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  • China

    Hard life of a vegetarian in China

    Eating out in China is a challenge, a huge one. Everyone wants to try a local food, preferably in one of the many street bars as they’re known for the most…

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Sarajevo Siege

    I’m not a big fan of museums and I hardly ever visit them. I prefer to spend that time soaking up the atmosphere of the city instead of dully looking and…

  • Croatia

    Croatia: Dubrovnik in one day

    When planning my Balkan trip I knew I have to somehow make it to Dubrovnik as well, even if it means seeing Dubrovnik in one day only. Everyone who has visited…

  • China

    …and then the China crisis came

    I’m not the person who has to deal with crisis while traveling, not very often at least. It may happen that I want to spend the day just relaxing instead of…

  • China

    Shanghai my new love

    Before I even went for this trip I subconsciously knew I’ll like Shanghai the most. I don’t know why but I always had a thing for modern cities with tall skyscrapers…

  • China

    Beijing hidden gem – Nanluoguxiang

    During my stay in Beijing I visited most of the popular tourists attractions: the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace or the Temple of Heaven. They were all nice and…

  • China

    Beijing metro guide

    oh, Beijing metro… we’ve been knowing each other only for 4 days but I’ve already developed a love-hate relationship with you! You’re awesome, really! With your seven lines covering the whole…

  • China

    A great Great Wall

    When in Beijing a day trip to the Great Wall is a must. There’re so many day tours possibilities to choose from but apparently most of them are scams and you…

  • China

    First impressions of China

    I might have visited a lot of different countries but all of them were in Europe (ok, I’m confused about Georgia, Armenia and Turkey but I consider them as Europe even…

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