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The best cities for street art – chosen by travel bloggers

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As you know very well I’m a huge fan of street art and I always try to explore the local scene during my travels. I’ve managed to find some amazing stuff in obvious places like Toronto, Berlin or Rio de Janeiro but also in totally unexpected ones like Amman or Tartu. Before I start planning my trips for next year I wanted to do some reasearch which cities are the best when it comes to street art and so I asked fellow travel bloggers for their advices. They came up with some incredible destinations, some of their choices might surprise you as they surely surprised me! Here are the best cities for street art, according to travel bloggers!

street art in Zagreb
Toronto, Ohio, USA – by Megan Starr

„This photo is special to me because it was taken in a small town in Ohio called Toronto (about 45 minutes from Pittsburgh, PA) and it is where my parents grew up.  My favorite thing about being American is the diversity of the country and the appreciation we have for our ancestry and heritage. While some nations scoff at this, I think our appreciation of our roots is one of the greatest things about us. We have been doing this immigration thing for many, many years in the United States and it all started in an illegal manner for people to better their lives or to profit off of the land. While I don’t like to talk politics, it truly is something for the current generation to think about when it comes to our present immigration situation.”

street art in Toronto, Ohio
Shanghai, China – by Piotr from Chiny info

„why its great? Simply because it’s China. All kinds of alternative ‚activity’ are relatively new here. From breakdance to street art, to alternative music and films!”

street art in Shanghai
Melbourne, Australia – by Kirsten from First for Everything

„The graffiti in Melbourne’s notorious little laneways are some of the best in the world. The combination of modern, artistic buildings and old Victorian architecture serves as a backdrop to the vibrant splashes of street art illustrated within almost every laneway. Getting lost in the narrow passageways between quaint restaurants and hipster bars is a popular pastime of locals and tourists alike because of the ever-changing art around each corner.”

street art in Melbourne
Paris, France by Sarah-Lambert Cook from Pen, Lens, and Paintbrush

„What I loved so much about discovering street art in Paris was finding Gregos’ face. I first noticed the strange faces as I strolled along. They caught my eye and as I walked further I noticed more and more. The different colors and expressions made them each a unique experience, but hunting for them eventually became a kind of game–especially as I walked along the streets of Montmartre where they were most prolific. Not that Paris needs anything extra to make it a memorable city, but the faces of street artist Gregos certainly stand out as my favorite things I saw while there on my first trip. ”

street art in Paris
Tel Aviv, Israel – by Viktoria from Chronic Wanderlust

„The bustling city next to the Mediterranean Sea provides more than you can ask for. Sun, lifestyle, great cuisine, culture and of course an amazing street art scene! You won’t need a plan to find great masterpieces around the city.My favourite spots for street art in Tel Aviv are the Promenade and Rothschild Boulevard. Go get lost and discover hidden art gems!”

street art in Tel Aviv
Ilo Beach, Peru – by Kach from Two Monkeys Travel

„Ilo – a sleepy port city in southern Peru with a thriving local community, amazing local cuisine and even a cool little night life. It’s a prime, yet almost deserted surf spot – a true rarity these days. Unfortunately, Ilo is also home to a huge copper smelting plant for the surrounding mines. The water we surfed had a strange odour and rocks tinged with a sinister shade of green. The intoxicated cartoon fish no doubt symbolises the pollution – environmental destruction, while ‘Give me your money’ highlights the corruption used to secure permits and avoid safeguard measures – moral destruction.”

street art in Peru
Hamburg, Germany – by Henriette from Travel around with me

„St. Pauli and Karolinenviertel are right behind the Reeperbahn. Here it seems as if you have put a step back in time to the 80s punk and rock. Large chain stores you will not find and those who try it are gone soon. There is a lot of graffiti and street art and if you ‚re a fan of vintage, this is really the place to be .”

street art in Hamburg
Singapore – by Illia and Nastria from Crazzzy Travel

„Haji Lane is a hipster neighbourhood in the downtown Singapore. All walls here are true masterpieces, covered with witty graffiti, making this place one of the most famous destinations for street art lovers. In general paintings’ topics are related to buildings’ purposes, for example, fashion shops have huge portraits of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe and Mexican restaurant’s walls are covered with Maya illustrations. One cannot help but make pictures of every single house.”

street art in Singapore
Bucharest, Romania – by Zof from The Picktures

„I wouldn’t call Bucharest pretty or charming. That said, I’m totally a fan. Bucharest is intriguing and so is its street art scene. The pieces you’d find in the streets of Romanian capital might be wicked or even disturbing. Last but not least, they are great. Local artists developed their own, original language of art. Often inspired by social and political problems they never forget the visual side. Quality job is what they do. I’m very much into street art and I must admit I never expected Bucharest to be so rich in what I love. Here is to the travel surprises.”

street art in Bucharest
Tarapoto, Peru – by Kiara Gallop from Gallop Around the Globe

„You may think it’s unusual for me to have chosen Tarapoto – a lesser-visited small town close to the Amazon jungle in northern Peru – as one of the best destinations I’ve visited for street art.  But it’s the quality, depth and colours of the pieces here that blew me away. I’m recommending this destination also because it’s one that surprised me. I don’t know about you, but I expect to find good street art in cities; I certainly didn’t expect to find work of such a high standard in Tarapoto.”

street art in Tarapoto
Have you been to any of these cities? Which piece do you like the more? What’s the best street art destination to you?

If you want to read more about the street art and my great finds around the world check out more posts about it!

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  1. These are some great places for sure.
    Street art or wall art, around the world is really quite popular. We found some awesome murals in Valapariso Chile. Looking forward to visiting some of the places these bloggers have mentioned.
    John from Entrepreneur’s Odyssey latest post…14 Reasons Why, You Should Try a CruiseMy Profile

    • kami
      23:38 25/02/2015

      I’ve heard Valpariso is pretty exceptional when it comes to street art! I still need to visit it myself!

  2. Singapore looks great! Will definitely add street art to the list on the visit. I can vouch for Melbourne. I have a small gallery of pics and a link to a walking map from my visit:

    • kami
      13:10 08/09/2015

      Thanks! I haven’t been to Melbourne yet but when I do this will come very handy!

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