Kaszuby, Poland in pictures

(Last Updated On: 08/03/2021)
As much as I like exploring new, far away places I’m a huge fan of discovering my own country too. Poland is so big and so diverse that even if I’ve been travelling around since I was a small kid there’re still so many places I’d love to visit and it will probably take me years to see them all. One of such places that has been on my mind for a long time is Kaszuby. This area, located in north part of the country, not far from Gdańsk is known for beautiful untouched landscape, lakes and forest and its own language (the only official language in Poland besides Polish).

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I had a chance to spend few days in Kaszuby earlier this year and it was as pretty as I imagined. I stayed in the heart of the region, in a small village Wdzydze Kiszewskie. It was mid May so there weren’t all that many people around, only some school groups. Sadly, even if there’re less than 200 inhabitants in the village, Wdzydze looked like a summer nightmare place that I wouldn’t like to visit in the peak season. But May seems like a perfect time to be there. It was quite and peaceful, singing birds woke me up early in the morning, lakes were empty – everything a person needs to relax in a beautiful landscape.

Wdzydze is also known for the oldest open-air museum in Poland, showing the old architecture typical for Kaszuby region. While I preferred the museum in Sierpc I enjoyed this one as well. I always like wandering this kind of museums and imagining how the life used to look like all these years ago. This one had a really nice location, in the forest at the shore of the lake and at some points I really felt like I moved back in time!

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Another attraction of Wdzydze that I really enjoyed was a watch tower. A pretty high one – 36 meters –  and located next to the point where four lakes meet, offers a breathtaking view of the area. I went there twice and it still wasn’t enough for me, I could spend hours just staring at this perfect view. But as well I could spend hours just sitting in the pier, with my feet in the lake, reading a book or staring at the endless surface of the water in front of me…



























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kaszuby pin (1)       kaszuby pin (2)

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