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Is it safe to travel to Ukraine?

(Last Updated On: 05/09/2018)

Even if this article was published few years ago I’ve been travelling at least few times a year to Ukraine and everything that is written below is still very much accurate. I also try to update this article on regular basis so you can get the most current info about Ukraine safety and travel!

Couple of days ago I came back from a really good trip to Ukraine and Moldova. When I was telling everyone about my plans they were really suspicious and concerned about my safety, just like it was with my recent trip to Iran. After all media keep telling us how Ukraine is a war zone these days and we all remember the tragic story of Malaysian Airlines flight shot down. So is it safe to travel to Ukraine?

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The situation in Ukraine

Yes, there’s a war in Ukraine. Eastern part of the country (around cities of Donetsk and Lugansk) is a big “don’t go there” zone. If your common sense doesn’t give you enough signs check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there’ll be a warning issued for sure.

But Ukraine is a huge country, one of the biggest in Europe and if you plan to go to Kiev or west there’s nothing to be worried about (actually from Kiev it’s closer to Poland than to Donetsk). Life goes normally there, people stroll down the streets and walk around in parks, cafes are full, a disturbingly big number of huge fancy weddings take place around and you don’t notice that the country you’re in has so much troubles. Sometimes you only stumble across the exhibition of pictures from Maidan – tragic events in winter 2014 in Kiev or are ask people to donate money for the army.

Is it safe to travel to Ukraine?

In short: YES!

I always thought that Ukraine is one of the safest countries I’ve been to. I actually have a very similar opinion about most of the former USSR states: Belarus, Georgia or Armenia. I don’t have a good explanation for that but I’d guess it’s due to the bigger presence of police and the fact that these countries aren’t that spoiled yet, people are simply normal, good and less busy there (ok, I know it’s just simplifying but that’s how I see it).

While in the Western world people spend their free time in shopping centers or behind the computer screens in Eastern Europe it’s more about being outdoors and hanging out with friends/family.


Anyway, I’ve been to Ukraine over 10 times now and I don’t recall even one situation when I thought something is wrong and when I felt in danger. And while it was perfectly safe before the revolution now it seemed to be even safer and the presence of the police of army was even bigger but they didn’t disturb anyone.

Of course, like always and everywhere, use your common sense in every situation, if you feel unsafe don’t push yourself to keep going. I, for example, don’t feel very comfortable walking in the evening in new places but never had this problem in Ukraine (I’m talking about 8-10pm walks, not in the middle of the night).

No one really bothered me on the streets but when I asked for directions or the right bus there were at least few people around willing to help me, sometimes I didn’t even have to ask and they were already helping. Ukraine really is a normal country, only maybe with bigger problems that anywhere else. But tourists won’t feel the difference from other places in the region.

Ukraine after revolution

Every now and then I read news about some protests or attacks in Ukrainian cities that are supposed to be safe. Well, of course these kind of things will be happening as the situation in the country is very tense, the local people are tired and just want to live normally. It’s best for tourists to avoid any kind of events that might result in some troubles.

But places that used to be a scene of tragic events a year ago now just sit quietly in the corner of everyday life and no one really seem to pay attention to them. When I went by the Trade Union House in Odessa – the building where in May 2014 48 people died in the fire during the clashes – I couldn’t see anything distinctive, it was just a building in the park, closed and surrounded by the fence painted in blue and yellow, colors of the Ukrainian flag. Only when I looked closer I’ve noticed rosaries and burnt out candles hidden around small trees. The city has its dark and tragic days of revolution behind and now it is perfectly safe to visit Odessa.

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How is travelling around Ukraine?

During my recent trip I took both trains and buses, both day and night ones. And it was all fine. Of course on the big and busy train stations, like the one in Odessa, you need to be extra cautious and keep your belongings close but still I haven’t seen any suspicious people. Same goes for the bus stations where it’s more tricky as you also need to find your bus (but there’ll be always someone willing to help you).

From Odessa to Lviv I took a night train and traveled in the cheapest class, my ticket for 12.5 hours journey cost around 160uah/7€/8$/28zł so almost nothing (and that also included bed linen and tea).

I don’t know how familiar you’re with platskart – it’s the type of the carriage when you don’t have compartments but it’s kind of like open space with beds. You’d think it’s unsafe to travel in this kind of train but I took it before in other former USSR countries too and never had problems. Actually it feels much safer as there’re so many people around it’s almost impossible to steal something, besides every carriage has its own guard.

My train was fully booked but already at 8pm everyone was in bed and at 9.30pm all the lights were turned off and people went to sleep. My only concern there was how safe sleeping on the upper bed it as there were no protection and I was paranoid I will fall down. But after all I had a really good sleep there!

As for driving: roads aren’t in the best conditions, the same goes for buses. But it was all fine. The drivers aren’t crazy there (like in Georgia or the Balkans) and even if I’m really afraid of cars and buses all the bus journeys I took there were just random ones, not worth remembering. Only the comfort could have been better in some marshrutkas but on the other hand that makes travelling in Eastern Europe more adventurous.

Accommodation in Ukraine

In Chernivtsi and Odessa I stayed in the hostels and I had a feeling I’m the only tourist (and especially foreign tourist) there yet both places were full. It looked like people are living there, that’s also what I figured from some kitchen conversations. But then I read somewhere that in bigger cities in Ukraine these days it’s cheaper to stay in the hostel dorm that to rent a room in the flat so many people who come to work live in those tourist-orientated places. Kind of unusual situation for people travelling but I didn’t have a problem with that.

I always stayed in single rooms and the highest price I paid was in Kamianets Podilskyi (that was a hotel though) – 300 uah/14$/12.5€/53zł and that was a really good room! In the hostels you can get a bed in the dorm for half of that price. I always book my accommodation through Booking.com.

Where to stay in Ukraine?

In Kiev I recommend you staying in the center, somewhere near Khreschatyk. You will be close to all the attractions and with a very good public transport connections just about everywhere! Click here to check out to best deals on accommodation in Kiev!

In Lviv there is no better place to stay than Hotel George. It’s the oldest hotel in Lviv, still having the charm of old days when most important people in the world stayed there. The location is perfect and it’s much more affordable than you think! Since my first visit I’m not staying anywhere else in Lviv! Click here to check out prices and more details about Hotel George!

In Odessa it depends what you’re interested in. If you’re after relaxing at the beach then part of the town called Arkadia would be the best for you but if you’re into sightseeing then the center – area between the train station and the harbour – is where you should stay! Click here to check out the best deals on accommodation in Odessa!

If you decide to go to Chernivtsi (highly recommended!!) stay in the center – you will be within walking distance to all the attractions! Click here to check the best deals on accommodation in Chernivtsi!

In Kamyanets-Podilskyi try to stay in the part close to the fortress, in kind of the peninsula surrounded by Smotrych river. The majority of the attractions are there! Click here to check out the best deals on accommodation in Kamyanets-Podilskyi!

Finally, if you go in Ivano-Frankivsk book yourself at Atrium Hotel. It’s located directly at the Main Square, rooms are brand new and spacious, the breakfast is included and it is very affordable! I really liked it there! Click here to check out the prices and details!

Solo female travel in Ukraine

This recent trip was my first one as a solo female traveler in Ukraine and to be honest it wasn’t any different from my previous visits with friends there or from my solo travels to any other country. There’s nothing special you should consider there, just follow the general rules for women traveling on their own, use your common sense and you will be fine!

Should I go to Ukraine?

If you keep asking yourself this question as well as is it safe to travel to Ukraine my only answer is YES! Just stick to the central and western part of the country and you will be fine and you will have a great time! Ukraine is really beautiful and has so much to offer: underrated Kiev (here you can find my top 5 places to see there), Odessa – now the main resort, Kamianets Podilskyi with its spectacular fortress, Chernivtsi and its multicultural past or Lviv – one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and one of my absolute favorites (and it’s beautiful all year long, just look!).

If you are looking for a good guide book about Ukraine that would help you prepare for the trip a fellow blogger and an Ukraine native Lena wrote “Insane Ukraine: Your Guide to Hassle-Free Travel” – click here to get your copy!

Also, I don’t think you will find any other country in Europe that is such a bargain these days! Due to the war Ukraine deals with a big crisis and the currency – hrivna – is really weak. But that means travelers can get a really good value for almost no money (I never paid more than 50 uah / 2.5$ / 2€ / 10zł for a big lunch with drinks, you could see prices of transport and accommodation above). Not only you will spend next to nothing for your holidays, you will also bring some money to Ukraine, and that’s always a big help for the country and its people.

What others say about safety and travel in Ukraine

Since I don’t want to give you only my opinion about safety and travel in Ukraine I asked fellow travel bloggers and friends about their experience. Here’s what they told me:

I have spent a significant amount of time in Ukraine and have been traveling there since 2011. I have always felt very safe in the country and while there is violence in a small region of the country, everything outside of that is perfectly safe and you should travel just like you do anywhere else.

Most of my time has been spent in Eastern Ukraine (not Donbas itself) and I have traveled to Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Kherson, and Kryvyi Rih (and some of them multiple times). I have also been to Kyiv quite a bit and in no city have I ever had issues.

I feel safe walking around, people are hospitable, and the country has so much to offer that it amazes me. Visiting Ukraine is one of the best decisions you could make!

by Megan from meganstarr.com

I lived in Kyiv for over a year and a half between 2016 and 2017, and in that time I traveled solo extensively, from Lviv to Odessa to Kharkiv and many places between. Not only did I feel safe 99% of the time, but also people were genuinely curious and helpful when they discovered I was a woman traveling alone in Ukraine.

I took overnight trains, stayed in hostels, and did my best with the minibus system. I even felt comfortable going for a cocktail alone, something I don’t do typically in the States, and ended up with friendships with several bartenders.

The biggest safety tip I have for travelers is to pay attention to scams and pickpockets in Kyiv. I never had any problems myself, but I heard stories of ‘lost’ passports and scams from my friends. Just like in any city – keep your street smarts around you and your wallet secure and you should be fine!

by Amy from the Wayfarer’s Book

We visited Ukraine several years, travelling as a gay couple and didn’t face any problems. We don’t flaunt our sexuality in public and respect local norms/traditions in this regard. Ukraine has a long way to go with regards to LGBTQ rights, but recent progress was made with anti-discrimination employment laws introduced in 2015.

We started our trip in Kiev, and discovered a small subtle gay scene there with bars/clubs like LIFT and Heaven. Whilst being gay is still very much taboo here, the situation is not as bad as we found it in Russia. As part of our stay in Kiev, we visited Chernobyl, which offers tours around the nuclear plant that exploded, as well as the nearby ghost town of Pripyat, which was abandoned and frozen in time by its residents.

We also visited the Crimea, particularly Sevastopol, Sudak and Yalta. We also found a small rocky gay friendly beach just outside of Yalta, mainly full of Russian guys holidaying and enjoying the sunny weather.

Overall we found travelling around the country to be safe and fairly easy, despite the language barrier and lack of English speaking.

by Stefan and Sebastien from Nomadic Boys – a gay travel blog

When I announce that I’m going back home to London, no-one asks “Oh, is it safe there?” in the same way they do when I tell them I’m going to Kyiv.

The bottom line is that nowhere is 100% safe. But with a bit of common sense, (the same common sense I would suggest applying anywhere in the world), Ukraine is as safe a destination as any other. I’ve travelled to Ukraine multiple times, from Lviv in the west to Dnipro in the east and to over twenty-five towns and cities in between and have never felt in danger.

“Isn’t there a war going on?”, usually comes next. Yes, there is conflict in the far eastern Donbass region and my advice is to avoid this part of the country, but the rest of Eastern Ukraine is safe for tourists and travellers alike and is not listed as a no-go-zone by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) (I always look at such things from a British point-of-view but I suspect most governments take the same stance).

But everyone has their comfort zone, and for those who want to tentatively dip their toes into Ukraine’s vast and diverse waters, I would recommend Lviv. I guarantee you’ll be instantly charmed and before long find yourself on the express train to Kyiv, and beyond…

by Kirsty from Kathmandu and Beyond

During my time in Ukraine, I visited three different cities- Lviv, Odessa and Kiev. As the conflict is occurring in far eastern Ukraine and the cities I visited were in central or far western Ukraine, I never felt in danger.

Every local did have an opinion about the war but that was as much as I ever knew the war was happening during my visit.

If you are planning to visit the most touristic cities of Ukraine, specifically the ones I mentioned, Ukraine is a safe country to visit. You just have to use general travel safety habits, no different than anywhere else.

That being said, I would save a visit to eastern Ukraine for another time.

by Nathan from Foodie Flashpacker

Dnipro, Ukraine

Just one last word: this post shows my impressions and experience from the visit in Ukraine in mid August 2015. The situation can always change and before going I’d recommend checking with your Ministry of Foreign Affairs if there’re any warnings issued. With the current political situation there things can change fast. But if you decide to go I can guarantee you won’t regret it! Ukraine is really amazing! I’m already trying to plan my next trip there, I want to return to Kiev really badly and explore the cafe culture of Lviv better!

flag of Ukraine


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Accommodation – I always book my accommodation thgrough Booking.com. They have really good deals (especially with their “Genius” program that you become a member of after few reservations) and in most of the cases, if you plans change, you can cancel the reservation without any extra costs. I also value them for a really good customer service that I had to use few times. Check the best deals on accommodation in Ukraine here.

Insurance – I never travel without the insurance as you never know what might happen on the road (I’ve learnt my lesson). I can recommend World Nomads that offer the insurance dedicated to travelers just like you and me. Check the insurance options for your trip here!

Guide books – I do like reading a guide book before and during the trip. Depending on the destination I usually buy either Lonely Planet or Bradt. You can get your guidebooks for Ukraine here: Bradt and Lonely Planet.

Day tours in Ukraine – I do go for a day trips when I travel as often they are the most convenient way to see the place that save you time and money. Click here to see and book the best day tours in Ukraine!


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There are 162 Comments.

  1. Mar
    15:17 29/08/2015

    I always believed that media exaggerates and one needs to make up their mind about safety of places through locals living there. I’ve been caught up in several conflicts through the years (coups, wars, riots) and they always looked way worse from the media than through the window. Sensationalist headlines sell more. But it is important to be safe, at all times, but realistic. Glad that you debunked some of the myths there!

    • kami
      20:40 07/09/2015

      I always believe that intuition, common sense and a good research are always the best advisors when it comes to traveling to potentially dangerous places. Just never trust media!

      • Ben
        23:29 14/04/2016

        I was thinking about visiting this summer 2016. Has anything changed?

        • kami
          20:54 29/04/2016

          no, I don’t think so. It seems to be still fine, some of my friends have been there recently and didn’t have any troubles! I’m going to Ukraine again next month as well

        • mazero
          19:40 25/09/2016

          It is save I’m living here in Ukraine from five years,you can come with out any problems)

      • Yan
        09:20 21/06/2017

        My wife and I are thinking of going to the Ukraine. We would love to chat to somebody on the phone and just ask questions As they come up. I know you don’t Know us from Adam but For my wife to hear about another woman’s experience of the Ukraine would be hugely encouraging.
        You’re sincerely,

        Yan and Catherine

  2. Esther
    16:43 29/08/2015

    I totally agree! I felt perfectly safe traveling through this beautiful country. Yes, there were a lot of soldiers, but once you’ve seen them you get used to them. And Lviv is just an amazing city! :)

    • kami
      20:42 07/09/2015

      I kind of feel safer when there’s more police/soldiers around so I had no problem with those in Ukraine. Lviv is so incredible, isn’t it? Definitely one of the most beautiful places in Europe!

  3. Dana
    17:09 29/08/2015

    Ukraine looks like a beautiful place to visit, and I’m glad you were able to show that it is safe to travel there. I appreciate that every carriage has its own guard on the train, so you can sleep even easier. It’s important to use your common sense and trust your gut when traveling.

    • kami
      20:43 07/09/2015

      yes, that’s one of the reasons why I’m all up for traveling by train in former USSR, I feel much safer there than here in Poland.

  4. zof
    18:39 29/08/2015

    Thank you for this post. I guess a lot of travelers who wander around the region skip THE ENTIRE Ukraine, because of the media or just a simple lack of context. Many people don’t realize how big and diversed the country is. Good that they have a good article on that to read now.

    • kami
      20:44 07/09/2015

      Thank you for your nice words and well, you’re just so right!

  5. Pilot Birówka
    19:26 29/08/2015

    I am glad you wrote about safety in Ukraine. In my opinion we should encourage people to visit this country. I have been to Kiev twice this year, it’s even safer than in 2013. I am planning also 2-3 more visits this year and there is nothing to worry about. The most important reason for me is to support local economy. As you wrote there is not big cost to sleep/eat/travel across the country, but I noticed that for local community every person is really improtant. I even can say that they are much more hospitable than before the crisis.

    • kami
      20:45 07/09/2015

      exactly! Now is the time to go to Ukraine as this way we can support the local economy and its people and it’s just the best thing we can do these days

  6. Jackie
    23:04 29/08/2015

    I loved reading your post because it was an honest recounting of your experiences in the Ukraine. The media is totally fear-based, and while it’s always important to do your research and take precautions, it’s best to find sources with real experience. Thanks for a great post!

    • kami
      20:46 07/09/2015

      Thank you for your nice comment! A solid research is the best thing the traveler can do, just don’t base your opinion only on what media show!

  7. Jenna
    06:06 30/08/2015

    Thanks for bringing this up! It’s always great to hear first hand accounts about the current state in areas like this. It’s so unfortunate, but I feel you can’t trust what the media has to say anymore. Great article–would love to visit the Ukraine sometime!

    • kami
      20:46 07/09/2015

      Thank you! And I hope you will visit Ukraine one day, Lviv is pretty amazing!

      • Tendai Murambiwa
        14:21 06/07/2016

        Ukraine is one among my dream countries. Thank you Kami for your highlights. I would like to visit this place in future.

  8. balkanyrudej
    08:10 30/08/2015

    I spent more than 2 weeks in Turkey and all the people in Poland claimed that it’s not safe and I shouldn’t go there. But I went there, spent amazing time and came back to Poland in one piece. In polish media Balkans, Turkey and Ukraine are shown always in negative way, even nothing bad is happaning there.

    • kami
      20:47 07/09/2015

      sadly that’s so true. One friend of mine canceled the whole trip to Turkey because it’s supposed to be dangerous there but you showed it’s not really…

  9. Łukasz | Kartka z Podróży
    16:10 30/08/2015

    Bezpieczeństwo to bardzo subiektywna sprawa. Poruszając taki temat na starcie wchodzisz na bardzo niestabilny teren.

    • kami
      20:48 07/09/2015

      przy każdym trudnym temacie podkreślam wiele razy, że to tylko i wyłącznie moje doświadczenia (bo czyż nie o to chodzi w blogach?) i tak samo było i tutaj

  10. Carol Colborn
    17:21 30/08/2015

    We will be going to Tunisia and Macedonia soon.They have been in the headlines some.So your post comes at a great time.Great tip to surf Ministry of Foreign Affairs weebsites! Thanks.

    • kami
      20:50 07/09/2015

      I visited Macedonia last November, I’m sure you’d love it, it’s a great country! and I’m also sure it’s not that bad there, just use your common sense, do some research before and you will be fine! Enjoy your trips!

  11. Sky
    21:09 30/08/2015

    I am so out of the loop lately…the Ukraine wasn’t even on my list of countries I’d be concerned about visiting. I do agree that, in general, the media grossly exaggerates everything. Pain and suffering sell, everyday life does not. People tend to forget that while something impacts one city or part of a country, it doesn’t necessarily affect the entire country. (And it’s usually the Americans that forget this…even though the things that happen in other states rarely affect the rest of the country…California was still “safe” after the 9/11 attacks on NYC.)

    • kami
      20:52 07/09/2015

      Thank you for your comment Sky! you’re so right! I just wish more people would see it like that

  12. Travel Smaht
    21:29 30/08/2015

    Interesting post, although I think they may have different views if an American like me tried to go there. Although I would love to visit.

  13. Tatiana
    01:45 31/08/2015

    I’ve been a few times to Kiev years ago – but to be honest, I wouldn’t want to go there now. I can’t get into vacation mode if there is war on the other side of the country.

    • kami
      20:53 07/09/2015

      true but on the other hand by visiting you’re supporting the local people and that’s what is needed there right now!

  14. Tiffany Crystal Bowens
    01:17 31/08/2015

    I was just there! In Lviv. It was safe, lively, vibrant, the people were wonderful! I loved it!

  15. Natalie Deduck
    03:39 31/08/2015

    Hi Kami,
    We visited Crimea,Ukraine back in 2013. It is a stunning place and is so sad what happened there.
    Agree with you that media exaggerates a lot. We are in Bangkok and the bomb attack was an isolate case. Thailand is really safe and even though media paints a different story.
    We are seriously considering to move to Lviv for a coupl of months next year :)

    • kami
      20:57 07/09/2015

      I so regret not going to Crimea when it was still possible! It must be an amazing place! And moving to Lviv is a brilliant idea! I’ve always thought the city is perfect for freelancers – cheap, with amazing cafe culture and decent internet just about everywhere! If I didn’t enjoy my job so much I’d move there as well!

  16. Meg Jerrard
    04:28 31/08/2015

    Thanks for putting this together Kami, I think ultimately it comes down to the fact that there are always going to be good and bad parts of any country you travel to, and there are always going to be parts of a country you should avoid, obviously Ukraine is no exception. Though too many people are willing to just completely disregard a place just because of something theyve heard about one particular region, and it really is a shame because they’re missing out on so many other amazing destinations throughout the country that they would have otherwise probably loved :)

    • kami
      20:59 07/09/2015

      Exactly! And even in a perfectly safe place something bad might happen!

  17. Magdalena Bodnari
    05:52 31/08/2015

    Pojechałabym. W ogóle z tymi dużymi krajami to tak właśnie jest. Byłam w Turcji trzy dni po trzęsieniu ziemi, ale to było półtora tysiąca kilometrów różnicy! Na Ukrainie pewnie czułabym niepokój wiedząc ile broni jest w rękach zwykłych ludzi, szczególnie na prowincji, ale na pewno podróżowanie po miastach i nie-szukanie-przygód jest superbezpieczne.

    • Darek Jedzok
      06:46 31/08/2015

      Dokładnie. Ostrożność ostrożnością, ale takiego panikowania nie rozumiem…

  18. Piotr Goroh
    06:33 31/08/2015

    Swieze info z 1reki zawsze w cenie!

  19. jan
    10:19 31/08/2015

    Thanks for talking about the issue of safety in Ukraine. I didn’t realize it was such a large country. It makes sense that if you don’t go where the fighting is, everything should be fine. I follow Yomadic as well and it is great that he and you are both talking and blogging about travel in Iran too.

    • kami
      21:03 07/09/2015

      Thank you for your comment Jan! I believe it’s important to talk about issues like that, even if sometimes those post might be very subjective

  20. Magdalena in journey
    09:26 31/08/2015

    Moja druga połowa pochodzi z tego kraju. Mam tam dużo przyjaciół. Jestem tam często. Mimo wojny uważam, że jest bezpiecznie. CO nie zmienia faktu, że nie pchamy się tam gdzie są działania wojenne i zdrowy rozum zachowujemy przy sobie tak jak w każdym innym miejscu na świecie. A Ukrainę polecam :) / My boyfriend comes from this country. I’ve got a lot of friends . I go there often . Despite the war , I think it is safe. What does not change the fact that they do not push themselves where they are acts of war and common sense behave with them like in any other place in the world. And I would recommend Ukraine as a safe country to visit :)

  21. Vicky and Buddy
    16:35 31/08/2015

    Unfortunately there will always be conflicts, but like you said, we all just need to use our common sense. Things aren’t always as bad as the media portrays.

    • kami
      21:03 07/09/2015

      Exactly! A solid research is the most important thing before going to some dangerous places

  22. George
    22:18 31/08/2015

    Probably not in every case and not on all territory. So in my opinion it’s risky.

    • kami
      21:04 07/09/2015

      everything depends where you go to, just like I wrote in the post

  23. Marcin W
    10:11 01/09/2015

    Nice timing with the post… exactly when there were some riots in front of parliament in Kiev. I’m saying it only because someone else might say it claiming immediately that there is a great danger in Kiev as well! There isn’t. It’s common sense – you keep away from large gatherings, especially the ones about politics. I have been to Bangkok during huge riots last year, in Erevan during large protests few years ago, in China during the last huge earthquake… there is always some risk when one travels, it’s just important to know how to behave and what to do. That’s all. PS: mainstream media are the worst source of information! ;)

    • kami
      21:06 07/09/2015

      Thank you for the wise words, there’s nothing I can add to that I guess. What were the protests in Yerevan about? I was on the march commemorating the genocide there, together with some 100.000 other people, pretty incredible experience

  24. Heather Cole
    09:45 01/09/2015

    Never really thought of Ukraine as a tourist destination, but perhaps because of that it would be a great place to visit!

  25. Ania
    11:38 01/09/2015

    Yes, I’d love to visit Ukraine! A couple of weeks ago I met an Ukrainian girl at the party in Sopot and asked her the same question – is it safe to go to Ukraine? She said yes, it’s safe to go to the western part of the country, where she lived. But, unfortunately, there’s still a war in the eastern part. Hopefully this conflict will come to an end soon!

    • kami
      21:09 07/09/2015

      It’s important to know the context, we cannot deny what’s happening in Ukraine but we need to remember it’s a huge country and the war is only in a small part of it. I also hope it will be finished soon…

  26. sekulada.com
    17:46 01/09/2015

    I always wanted to see Ukraine but I have changed my mind because of the war and this antipolish attitude which really makes me nervous. Well the pics are good and thanks to them I think I don’t lose something.

    • kami
      21:10 07/09/2015

      Honestly I’ve never experienced an antipolish attitude, might be my luck or just another problem that media are exaggerating. Where in Ukraine would you like to go to?

  27. Yok
    12:08 02/09/2015

    Great post. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about Iran when you posted about those. The trains, or at least the one you took from Odessa to Lviv, are extremely cheap. Shockingly cheap.

    I didnt see you mention much about the people? Was it easy to meet and have interesting conversations?

    • kami
      21:12 07/09/2015

      Thank you! And well, these are just the standard transport prices in Ukraine, it is really that crazy cheap there!

      as for the people: there’s a language barriere as not many people speak English there. I’m lucky as Ukrainian is similar to Polish (and I know some Russian), it was very easy to chat to people in the hostel or in the train, and they were all really nice!

  28. Kej-ti
    16:13 02/09/2015

    Hmm…trochę podziwiam, bo ja bym pewnie miała spore opory, aby tam teraz pojechać mimo, że ciekawi mnie jak obecnie tam wygląda życie i jak bardzo ludzie odczuwają co tam się dzieje. Zastanawiam się jak jest we Lwowie.

    • kami
      21:13 07/09/2015

      Lwów jest fantastyczny i naprawde sporo tam turystów, o incydentach się nie słyszy, czyli musi być bezpiecznie! I chyba teraz jest najlepszy czas, żeby pojechac na Ukrainę, ceny powalają!

  29. Zygmunt Kuba
    05:42 03/09/2015

    Białoruś jest bezpieczna to jest jeden z aspektów ich polityka państwa. To ma być w domyśle najbardziej bezstronne, bezpieczne i pełne pracujących ludzi, którzy dostają wspaniały socjal, państwo :) to taka dygresja do jednego fragmentu z tekstu ;)

  30. Kinga Bielejec
    08:17 03/09/2015

    Good subject for the post ;)

  31. Zofia Bałdyga
    09:21 03/09/2015

    I’m long due to go back…

  32. Sam
    17:27 03/09/2015

    Really interesting, Kami! So nice to have an a fresh (and personal!) perspective on such things when it’s so easy just to follow and believe what the media says.

  33. Victoria@ The British Berliner
    09:13 08/09/2015

    I really like your post about The Ukraine Kami! And yes, I would absolutely love to visit. I’m a freak about Eastern Europe and even as a person of colour, I have absolutely no qualms LOL!
    Common sense is what is needed when travelling to a country that might have issues.

    Someone recently asked me about Bangkok as I’ve been there 3 times and what I said was, there will always be demonstrations and shut-downs in Bangkok. It happens every couple of years but as you say, most political issues will not affect tourists. In fact, you will find that the locals will do their best to make you more comfortable, safe and secure. Just keep away from large crowds, keep your ears to the ground and have a great time!

    • kami
      15:23 08/09/2015

      exactly! too bad most of the people don’t see it that way, they freak out and the country lose so much! I really hope you will visit Ukraine soon, you’ll love it there for sure!!

  34. Shing
    12:18 09/09/2015

    Hi Kami, the only news we ever hear in mainstream media about Ukraine is about the conflict so it’s great to see it from another perspective. Not all places are affected, but that news doesn’t travel very far so thanks for your first-hand accounts. I always look at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website too before heading to places that are perceived unsafe. I would love to go to the Ukraine and this post has reminded me why and how much! The thing I’ve found about travelling to these countries, like you, is that comparatively you actually do feel safer than other places. People have tried to pickpocket me in Paris, scam me in others, yet I’ve not experienced this in countries where you’d most expect it.

    • kami
      15:07 14/09/2015

      exactly! all these “possibly dangerous” countries are actually really safe as long as you use your common sense! but people don’t understand that and even without visiting they will keep saying how awful is there and why you shouldn’t go. I hate this attitude! And well, you definitely should go to Ukraine, Shing! You will love it there! Which places are on your mind? If you need any advices feel free to ask!

  35. Dariusz
    12:08 14/09/2015

    Szkoda,że cała relacja jest po angielsku.

    • kami
      15:08 14/09/2015

      jak wszystko na tym blogu :) ale zawsze istnieje google tłumacz, lepiej czy gorzej ale pomoże!

  36. Tatiana
    16:46 16/09/2015

    I believe it’s better to keep in mind the situation and go there with updated information – in order to avoid the unsafety regions and be there where cities function normally.

    • kami
      20:05 24/09/2015

      exactly! There’re places where you shouldn’t go at all but Ukraine is a huge country so people shouldn’t skip it all. And always check how the situation is before going!

  37. Daniel
    16:44 24/09/2015

    mam wrazenie że widziałem cię w tym niebieskim pociągu :)

  38. Leon van der Heijden
    16:33 29/09/2015

    I have been coming to Ukraine for the last 13 years! Never had any kind of problem going around! At this moment NO I do not go to Crimea or the Donbass. That’s right but for the rest…come and enjoy this beautiful country with friendly people.

    • kami
      22:21 29/09/2015

      Exactly! It’s a huge country and only small parts are dangerous, the rest is fine! And travelling there can be really rewarding, people and places are just incredible there!

  39. David Mann
    21:03 06/11/2015

    I am British and I have lived in Ukraine for 7 years (2 years in Kyiv and 5 years in Kremenchuk)and now hold permanent residence.

    Ukraine is a beautiful country full of honest, hardworking and hospitable people and I would recommend it to anyone, without reservation.

    I have lived all over the world and I have never felt safer than here in Ukraine.

    • kami
      19:40 15/11/2015

      Thank you for your comment David. I’m really glad you share my opinion about Ukraine :)

  40. S.M.kumarasinghe
    08:51 08/11/2015

    I appreciate your work and let know the travel community the real picture of the country

  41. Dan
    13:56 09/11/2015

    I´ve travelled around a whole lot (South Africa, Kambodja, South America) and I am not easily frightened. Was in Lviv last week and will not go back in the near future. Lviv (and the rest of Ukraine?) is a city of violence. The people are hostile and the police corrupted. You will not find any war in Lviv but there is a tension in the city that is unpleasant. I had to bribe myself out of a situationen where I was absurdely accused of theft from a store owner, the police came and said to pay 500 euro or they would put me in jail. They have a long way to reach legal certainty. AVOID!

    • kami
      19:45 15/11/2015

      Thank you for your comment Dan. Yes, police can be corrupted in Ukraine (still the remnants of the old system?) but I also think you might have been really unlucky, to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Actually you’re the first person with similar story and I know a lot who have been to Ukraine even recently. But thank you for sharing anyway, it’s a good warning that such things can happen!

  42. Anya
    01:53 10/01/2016

    Thank you, Kami, for your post! I’m from Ukraine and have not been home in seven years. I’m considering traveling there with my three children. Even though my sisters, who live near Kiev in Zhitomir, tell me it’s fine, I am still apprehensive. Your view made me feel more comfortable. Plus tickets are cheap!!!
    Thank you for your good words about my home country!

    • kami
      09:40 15/01/2016

      Thank you for your comment Anya. I think there’s nothing to worry about and if your sister confirms it then you should definitely go. I’m visiting Ukraine later this year for sure, already have tickets to Kiev for June and I’m thinking of Western Ukraine as well (Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhorod etc)

  43. Tanya
    12:57 06/02/2016

    Hi Kami,

    Your blog is wonderful – I love your posts and how you break down misconceptions about safety and cultural norms. I’m currently in Ukraine, and like your trip to Iran (great post) I had many friends and family members telling me not to go. I’m looking forward to reading your suggestions on Kiev as I’m just beginning to explore the city. Thanks again :)

    • kami
      22:57 15/02/2016

      Thank you for your nice words Tanya! Where in Ukraine, besides Kiev, are you going to? It’s such a beautiful country, I’m already thinking of returning there :) Have a wonderful time there!

  44. Jacobo
    03:23 27/02/2016

    Hello there!, congrats for your comments and your blog, seems to me quite objective and right to the point.
    I’ve been considering to travel to Ukraine (Kyiv, Zaporozhye, Kremenchug, Sumy, etc.) since 3 or 4 years ago for some reasons I’m still thinking about it. There is a lack of neutral and objective info on the media, most of the news has some tendencies or political purposes hidden within.

    • kami
      16:16 29/02/2016

      Thanks! I’m sure Kiev would be fine, the rest should be ok too! Seems like the situation in Ukraine is stable now so you should definitely rethink your trip there! And it’s such a great country, so worth visiting! Cheers!

  45. Jeremy Lavergne
    23:30 29/02/2016

    Jeremy Lavergne,
    Hey miss Kami, how recently did you go to ukraine, I am planning a trip to berdyansk and then odessa in june 2016, so is what you say true, I was planning on going anyway, but more west of the dombass as ukraine people call it, it is pretty much safe right? West of the dombass, I should have no worry going to the two cities I have mentioned? Am I good in saying this?

    • kami
      20:07 05/03/2016

      Last time I was in Ukraine in August 2015 (that’s when I also visited Odessa) and all I wrote above was after that trip. I’m going there again in June and as far as I know there’s nothing to worry about as long as you avoid Donbass. West from it things are ok. Remember that Ukraine is a huge country and Donbass is just a small part of it. I’m sure you will enjoy Odessa, such a wonderful city it is!

  46. Mike
    22:36 18/03/2016

    Great article. I was wondering if it was safe to walk around at night? I have a few Russian friends who say its not. I know to use caution and to use common sense like everyone says but is it in fact ok to walk/cycle around at night i.e walking home from a bar/dinner? I want to study russian there for 3 months and like to do things in the summer but I’m concerned since I hear in Russian suburbs you can get beat up/mugged and they say ukraine is the same way. Thanks for the feedback!

    • kami
      23:21 19/03/2016

      Thanks Mike! I guess it should be fine. Like in every city there are better and worse neighborhoods so everything depends on where you’re gonna live. Which city would you go to? Most likely I will be in Kiev in 2 weeks so will get back to you with the proper answer then! Cheers!

  47. Scott
    00:35 10/04/2016

    Wonderful report on Ukraine! I have been learning Russian and want to visit and now that it is ok the summer will be great opportunity to see Odessa, Kiev and Lviv!

    • kami
      09:13 13/04/2016

      Thanks! Those are some really great cities so I’m sure you will have a wonderful time!

  48. Lucy ferri
    00:19 13/04/2016

    We are two seniors from Canada planing to visit Lviv and Odessa this June.
    I am from Poland and have been to Ukraine twice in Vladimir volinsky last year and Lviv and Kiev about six years ago. I am looking forward to our trip but my husband who is Canadian is very hesitant. And worried . Thank you for all your posts I feel the same way as you do is safe and beautiful. By the way my husband has been to Poland numerous times and always felt safe and welcomed.

    • kami
      09:16 13/04/2016

      Thank you for your comment Lucy! I’m sure your husband will enjoy Ukraine as soon as you get there! I’m glad that he liked Poland too! Where in Poland have you been? And where do you come from :) ?

  49. Mark Bennetts
    16:36 22/04/2016

    I Don’t think I’ve ever agreed wth ALL the contents of a blog post as much as I do with this one! You are spot on in all you say – Ukraine is safe, very good value for money at the moment, the people are friendly and helpful and there really isn’t much evidence of the current conflict in the east of the country in such places as Kiev and Lviv. I wouldn’t hesitate to return and in fact probably will do this summer. Great read!

    • kami
      21:40 29/04/2016

      Thank you Mark! You definitely should return to Ukraine, there’s so much to see and do! I’m hoping to explore it some more this summer as well! Every time I start googling one place I end up adding 5 more to my Ukraine list! :)

  50. Susanne
    13:09 27/04/2016

    My top in Ukraine is Odessa.

  51. Terry
    12:28 07/05/2016

    I would like to plan a trip to Melitopol Ukraine, what do you recommend I do and what time of year do you recommend that I travel here

    • kami
      21:26 03/06/2016

      Honestly I can’t recommend anything as I haven’t been there so can’t say much about the place. But looking at the location I’d be more careful than in other parts of Ukraine though I think you’d be fine

  52. Ed
    19:43 08/05/2016

    I think your biggest problem is lacking time to stay in Ukraine long enough to see beyond the thin veneer of safety. Law and Order in Ukraine is negligible and potentially the country is in freefall due to political and economic issues that are spiraling downwards at a fast pace.

    The placing of a Ukrainian flag over the building that claimed the lives of 48 Russians at the alter of Ukrainian nationalism is not exactly sensitive and should speak volumes for ethnic tensions, which exist everywhere in Ukraine.

    I speak Russian (and some Ukrainian) and originate from the UK but have spent a few years in Kiev (and Odessa/Nikolaev) and whilst they may seem peaceful to you and other visitors I urge anyone to be extremely cautious. This is not Western Europe and anything can (and often does) happen.

    Safe travelling.

    • kami
      21:32 03/06/2016

      From the tourist point of view (and that’s the majority of people visiting this website and looking for information about Ukraine) the country is much safer than they expect. Of course there’s still tension and the country is not in Western Europe standards but I still think travelling there is just fine, if you use your common sense and be careful. Honestly I know many people who have been to Ukraine, all over the country, and never heard of anything bad happening.

    • dmitry
      16:22 24/12/2016

      You are repeating propagandist cliches that have almost nothing to do with reality. I won’t even bother debunking all the lies concentrated in these few lines of text, as they all have been debunked a million times elsewhere.

  53. Ty
    22:33 08/05/2016

    Thank you for your post. I will be in Odessa for two months this summer after wanting to go for years, and I’m glad to hear you felt comfortable there!

    • kami
      21:33 03/06/2016

      Nice! I’m sure you will enjoy it! Odessa is such a wonderful place!

  54. Gregory
    10:26 18/05/2016

    Hello! I am moving from United States to Ukraine. I am thankful to stumble upon your site. :)

  55. Jack
    10:43 24/05/2016

    Hi guys, I am pretty glad someone of us like to travel to my native country. I can assure you that here in Keiv is very safe, and really want invite more and more foreigners to discover a lot of baeutiful places in this city.

    • kami
      21:52 03/06/2016

      Thanks for the comment! Kiev is indeed a beautiful city, one of the most surprising I’ve ever visited

  56. tom
    15:37 14/06/2016

    I like to make a plan to visit Sverdlovsk in Ukraine,
    Do anyone have a news or update about this town please?

    • kami
      22:14 21/06/2016

      Hi, unfortunately I can’t tell much about this city but I’d be extra careful going to this part of Ukraine…

  57. sansha
    08:24 24/06/2016

    well yes its safe and the reason no one bothered you is because your white. Black people are not liked here in Ukraine and when you dont know the language very well they take it personal yet black people speak English, the world speaks English almost like 70% so i would recommend white tourist not black and 50uah for just lunch? what did you eat? a burger and a soft drink?

    • kami
      22:13 04/07/2016

      Racism and not the best knowledge of English are problems not only in Ukraine but in numerous other places (I dare to say in my homecountry as well). And no, I had a proper meal for 50uah. there’s no need to spend too much money there and you still can enjoy the time in Ukraine.

  58. Eric
    16:56 08/07/2016

    I am planning to go kiev in December and January. can you tell me about kiev in winter? is it worth to visit? I feel a little fear for visiting there alone. Does the war end now? I can’t find useful information in Chinese so that i would like to know more about your trip in Ukraine, for example, where you lived and where you visited. Also, giving me some suggestions where i should go. Thank You so much. i seems like a question book and you seem taking examination. ^^

    • kami
      20:26 21/07/2016

      I haven’t been to Kiev in winter but I know people who did and they all enjoyed it. It’s a beautiful city no matter which time of the year. The was was in the eastern part of Ukraine and it’s better not to go there. Kiev is all safe, I’m going back there again next month. As for the places to visit you have all the info in this post. Ukraine is really amazing, you will love it!

  59. Michelle Brink
    19:50 08/07/2016

    We want to go skiing in Ukraine. Can you recommend some good resorts. We are from South Africa, when we go on holiday, we prefer to go where it is safe and where we can truly relax. I’ve heard that the Ukraine is absolutely stunning and I would very much like to go skiing there, but my husband is reluctant because of the unrest and political issues. We were hijacked by gun point a few years ago, so we are a bit paranoid when it comes to visiting potentially dangerous places. Could you please make some suggestions?

    • kami
      20:33 21/07/2016

      I’ve never been skiing in Ukraine (I’m not much of a skiing person) but I’ve heard numerous times that Bukovel or Yaremche are really lovely resorts. They’re both located in east-west of Ukraine, hundreds of kilometers away from the conflict scene so it is really safe there, I wouldn’t worry about that. No matter where you go I’m sure you will love it!

  60. Viktor
    17:04 11/07/2016

    You can come to Lviv during any time of the year. The city is a melting pot of cultures and architectural styles, has very rich history. This town is a huge open-air museum. We visited Lviv during New Year 2015. The historical center is very beautiful with many temples and churches. Almost all of them are open to the tourists. It is also impossible to ignore the variety of unique restaurants and cafes. We liked the most the restaurant “Gasova Lampa”. For lovers of classical music I advise to visit the Opera House. For beer lovers would highly recommend to visit Lviv brewery, very exciting tour in the beer museum, there is also a restaurant, which often hosts various music festivals. In the heart of the city there are many art galleries, and for lovers of antique there are many antique shops with unique goods. It is impossible to see all Lviv attractions in one visit, so you can come back here again and again.

    • kami
      21:07 21/07/2016

      thank you for this comment Viktor! I couldn’t agree more!!

  61. Arya Djuno
    20:11 11/07/2016

    I am heading there this september to Severodonetsk. Any information regarding this place ?

    • kami
      21:08 21/07/2016

      Unfortunately I can’t help but since it’s close to Lugansk I’d be extra careful!

  62. Chris
    18:38 22/07/2016

    I recently visited Kiev for 5 days. I had afew anxieties due to over hyped media reports. It was one of the safest places I have ever visited. The people there a friendly helpful and extemely beautiful. I’m already planning to visit again as soon as possible.

    • kami
      19:58 25/07/2016

      Exactly! Kiev is a great place to visit!! I’m going back there next month!

  63. Maks
    17:31 23/07/2016

    Lwow old town is beautiful. There are some cities like Warsaw that were completely damaged after II World War and rebuilt in previous form only in minor per cent. In Lviv old town you will find a lot of old buildings. Most of them need reconstruction, but this also is some kind of advantage that you can feel this history like never before. Weekend is not enough to see everything interesting.

    • kami
      20:11 25/07/2016

      I agree! That’s why I keep returning to Lviv and always enjoy it!

  64. Irina
    09:14 21/09/2016

    Hello friends. My name is irina and I live in Ukraine. My personal opinion is that ther is no any danger. Do not go to the east because the situation there is really serious. But there are many other cities in Ukraine where you can feel free to travel. We are very hospitable and do like to meet new people. Come to Ukraine and be sure you will come here again.

    • kami
      20:32 21/09/2016

      Couldn’t agree more! I was in Ukraine this summer and already plan my next trip there! Thank you Irina for the comment!

  65. Sonia
    23:19 20/10/2016

    Hello, Kami, you have a great blog and I love your positive comments as well as the comments of the people that have posted. We are planning on visiting Warsaw, Lviv and Kiev in June 2017. However, we are very concerned about the situation between NATO and Russia and possibly Ukraine. I know you cannot post about it now as it is too early yet, but I would appreciate it if you would write about this subject as we get closer to June 2017. It’s good to know that Americans don’t need a visa to visit Poland and Ukraine. Thank you in advance.

    • kami
      22:14 24/10/2016

      Hi Sonia, thank you for your comment. If you’re concerned about the situation next year best would be to follow more reliable sources (news, governement websites etc), especially that I’m not sure I will be in Ukraine again until then. As for now I can tell you it’s safe to go. I was there in August and it was more than fine!

  66. Simone
    08:06 24/10/2016

    Thank you so much for this post! Me & my boyfriend have booked to go to Kiev in April 2017. I like to do a lot of research and learn about the places I go before I visit and all i found was negative posts, which then started to worry me. I’m not one for paying to much attention to the media anyway but you have just made me feel so much better about this trip! I am really looking forward to our visit so thank you so much. If there is anyway you could recommend for us to see and do whilst we are there that would be lovely :)

  67. Laz
    04:34 29/10/2016

    I am planning a solo trip to Kiev mid April 2017 for a couple of nights. I read in one of the posts that black people are not liked in Ukraine. I am a first generation Australian however of Sri Lankan (close to India) decent. I have brown/olive skin and fluent in English. Will I encounter any issues?
    I am a male btw. Thanks

    • kami
      22:05 01/11/2016

      I can’t tell you in 100% that you will be fine but I think you shouldn’t have too many problems. I’ve seen numerous coloured people in Ukraine and they seemed to be fine. Also Ukrainian universities are full of students from India. Hope this helps!

  68. CryptoReporter
    00:03 19/11/2016

    I have been to Ukraine over 10x visiting in-laws. Ukraine is an amazing country with lots to explore. Lviv and Kiev are great places to visit any time, and Odessa and Yalta are perfect in the summer.

    Unfortunately, I would not recommend eastern Ukraine at this time unless you are Russian or Ukrainian. The two airports I flew into often… Donetsk and Luhansk, are destroyed from last time I checked.

    Hello from USA :) My relatives are in Poznan! Great to find your blog! Awesome photos on Insta too!

    • kami
      18:57 20/11/2016

      Thank you for your comment and for nice words about the blog! Cheers!

      • Dawn
        10:02 03/12/2016

        I went to Kyiv in May this year. I went on my own for 5 days. I met 2 ladies from the beauty industry before hand so visited to hopefully do some business. I loved it. The hospitality of the Ukraine people was amazing. The food, architecture took me by surprise. I visited the underground tunnels were monks are buried. Paid my respects in Babi yar. The whole trip was awesome. I loved it. I now want to go back with my husband and show him this wonderful country. Regards Dawn from Liverpool, UK (early 50’s)

        • kami
          21:10 03/12/2016

          That’s amazing! You definitely should go back to Ukraine and show it to your husband, I bet he will enjoy it too!

  69. Subir Banerjee
    18:16 24/11/2016

    I am and Indian. We love peace and freedom. I want to take Indian tourists from India to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Uzbekistan etc. is there any one can suggest me how I can cover this tour without touching one place again and again. I only believe that where there are war between or among the countries or terrorists activities is very high I can only avoid that place otherwise I believe and experience all the places are alike and general people also think alike > What is your suggestion ?? I invite all of your suggestion in this regard, so as to make my trip in those place grand success – I can also help any one wanted to visit our mother land for any purpose.

  70. Mike
    15:53 04/12/2016

    Hello, I really enjoyed this post. I’m planning to travel to Ukraine in May and was wondering if you had any advice or experience with Chernobyl? That’s the main reason I’d be interested in going to Kiev. I plan to spend the bulk of my time in Lviv and the Carpathians. Thank you :)

    • kami
      09:48 08/12/2016

      Hello! I haven’t been to Chernobyl myself (although I really would love to!) but I know many people who did and they were all fine. There are numerous companies in Kiev who organize such tours. And give yourself at least 2 days for Kiev itself, it is an amazing city!

  71. Gareth
    17:15 03/01/2017

    Hi , I have been to Kharkov 6 times now which the furthest east you can fly to . My last visit was September 2016 . I have made friends out there and love the place . I have walked around in the park at night ( on way back to hotel ) , where locals get worried and it was fine , never seen any trouble at all . I always stay in good hotels as for the money they are a bargain , and the nearest I will ever get to luxury ! I don’t speak Ukraine or Russian but I have always found them very helpful and friendly . I will be going back . I am in UK near London and travel alone .

    • kami
      21:37 28/01/2017

      That’s very reassuring as I’m planning to visit Hharkov later this year! Ukraine really is a bargain these days which is another reason why we should travel there! Thank you for your comment Gareth!

  72. DigitalBob
    12:27 30/01/2017

    I am from Kentucky and have been in Ukraine the past month. I have been in Khmeltetsky and Lviv and it is very safe here. I have never felt unsafe. People on the buses pass their fare to the person in front of them all the way to the driver. Their change comes back the same way. People on the trains seem to behave very well and leave their phones laying about, at least in the sleeper section where I was. Ukraine specifically and eastern europe is INSANELY and I mean INSANELY cheap. In Khmeltetsky bus fare is 12 cents, a latte is 40 cents, apples are 20 cents a pound, and a really nice steak dinner for 2 people in a tablecloth restaurant including wine, desert, and tip came to $18. You will also notice Ukraine is nearly 100% Caucasian.

    • kami
      15:14 10/02/2017

      The whole process of paying for the tram/bus ride will never stop fascinating me! I keep telling everyone that now is the best time to go to Ukraine as it’s so crazy cheap!

  73. Randy Zaddach
    22:08 16/02/2017

    I am going in August and can’t wait. We have friends in Cherkassy. Good to hear how wonderful it is. I just love Ukrainian people! We also plan to see Moldova, Romania, Budapest, Prague and Poland. I wish we had more time though.

    • kami
      22:42 21/02/2017

      This sounds like exciting trip! I haven’t been to Cherkassy yet but I heard good things about it. I bet you will have a great time!

  74. Stephanie
    12:55 17/03/2017

    So I’ve a question. I would love to see and explore nature (like Carpathians) but which city do I have to travel to? And is it weird or impossible to travel from Lviv to Krakow by bus or train?

    • kami
      14:55 29/03/2017

      From the big cities the best base for Carphatians would be Ivano-Frankivsk. And there are numerous bus connections between Kraków and Lviv. In December the new train connection between Lviv and Przemyśl (Poland) was opened with a very short waiting time for the train onwards to Kraków – I think this should be even better option than the bus!

  75. Lara
    19:04 12/04/2017

    Kami! Any time I go to research a trip, I stumble upon your blog. Seems we have very similar interests. As an Australian living in Ukraine I can confirm it is totally safe to travel Ukraine as a woman on her own. Love your work!
    – Lara

    • kami
      21:19 17/04/2017

      hahaha, that’s so cool! If you have any questions about all the destinations you’re going to and I’ve been to as well feel free to email me, I will gladly help! :) And thank you for your kind words!

      • Andrew Nicholson
        00:07 01/05/2017

        Dear Kami,I read your blog about your recent trips to Ukraine. I to travelled to Ukraine but on business a few times. I surprised how optimistic you are about this place. It is definetely not a place I would rate as a safe desination. Remember it is quite nationalistic and Lviv is the heartland of Asov Ultra Nationlists. Kiev is full of Scammers and was nearly had when someone tried to implement me in a staged incident. I was able to talk my way out of this as a Russian speaker. However, if you don’t speak any Ukraine or russian, then I can tell you you could be mugged. Odessa is the mother mafia of Ukraine and full of criminals. I’m form GB. Though, if you’re an american then please be extra careful, there is much dislike of America here by russian people who are many in ukraine. I also see that you’re going to Serbia in July. Are you mad? I think you need to be accompanied with another person as Belgrade is extremely orthodox and nationalistic too. you could be risking your life here my dear. Oh, and by the way Donbass has a blockade and as you’re foreign you won’t be able to enter this region from Ukraine. I wish you well but please realise these places are highly volitile regions and only a matter of time before your luck fails.

        • kami
          07:44 21/06/2017

          Thank you for your comment and your concerns but I’m not mad. I’ve been travelling to those places for years, many times and I really find them safe, these days much safer than the western Europe. Every country has its issues and those you mention hardly ever are aimed towards regular tourists, maybe it’s different when you travel there on a business (as you did). So really, there’s nothing to worry about if you use your common sense and visit the places with the respect (like you should do in every other destination). Regards.

  76. Agness of eTramping
    15:27 17/08/2017

    Ukraine is a great travel destination and your pictures are awesome. Would you recommend renting a car to explore it?

    • kami
      19:35 21/08/2017

      Thank you! I honestly don’t know about the car as I’ve never used it in Ukraine but I’ve heard the road is often in a pretty bad condition and the drivers might be a bit crazy ;)

  77. Tony
    22:25 23/12/2017

    Hello. I’m considering going to Ukraine or Russia in May or September 2018 and I’m torn as to which place to pick. It seems like Ukraine is very cheap and maybe a bit less tourists than St Petersburg or Moscow. What time of year do you think is best to visit Ukraine?

    • kami
      18:15 27/12/2017

      I haven’t been to Russia (yet! I’m going in May) so can’t really help but Ukraine is amazing and crazy cheap so I think it’s a good place to visit! And any time between May and September is really good as days are long and warm. You will love it for sure!

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