Street art in Toronto

(Last Updated On: 14/03/2017)
I think by now it’s pretty obvious I’m a fan of street art. But I must confess I developed this interest not such a long time ago. Only then I understood that the street art just adds up to the overall atmosphere of the place and some of the pieces are a real work of art. I don’t think I can imagine places like Berlin or Barcelona without the street art, they just wouldn’t be the same! So I was more than happy when I learnt that Toronto is quite a big place in Canada’s street art scene!




The most important place in this Canadian awesome city is so called “Graffiti Alley”. This one kilometre long lane that is hidden behind the famous Queen Street West can be found between Portland Street and Spadina Avenue, not far from Toronto’s Downtown. There’re only backsides of houses, walls or garages, all covered in graffiti. It was hard to find the space that still could be used for some more work but when I was there I could see some stret art artists doing their job. No one bothered them, few people that were walking around the Graffiti Alley stoped to admire their work. I wandered for a long while, checking all the graffities and I didn’t feel the time passing by! A lot of graffiti is just random writting but some really awesome pieces can be found as well. It took me an hour or so to walk down this lane as there was just so many things around to admire! Definitely one of the coolest spots in Toronto!




But “Graffiti Alley” isn’t the only awesome place in the Toronto’s street art scene. The whole Queen Street West, famous for its bohemian and artsy feel, is full of really great graffitis and murals, you just have to look around carefully to nottice them all. A lot of work is connected to Toronto and its great community. It either shows you the ethnical background of people living in the certain area or just scenes from the city’s life.




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I found Toronto a city with a big number of young, creative and independent people that definitely had a quirky and cool vibe. In a way it reflected in an awesome street art around the city too. I guess that was one of the reason why I enjoyed Toronto so very much and why I really would love to come back there to explore it some more.




Do you like street art? What other places with good street art scene do you know?

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