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Where to stay in Sarajevo – best Sarajevo accommodation

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During my numerous visits in Sarajevo – the incredible capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the Balkans highlights – I stayed at the whole range of accommodation – from hostels and private apartments to hotels of the various standard. I was lucky as all of them turned out to be really good and worth recommending.

And since you often ask me where to stay in Sarajevo I’ve put together a list of best Sarajevo hotels, hostels, and apartments that you might like. I’ve stayed at some of them, others were chosen based on the reviews, location, and value – I included only places where I’d stay at myself (and probably will during my next visits).

Sarajevo essentials

Best areas to stay in Sarajevo

The key to finding the best Sarajevo accommodation is understanding the city and especially its location. You might have seen beautiful pictures showing Sarajevo from above. While the city offers some of the amazing views and the most spectacular sunsets you will ever see you need to go up a bit to enjoy those.

Some of the uphills (well, most of them) are really steep and going to the viewpoints can be exhausting therefore I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to look for the place to stay in Sarajevo in the upper parts of the city. Sarajevo hotels you will see below are all located in the flat area and within a walking distance to the main sights.

where to stay in Sarajevo

Stunning Sarajevo sunsets

When visiting Sarajevo you might want to stay close to the best attractions. The majority of them is located between Obana Kulina Bana and Mula Mustafe Bašeskije streets. That’s where you will find Bascarsija – the Ottoman part of the city, the Catholic and Orthodox cathedrals, Galerija 11/07/95 (one of the best museums ever, showing the tragic story of Srebrenica genocide) and two main pedestrian streets Ferhadija and Saraci with the famous “Meeting of Cultures” sign between them. It is also within a walking distance to the cable car to Trebevic mountains and the famous abandoned bobsled track.

I always try to stay in this area too as I like to be close to all the best places in Sarajevo. And if I want to go to some further attractions (like Avaz Twist Tower or Ilidza) there is a tram line going all the way there.

where to stay in Sarajevo

The area where you want to stay in Sarajevo – Ferhadija street and Bascarsija

Where to stay in Sarajevo

Best Sarajevo hotels

During my trips to Sarajevo, I stayed at two hotels: Hotel Boutique Libris and M’Ali Rooms. I can definitely recommend both of them, for different reasons.

Hotel Boutique Libris

Of all the hotels I’ve ever stayed at Hotel Boutique Libris has probably the best value for the price. For 40€ only I had a spacious room with a corner to relax/work. The room was very comfortable, modern and in bright colors. I loved literally everything about this place and returning there after a busy day of travel from Uzice, Serbia and then chasing sunsets in Sarajevo was pure bliss.

The hotel is small and charming, with only a few rooms available. In the morning a delicious self-service breakfast is available.

Hotel Boutique Libris is located next to the Miljacka river, a few steps away from Vijecnica – the beautiful town hall. It takes 5 minutes walking to get to the heart of Bascarsija.

I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed staying at Hotel Boutique Libris. The place has the rating on 9.3/10 and the highest scores went to staff, location, and cleanliness.

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where to stay in Sarajevo

Vijecnica – the Town Hall

M’Ali Rooms

M’Ali Rooms is more of a low-key place. If you have a bit smaller budget but looking for a nice place to stay in the heart of Sarajevo this is a good option for you. M’Ali Rooms is located in the street parallel to the main square of Bascarsija and it takes a minute or two to walk to many of Sarajevo highlights. If you are looking for a good restaurant, bakery or grocery shop it is all next door.

The room at M’Ali Rooms isn’t that big but comfortable enough for a few nights. Each room has a bathroom and all you might need during your stay. Breakfast isn’t included in the price (you might still get it in the hotel) but there is a small kitchen available for your use.

M’Ali Rooms has an excellent rating of 9.5/10 on Booking. People who stayed here gave the highest notes to cleanliness, value for the price, and location. In the comments you can often read about the hospitable and helpful owner, I can testify that too.

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where to stay in Sarajevo

Architecture from the times of Austria-Hungary in Sarajevo

Other recommended Sarajevo hotels:

Hotel VIP – very highly rated (9.6/10 on Booking) hotel located just across the street from the synagogue and near the Catholic Cathedral. Rooms are spacious and modern, people who stayed here value staff, cleanliness, and comfort the most. Read the reviews, check current rates and the availability here.

Hotel Opal Home – rooms are modern and chick, everyone who likes designer hotels should enjoy this place. The location, close to the Latin Bridge and near the nightlife spots, is perfect for those who plan to stay out late. But the best thing about this hotel is the stunning view over the surrounding mountains so when booking this place be sure to ask for the room in the upper levels (if you can’t get it don’t worry – the restaurant where the breakfast is served is on the 6th floor). The hotel has a high ranking of 9.1/10 and those who stayed here valued the cleanliness, staff and free wi-fi the most. Read the reviews, check current rates and the availability here.

Hotel Old Sarajevo – located just behind Vijecnica – the town hall, the hotel offers modern yet minimalist style with local, Oriental touches (beautiful tables, pillows or rugs). The hotel is highly rated (9.4/10 on Booking) and visitors recommend this place especially for cleanliness, staff, and comfort. Read the reviews, check current rates and the availability here.

İsa Begov Hamam Hotel – this might be one of the most unique places to stay in Sarajevo, with a very high ratings (9.1/10 on Booking). Located in the old hammam (a Turkish bath) dating back to the mid-17th century this hotel offers spacious and stylish rooms with an Oriental twist. You can also use the hammam free of charge. The hotel is only a few steps away from the Latin Bridge, across the river from Bascarsija. Those who stayed here highly rated the staff, cleanliness, and comfort. Read the reviews, check current rates and the availability here.

where to stay in Sarajevo

Latin Bridge

Best Sarajevo hostels

Hostel Franz Ferdinand

I stayed at Hostel Franz Ferdinand during one of my trips to Sarajevo and I can’t recommend this place enough for travelers who seek a budget option in the city center. Located just around the corner from the Catholic Cathedral, the hostel is dedicated to Franz Ferdinand – the Archduke whose assassination was the official starting point of the World War 1 (it happened in Sarajevo, next to the Latin Bridge).

Rooms are bright and minimalist, all decorated with pictures of either Franz Ferdinand or other important scenes from the beginning of the 20th century. You can even learn a bit about those events by reading the info boards in the lobby.

My favorite part, however, was the kitchen – the hangout area of the hostel with a big map of Austria-Hungary (the country I have a big sentiment on). Here you can enjoy a complimentary breakfast in the morning or talk to fellow travelers till late at night. The hostel has a rating of 9.2/10 on Booking and is recommended for the location, staff, and cleanliness.

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where to stay in Sarajevo

Where to stay in Sarajevo – Hostel Franz Ferdinand

Other recommended Sarajevo hostels:

Hostel Pigeon Square – highly rated hostel (9.3/10 on Booking) located across the street from the main square of Bascarsija, in front of the tram stop and above the grocery store. Rooms are clean and modest but offer everything you might need. What’s more, you can admire the view of the main square and the surrounding hills directly from your room! Travelers who stayed here highly valued the location, cleanliness and free wifi. Read the reviews, check current rates and the availability here.

Hostel Kucha – modern a stylish hostel, decorated in bright colors, offering both dormitories and private rooms with a nice view over Sarajevo. Travelers gave highly rates to just about everything about this place, it has the overall ranking of 9.5/10 on Booking. The only downside – it’s a bit uphill so keep it in mind when booking this place. Read the reviews, check current rates and the availability here.

where to stay in Sarajevo

Main square of Bascarsija

Best Sarajevo apartments

Apartments Dijana

I stayed at Apartments Dijana twice, that’s how much I liked it. The place is spacious, cozy and charming and offers everything you need during your stay in Sarajevo. There are so many small details in here, like old pictures of Sarajevo, that make this place unique. Returning here always felt like coming back home.

The owner is super nice, hospitable and helpful and when I arrived early in the morning or had a flight back in the afternoon allowed me to stay longer in the place at no extra costs. The apartment is located across the river from the old town and the Market Hall / Orthodox Cathedral, a bit uphill (but then you can admire the view of the new part of Sarajevo from your window).

I’m not the only one who enjoyed this place – Apartments Dijana has the overall rating of 9,5/10 on Booking, fellow visitors valued every single aspect of this place, just like I did.

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where to stay in Sarajevo

Sarajevo meeting of cultures

Other Sarajevo apartments

Tuzlaks appartmentover a hundred of extremely positive reviews can’t be wrong – this apartment seems to be a perfect place to stay. Clean, modern, bright and spacious, the apartment offers comfortable accommodation just a short walk up from the Catholic Cathedral (through one of my favorite backstreets, next to the Music Academy). The place has one of the highest rates on Booking in Sarajevo – 9.8/10. Read the reviews, check current rates and the availability here.

Enjoy Apartments – located behind the Academy of Fine Arts, in the close proximity to numerous cool bars and cafes this place offers comfortable accommodation in spacious, bright and modern apartments. Guest can also enjoy an outdoor sitting area in the garden. Enjoy Apartments have the overall rating of 9.4/10 on Booking and all the aspects of this place got high notes. Read the reviews, check current rates and the availability here.

where to stay in Sarajevo

Sarajevo backstreets close to the Music Academy

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And if you have any questions about Sarajevo feel free to join my Facebook group about traveling in the Balkans and ask there or contact me directly. Have a great time in Sarajevo!

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Best Sarajevo accommodation

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