuc się autobusem z przesiadką ale np. wsiąść w taxówkę

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      21:32 01/11/2015

      miałam kasę, ale co z tego, skoro nie byłam w stanie paru kroków przejsć, a wokół taksówek brak :/ no ale, człowiek się uczy na błędach!

  8. Iza Zawadzka
    20:43 27/10/2015

    Czytałam już, ale myślę, że gdyby ktoś z Tobą był, to niewiele by zmieniło. Fakt, kupiłby Ci wodę i ewentualnie wezwał pomoc medyczną, ale pamiętam jak w zeszłym roku w Macedonii dopadła mnie tamtejsza “faraonka”, to chłopaki zwiedzali a ja dogorywałam gdzieś w cieniu. Nieoceniony okazał się braciszek od Św. Nauma, który leczył mnie mastiką.

  9. Kelly
    21:48 27/10/2015

    Oh my goodness. I’m glad I saw this post. I had and sometimes still have periods exactly like this. I can so relate. The pain, fainting, throwing up, not being able to walk, and sleeping for a bit makes everything all better. I’ve never met anyone else who has to deal with that. So sorry you have to as well, and very sorry you were alone and traveling when it happened again!

  10. Snjezana Zana Kozulovic
    00:41 28/10/2015

    Thank you for sharing

  11. Darek Sekula
    06:56 28/10/2015

    ależ przygody…!

  12. Zygmunt Kuba
    07:15 28/10/2015

    W sumie nie powinienem tego “lubić”, bo żadne to miłe doświadczenia w podróży z chorowaniem ;)

  13. Kinga Madro
    07:39 28/10/2015

    Poor you. :( dobrze, ze sobie poradzilas i koniec koncow wszystko sie dobrze skonczylo. apropo moze jeszcze jakis wnioskow, to moze np. stare tabletki przestaly na Ciebie dzialac i moze sprobuj jakies inne?

  14. Kinga Bielejec
    07:58 28/10/2015

    Biedna Kami :( Dobrze, że koniec końców tabletka pomogła, ale faktycznie w takich i wszystkich innych chwilach kiedy zdrowie nam szwankuje, lepiej jest mieć tę drugą osobę.

  15. Marta Gawrychowska
    08:10 28/10/2015

    Mi też zdarzały się tego typu przygody, więcu ubezpieczenie i dodatkową kasę mam zawsze przy sobie .

  16. Kasia Tutko
    08:35 28/10/2015

    Ważne, że dałaś radę:)

  17. Monika
    10:20 28/10/2015

    I am the same when cramps attack. I mean, it never got SO bad for me but it can be pretty painful. It used to be way worse. Right now it lasts only one or two hours when I really have to take it slow. I also tend to fall asleep after pain, but since it isn’t so bad right now, I manage to fight it.
    What I do to make it better is on the day when I know the cramps are coming, I take a pain-killer even before I feel anything. I noticed that if I take it one or two hours before anything starts, it makes cramps minimal. And I always make sure I am near the toilet as stupid as that sounds. So sitting inside a cafe near a toilet that I can access at any time (if I have the energy). I would suggest, even in months when you do not expect cramps to be this horrible, and ESPECIALLY when you travel, take a pain-killer even if nothing happens yet. It saved me a couple of times, and yes, pain-killers when not necessarily ain’t exactly the best thing for your body, but to me it is a small price to pay compared to no nightmare.
    I am really glad it all turned out fine at the end xox

    • kami
      19:20 15/11/2015

      Thank you for the comment and suggestions! I actually am very much against painkillers but during periods it’s another story. I always take them even when I feel the smallest cramps but never took them well in advanced! Will do that next time and hopefully it will help as well! Thank you!

  18. Natalia | Biegun Wschodni
    16:09 28/10/2015

    Kami, przeczytałam post dokładnie. Cieszę się, że wszystko się dobrze skończyło. To najważniejsze. Ja spodziewałam się takich i podobnych akcji jadąc w moją miesięczną podróż po Europie, z trzymiesięcznym płodem w brzuchu, w dodatku będąc w ciąży zagrożonej. Zaryzykowałam, ale byłam nastawiona na wzywanie pogotowia gdyby działo się cokolwiek. Miałam nawet przy sobie “paczuszkę szpitalną” z niezbędnymi rzeczami, zawsze. I uważam, że niezależnie od tego czy w ciąży czy nie, warto zaakceptować, że różnie w życiu bywa i dać sobie przyzwolenie na wezwanie pogotowia w takiej sytuacji.

    • kami
      19:24 15/11/2015

      zgadzam się tak bardzo! i nawet już gotowa byłam to pogotowie wzywać tylko sił mi nie starczyło, a zainteresowania wokół moją osobą nie było (i chyba to jest najsmutniejsze w tej całej historii). ja i tak Cię podziwiałam, że się na taką wyprawę wypuściłaś będąc na samym początku ciąży (a o tym, że zagrożona to nawet nie wiedziałam!)!

  19. HoTell Me More
    17:22 28/10/2015

    Ja tak miałam podczas półrocznego pobytu na Cyprze. Złapało mnie dwa dni po przyjeździe , a potem dzień przed wylotem i to z wizyta w szpitalu i kroplówką – bałam się że nie dam rady wylecieć – ciekawe czy stres miał z tym coś wspólnego bo cały pozostały czas nic mi nie było ;/

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      21:31 01/11/2015

      bardzo możliwe, albo jakaś durna podświadomość. też mi się wydaje, że w dużej mierze sobie to wszystko sama na siebie ściągnęłam, tak bardzo miałam nadzieję, że nic mi nie bedzie, że aż było ;) uch, straszne są takie historie!

  20. Travels and Tipples
    20:43 28/10/2015

    Oh no, so sorry that happened to you. I’m glad you decided to share this experience to show that travel is not all fun and games, and sometimes you’re alone and in pain. Happy that the pain was gone by the time you got to the airport.

    • kami
      19:26 15/11/2015

      Thanks. I’ve thought a lot if I should write about it or not but decided to do it anyway, as some kind of warning and lesson for others

  21. Pat
    01:42 29/10/2015

    Znam. W pociągu nocnym w Wietnamie doświadczyłam koszmaru 12 h ciagłego, ostrego bólu brzucha ( pózniej okazało sie ze to był operacyjny pęcherzyk żółciowy). Pociąg jechał, a ja umierałam z bólu. Po dojechaniu do Hanoi nie byłam w stanie ustać na nogach z wycieńczenia. Koleżanka wzięła na siebie mój bagaż i jakoś mnie dociągla do taksówki. Niewiele kontaktowałam. Gdybym była tam wówczas sama myśle, ze byłby to dla mnie ostatni dzień.

    • kami
      19:26 15/11/2015

      o matko, straszne… najwazniejsze, że się wszystko dobrze skończyło, ale straszne…

  22. Tyna Julia
    11:12 29/10/2015

    Współczuje! Ja swego czasu musiałam jechać na ostry dyżur, po zastrzyk :(

  23. Ewelina Malina
    18:37 29/10/2015

    Podróżowanie samemu ma plusy i minusy wiadomo! Niektórych sytuacji nie jesteśmy w stanie przewidzieć. Kilka lat temu doświadczyłam drobnego wypadku w Istanbule. Schodziłam ze schodów meczutu, japonki i mokre schody, chwila nieuwagi i bam. Mało nóg nie połamałam. Kilka stłuczeń, rozwalone kolano, łokieć. Nie zareagował NIKT! Nawet nie spytał się czy żyję. Moja połówka była za mną…ale czasem nie jesteś w stanie zareagować w ciągu sekundy, żeby uchronić drugą osobę. To przykład na to, że jednak kompan w podróży jest czasem niezbędny-gdyby nie Marco, to bym chyba się przekręciła z bólu. Dobrze, że u Ciebie wszystko skończyło się pomyślnie! :)

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      21:46 01/11/2015

      ech, też niefajna historia! jednak trzeba zawsze i wszędzie mieć oczy wokół głowy :/ brzmi jakbyś się dośc bardzo poturbowała… :(

  24. Travel Snaps
    19:39 29/10/2015


  25. Bogna
    04:33 30/10/2015

    That is so awful. I know exactly how you feel though. Each of us gets those PERIODS FROM HELL once in a while. I’ve been in a similar situation couple of times. Once I was going to fly from Poland to London in the evening and that morning a PERIOD FROM HELL started. I was lucky that time to have my Mum look after me and yes, I slept through the worst and woke up feeling like a newborn. The other time I wasn’t that lucky. I was in the USA, on my way to Yosemite National Park when it happened. I honestly don’t know how did I manage to get from the bus stop with the backpack to the hostel. I couldn’t go to the room as it wasn’t ready, so I fell asleep on a couch in a launch. When I woke up I was starving and the nearest shop was a few km away, but otherwise I was a lot better. Once time in Greece, when hitchhiking, I got food poisoned and spent entire day on a bench in an empty railway station in Leptokaria as it was the only place with free toilet available. Instead of relaxing at the beach that day as I had planned, I was running back and forth to the loo.
    Those situations happen, and it’s good to be around people then. Travelling as a solo female is not always a bed of roses, or, as you nicely put it, rainbows and unicorns. Glad you made it back home in one piece.

    • kami
      19:30 15/11/2015

      Thank you for your comment Bogna and for sharing your stories. I think it’s worth telling about them, as some kind of warning that the health can sometimes spoil our plans and travels. That’s just how it is…

  26. Marcin W
    09:20 30/10/2015

    Firstly, I am really sorry to hear that Kamila! I can only imagine what you felt! The most important thing is that nothing serious happened in the end, but that also means you should do some medical checks, seriously! Or, looking from other perspective, your organism may tell you – hey, stop, it’s time to rest a bit! I wish you health and so that nothing like that happens again!

    • kami
      19:33 15/11/2015

      Thank you Marcin! Yes, I think I should take it easier sometimes (which I actually do here in Kazakhstan) but you know me, it’s easier said than done…

  27. Koralina
    19:47 30/10/2015

    You told me that, but not so detailed as it is here and I had no idea how bad it was! Sorry to hear that… But it’s great that you’ve learned your lesson and shared it, because we never expect that kind of situation until it happened to us… Better to learn on someone else’s mistakes than on ours, to be honest ;) So thank you for sharing, I will keep that in mind, even though I always travel with someone, but you never know – sometimes you might split for a moment…

    • kami
      19:35 15/11/2015

      exactly… I truly hope you or anyone else will not have to go through something similar… but you saw me on the same day and just couple of hours after this accident I was all fine (just extra hungry ;))

  28. Life Good Morning
    17:59 03/11/2015

    Podziwiam Cię. W takich sytuacjach dopiero poznajemy siebie. Ja bym pewnie spanikowała, albo padła:)

  29. nieśmigielska
    21:04 16/11/2015

    wszystko jest dobrze, dopóki jest dobrze. nam się nic jeszcze poważnego nie przytrafiło (ale wiadomo, że kiedyś musi!) i zawsze myślę, że z naszej dwójki, wolałabym żeby to mnie dopadło. dlatego, że nie chciałabym miec mimowolnie pretensji do drugiej osoby ;) i pewnie dlatego, że nie miałabym bladego pojęcia co sie robi w sytuacji podbramkowej.

    masz rację, że napisałaś o tej całej historii, niepotrzebnie miałaś opory! odnosze wrażenie, że za mało się pisze na blogach podróżniczych o mniej przyjemnych momentach. oczywiście, przykładam do tego rekę, bo jeśli opisuję gorsze chwile, to i tak sobie żartując tak jakby nic się nie stało. ale prawda jest taka, że wyjazdy to są: krew, pot, łzy i nerwy. tylko potem się tego tak nie pamięta ;)

    • kami
      12:37 29/11/2015

      zawsze te dobre wspomnienia wypierają słabe, takie już dziwne są te ludzie ;) teraz też mi już ta Malta wyblakła dość i eee, nie było tak źle, chociaż jak zerkam na ten wpis na świeżo stworzony to jednak było bardzo źle. I też własnie uważam, że blogi gdzieś się zatraciły i pełno na nich tęczy i brykających jednorożców, a brak prawdziwych podróży z dołkami. no ale hejcik jakiś tam dostałam i tak ;)
      nikomu nie życze jakichkolwiek problemów, ale gdyby odpukać tfu tfu coś tam się przydarzyło na pewno byś sobie poradziła. bo bys musiała, po prostu. i z tymi pretensjami w sumie masz rację, pewnie podobnie bym miała, ale wstyd głosno się do tego przyznać ;)

  30. Wiola Starczewska
    22:10 17/11/2015

    Ostatnio byłam ze znajomym we Lwowie, coś złego mu się przydarzyło i musieliśmy pojechać do szpitala. Z jednej strony byłam trochę zawiedziona, że jeden z dwóch dni, jakie miałam w tym mieście musiałam spędzić na ogarnianiu ukraińskich karetek, ale z drugiej strony myślałam, co on by zrobił, gdyby była sam.

    • kami
      13:07 29/11/2015

      uh, ale mam nadzieję, że wszystko w porządku się skończyło? właśnie taki trochę żal do tej drugiej osoby jest chyba niestety silniejszy od nas, ale z drugiej strony przecież nie zostawisz kogoś w potrzebie i nie pójdziesz sama zwiedzac…

  31. Laura
    11:02 14/09/2016

    Cramps are the worst when you’re travelling, especially when they hit you out of nowhere and you’re unprepared for them! I had the worst cramps once on a 19 hour coach journey from London to France and it was hell! I feel for you! But your Malta photos are great, I’m hoping to get over there soon! :)

    • kami
      11:57 14/09/2016

      OMG, 19hours in the coach and with cramps? that just sounds so wrong! I wouldn’t swap my Malta story with yours… But yes, hope you will get there soon, it’s pretty cool actually :)

  32. Jennifer
    21:42 21/08/2017

    I had the worst cramps during a bumpy rickshaw ride in India once. The family I was staying with kept trying to get me to eat, but it was so painful.

    • kami
      09:22 05/10/2017

      oh my, that sounds so terrible :( I’m so sorry :(

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