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Visit Mikulov, Czech Republic – a Picturesque Gem

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Located right on the border with Austria, Mikulov (Czech Republic) is one of the most picturesque towns in Central Europe. Walking down winding cobbled lanes, exploring the impressive castle dominating above the town, or visiting numerous religious and cultural monuments are among the main things to do in Mikulov.

But the town offers much more! This is one of the main Czech destinations for wine lovers, where you can try some of the best locally produced drinks.

Whether you visit Mikulov as one of the day trips from Brno, Bratislava, or Vienna or stay here a bit longer you are in for a treat. The town can easily enchant every visitor and spending there even a few hours only is a pure pleasure.

mikulov czech republic

Mikulov has been on my bucket list for years. As soon as I saw the pictures from this little gem I knew I need to go there. After numerous attempts, I finally made it to Mikulov in summer 2021 and I enjoyed it so much I ended up there again only two months later.

The place definitely lived up to my expectations and I’m sure I will go there again if only I’m in the nearby area. Needless to say, I can wholeheartedly recommend visiting Mikulov to everyone who is planning a trip to Central Europe.

mikulov czech republic

Where is Mikulov

Mikulov, a town of around 7.500 inhabitants, is located in the southeast part of the Czech Republic, in the Moravia region, right at the border with Austria. Brno, the second-largest Czech city, is 50 km north and Vienna, the capital of Austria, is 80 km south of Mikulov.

mikulov czech republic

How to get to Mikulov

Getting to Mikulov is really is. If you travel by car the town is right on the main road connecting Vienna with Brno.

You can also get to Mikulov by public transport. There are frequent trains (at least once an hour) from Breclav and Znojmo – you can get to Breclav easily from Brno, Vienna, or Bratislava.

There are also direct buses from Brno, but the travel time sometimes is even longer than by train with the change in Breclav.

mikulov czech republic

How much time for visiting Mikulov

You can see all the major Mikulov attractions in a few hours. The town is rather small and all the main sights are near each other.

But the city is really pleasant so it’s worth considering spending here a bit more time or maybe even staying overnight to enjoy the place when it’s not so packed with tourists.

When I visited Mikulov in July it was crazy busy but I was there in the middle of the day. Two months later, in September, I was there in the afternoon and there were hardly any people around, the place was blissfully empty and that’s when I could appreciate Mikulov properly.

mikulov czech republic

Where to stay in Mikulov

Since the town is located at the border and next to the main transit road there is a fairly wide selection of Mikulov accommodation options.

Here are the recommended places to stay in Mikulov:

mikulov czech republic

What to see in Mikulov

For such a small town Mikulov is literally packed with attractions. The main one is, of course, Mikulov castle.

No matter from which direction you are arriving in Mikulov, you can clearly see the yellow-ish, giant structure dominating the area. It’s a perfect foretaste of Mikulov attractions that wait for you in the town.

mikulov czech republic

The original castle was built in this very place already in the 13th century but the Baroque structure we can see today dates to the first half of the 18th century. During World War 2 Mikulov castle was largely destroyed and needed major renovations afterward.

Today the castle is home to the Regional Museum presenting art collections and artifacts from the region, including the local wine production.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to see the interiors of the castle – during my visit, all the available tours were in the Czech language only (that I know somehow but probably not enough to join a guided tour). If you wish to visit Mikulov castle inside it’s better to plan your trip properly in advance.

But even if, just like me, you will see the castle only from the outside you will surely appreciate the massive structure and the beautiful yet a bit small garden on one side of the castle.

mikulov czech republic

mikulov czech republic

mikulov czech republic

The heart of the historical old town of Mikulov is the square surrounded by colorful and richly decorated townhouses. The most splendid one that you will notice right away is U Rytířů House (literally “Knights’ House”) with beautiful sgraffito adorning the walls.

The square itself dates back to the late 16th century when the area around the castle expanded. Right in the middle of the square, there is the Baroque Holy Trinity Column from the beginning of the 18th century and the fountain from the same period.

mikulov czech republic

mikulov czech republic

mikulov czech republic

Just a few steps away from the main square you can visit the Dietrichstein tomb, the impressive resting place of the local noble family. The structure was built in the mid-17th century and is a copy of the Holy House of Loreto. Today you can visit the Dietrichstein tomb, the tour starts every full hour.

mikulov czech republic

The historic old town might be small but it’s really charming, a perfect place for a stroll. There are also a few cafes, restaurants, and wine bars pleasant enough to sit down for a while, relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the place. You can take a break here during your Mikulov sightseeing or return later, once you are done with all the sights.

mikulov czech republic

mikulov czech republic

Mikulov also has a Jewish quarter with numerous remnants of the Jewish community that used to inhabit the town since the 15th century.

Just below the castle, on the other side than the main square, you can visit the synagogue. Its Baroque look dates back to 1719 when the place was rebuilt after the fire but the original structure here was from the 16th century. It’s worth visiting the synagogue inside, to see its beautiful interior and to learn more about the local Jewish community.

mikulov czech republic

mikulov czech republic

mikulov czech republic

On the edge of the center, you can find the Jewish cemetery, the largest one in the Moravia region, with some 4.000 tombs (the oldest one is from 1605). It’s a beautiful and eerie place and a perfect getaway to escape the busy historic old town.

mikulov czech republic

mikulov czech republic

mikulov czech republic

Once you are done with visiting all the Mikulov sights there is one more place worth climbing up to – Svatý kopeček hill. Surely you will notice it before as the place is clearly seen from numerous places all over the city, distinctive with the church on top of it. It’s not a difficult hike up there and the views are definitely worth the effort.

From the top (but also from spots along the way) you can admire a stunning panorama of the town and the surrounding area. There is no better place to look at Mikulov from above, the view will surely take your breath away.

Svatý kopeček hill itself is interesting too – it’s a pilgrimage center and you can also admire there four chapels from the 17th and 18th centuries.

mikulov czech republic

mikulov czech republic

mikulov czech republic

And now, that you’ve seen everything the town has to offer it’s time for one of the best things to do in Mikulov – enjoying local wine.

mikulov czech republic

Where to go next

After visiting Mikulov there are a few other interesting places in the area that are worth checking too.

Only a few kilometers away you will find the Lednice-Valtice palaces complex that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the opposite direction, some 60 km west, you can visit another picturesque town – Znojmo.

Or you can visit one of the bigger nearby cities: Brno, Vienna or Bratislava. This part of Europe really is packed with attractions and interesting places to visit!



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mikulov czech republic

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    06/03/2022 at 21:29

    Such a beautifull castle and hill.
    When I visited castle, there were only 3 tourists with a guie (tour guide, a couple from Czechia and me). It’s becoming a habit to see castles with minimum tourists around :)
    Center is small but very nice. And Svaty Kopeček is a place to enjoy the view.
    I had a dinner in one of the restaurants, but not wine – it is forbidden to drive and drink alcohol. But I bought a bottle as a souvenir :)
    Reserve 3-4 hours for the castle and Svaty Kopeček hill.
    Kami, I can’t wait to see your report about Znojmo, another medieval town.
    Have you been in Slavkov u Brna, Uherske Hradište, Luhačovice, Litomyšl?

    • Reply
      21/03/2022 at 10:40

      Thank you! I was in Slavkov u Brna and Uherske Hradiste back in high school so over 20 years ago and Luhacovice and Litomysl are on my list for this year :)

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