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  • Germany

    Berlin 25 years later

    When I wander around Berlin I always am in awe of how fast this capital changes, how alternative and hip it became, how it attracts people from all over the world.…

  • Armenia

    Exploring south of Armenia

    After two great tours north of Yerevan, to Aragatsotn and Lori Provinces, I was really excited to see south of Armenia too. My last day trip involved long hours spent in…

  • Israel

    Life in kibbutz

    As soon as I found out that Jisr az Zarqa borders with kibbutz Maagan Michael I wanted to visit the place and see how the perfect life really looks like. I’ve…

  • Armenia

    Exploring province of Lori, Armenia

    After the excellent tour to Aragatsotn region I was excited to discover more places to visit in Armenia. My second choice for a daytrip was Lori region, located up north close…

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