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Best cafes in Prague

As my travel style has changed over the last few years the cafe culture has become a really important part of my time in every place I visit. And when it comes to the cities that have a special place in my heart and I keep returning to then it is the activity I enjoy the most. That’s my case with Prague recently. I’m there few times per year and my last 3 visits were full of exploring the local cafe culture and discovering hip or quirky places. While the cafe legacy is long and rich and has excellent traditions the newest openings pop up constantly and change the local scene into one of the coolest in Central Europe. So if you’re heading to Prague and want to leave the crowds behind and hang out with locals while sipping a delicious coffee these are some of the best cafes in Prague to check out:
best cafes in Prague
Dos MundosA fairly new place, opened less than a year ago, but already a very popular one. The decor is simple but cozy and the big roasting machine attracts the attention. If you’re lucky you can see it in the action while the lovely aroma of fresh coffee fills the place. There is a big choice of coffee from all over the world, marked clearly on the map. Besides the regular espresso, latte etc you can also try some drinks prepared in the alternative way (I felt like there’s some kind of magic happening in front of my eyes when those were being prepared!). I’ve tried three different coffees and they were the best I’ve ever had, I’m not exaggerating here (although the one from Ethiopia was slightly too strong but smelled the best!). There’s also a mini shop where you can get the seeds to make your own drink at home – everything is roasted in Dos Mundos! When you go there say hi from me to Lukas, the owner!

Check the website for more details! Also, for my Polish readers: that’s where I left one of the “Książka w Podróży” books.

best cafes in Prague
best cafes in Prague
Můj šálek kávy

Located in the corner of pretty Karlin streets this is recently one of the most popular cafes in Prague, ranking high in all the lists. It seems to be always full of people but there’s a good explanation for that: the atmosphere is lively, friendly and informal and it’s just a perfect place to catch up with friends over a drink, do some work or sit down and relax with a book. When you find a place to sit you can enjoy some fresh coffee, delicious cakes or – in the summer time – refreshing drinks like cucumber lemonade (totally recommended!). They also offer beer from some Czech microbreweries as well as breakfast and some light food. It’s well worth a trip to Karlin and can be a good starting point for exploring the area!

Check the website for the menu

best cafes in Prague
Dobra trafika

Literally few steps away from Dos Mundos these two places couldn’t be more different yet both are pretty awesome. Being in Dobra Trafika just feels good, like you stepped back in time into the old fashioned grandma’s house. In the summer time there’s also a quiet garden where you can relax while sipping your drink. The cafe is hidden behind the small shop (where I bought my awesome 2015 calendar!), finding it is a pure pleasure! They have another location on Ujezd.

More details at the website.

best cafes in Prague
EMA espresso bar

Next to Masarykovo Nadrazi and few steps away from Florenc bus station this small cafe seems to be one of the most hip places for a drink in the city. It’s minimalist, the clientele is trendy, the coffee is good and the options are wide. The place is so hipster they don’t even have wifi, but I liked it anyway :)

More at the website

best cafes in Prague
Bio Oko

Technically it’s a cinema, the alternative one, considered one of the best in Prague. But there’s also a bar and a cafe and overall the place is just perfect. Some say it’s the most hipster spot in Holesovice but I can’t blame people for liking it that much as it’s a pretty awesome place and I fell for it too! The movie selection is really good there so no matter what you will have a quality time there. Also, my Polish friend Anna works there and thanks to her I’m more or less updated what cool events happen there.  If you see her around say hi!

Bio Oko website

best cafes in Prague
Kavarna Liberal

Another place I discovered thanks to Anna. Down the road from Bio Oko it’s a typical intellectual Vienna style cafe with a very laid-back atmosphere. I could spend hours there, reading a book and sipping coffee!

best cafes in Prague
Paralelni Polis

The first bitcoin cafe in the world! The place is really quirky but at the same time so amazing! There’s no typical counter, just a big table in the middle where a selection of snacks, a coffee machine and the menu can be found. It’s hard to say who works there and who is just a customer. The space is designed to be a creative hub, and that’s the best word that can describe the interior. Upstairs is the working space where everyone can rent a desk to do their job in that friendly environment. Such an unique place, I have found it only thanks to the alternative Prague tour!

Paralelni Polish website

best cafes in Prague
Home Kitchen

One of the best places for breakfast in Prague and the coffee is pretty decent there too! It has two locations, in the center and in Holesovice – I was in the second one and really enjoyed it! It’s stylish, welcoming and hip, the perfect place to meet up with friends. The open space makes it different than most of the restaurants. And the food was so yummy!

Home Kitchen website

Bistro 8

Another excellent food/drink place in Holesovice! Very popular among the young and cool clientele that fit perfectly to the modern interior.  The food is to die for (with many vegetarian options, I was in heaven), so are drinks. It’s well worth a short tram ride from the center to get the hip Prague experience, away from the crowds.

best cafes in Prague
Cross Club

Somehow an icon of Prague’s alternative night life with a quirky yet awesome interior and surroundings (I really would love to peak inside of the head of the person who has designed it). There’s a really good cafe upstairs, they serve food too (veggie burger was really delicious!). Definitely a must in Prague!

Cross Club website


In the center yet not visited by many tourists. A really pleasant place with tasty, fair trade coffee, yummy snacks and bright, modern interior. Seems like a perfect place to get some work done or to meet up with friends. They have cafes in different locations too!

Mamacoffee website

best cafes in Prague

Another quirky place: bike repair / cafe. They have three location: in Zizkov, at Naplavka and in MeetFactory – I’ve been to all of them and they were pretty awesome but the most I enjoyed the one in Zizkov. It’s the best especially in the summertime when you can sip your drink and relax in the green scenery that used to be a train tracks.

Bajkazyl website

best cafes in Prague
best cafes in Prague

Another place discovered thanks to the alternative tour that I’m looking forward to get to know better. Somehow similar with the look and atmosphere to Kavarna Liberal. It’s slightly touristy but still great and vibrant, with the intellectual atmosphere an a big bone hanging from the ceiling. In the next room the alternative theatre and the contemporary gallery can be found.

NoD website

Typical Prague fancy cafes: Slavia and Louvre

A must visit for every person visiting Prague for the first time! Beautiful interior, the feel of the past high life and the old times charm make for an ultimate Prague experience!

Map with all the cafes:

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If you also want to eat some yummy, vegan food be sure to check my friend Sam’s vegan Prague guide!

If you’re looking for more information about Prague or you want to find out about other cool places in Czech Republic make sure to visit Cool Czech Guide and download their free app for Android or iPhone that will surely be a great help when exploring Czech Republic! Don’t forget also about Use-It maps! They’re free, you can find them in many Czech cities and they always have the coolest tips and places to check out! That’s how I found most of my favourite spots in Czech Republic!

Do you like visiting cafes during your travels? Where did you find the best cafe scene? Would you like to visit Prague?

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If you think of visiting Czech Republic or just want to read more about the country take a look what else I wrote about it!

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There are 69 Comments.

  1. I am intrigued by the bitcoin cafe! I dont really understand the bitcoin, but it’s still pretty cool. Great list of options, I’m hoping to visit Prague again this year and check out the Christmas markets so I will keep this in mind :)
    Hannah latest post…Best Places to Travel Solo: IrelandMy Profile

    • kami
      10:52 30/01/2015

      Christmas markets in Prague are really cool so I really hope you will get to see them! And visit some of these cafes then :) I don’t really get the whole bitcoin thing too but it was pretty cool!

  2. I love this – especially the rustic look of Bajkazyl – so many fab unique little cafes to check out the next time I’m in Prague! And am extremely grateful that you’ve included a Google Map – super helpful, thanks!
    Meg Jerrard latest post…4 Ways to Travel on the CheapMy Profile

    • kami
      10:53 30/01/2015

      you’re very welcome! The city is full of incredible cafes! I’m sure next time I go (probably next month!) I will find some new amazing ones!

  3. I’m wondering how would the bitcoin system work in some other countries :) The google map view is super useful – great idea!
    Anna @AnnaEverywhere latest post…My impressions about BaliMy Profile

    • kami
      10:53 30/01/2015

      Thank you! I think it was the first time I’ve seen bitcoin idea in life and it seemed to work really fine there!

  4. Ah there’s nothing better than finding an awesome cafe whilst travelling! Prague looks like it has loads of quirky ones, and I’ll definitely keep them in mind for the next time I’m in the city :)
    Lizzie latest post…Why You Don’t Have to be Confident to TravelMy Profile

    • kami
      10:55 30/01/2015

      it’s full of cool and quirky cafes! Each time when I go I keep finding more and more awesome places that I could spend days in! Prague is really my fave city ever!

  5. Great list. Vid and I are yet to visit Kavarna Liberal but we’ll definitely try it out. We visit (and write about) a lot of cafes when we’re travelling as Vid is knee-deep into the third wave coffee movement. We love the cafe scene in London
    Savi of Bruised Passports latest post…11 Things To Do In Jodhpur, IndiaMy Profile

    • kami
      11:04 30/01/2015

      I still need to give London a proper chance, been there twice so far but we didn’t click! Prague is really amazing with the cafe culture and if you have a chance go to Kavarna Liberal, it’s really good!

  6. Franca
    13:10 28/01/2015

    I love this posts! As you know I’m a huge coffee lover and addicted, I love the coffee shop culture and whilst in Berlin I even had to my first coffee cupping experience which was very interesting. I like the look and sounds of Dos Mundos, I could see myself spending lots of time there :)
    Franca latest post…How Travel Helped Me Dispel Vegan MythsMy Profile

    • kami
      11:12 30/01/2015

      Dos Mundos was really great and coffee was the best there! I’m sure you would love the place big time! When you finally decide to give Prague a proper chance let me know, I could come and show you around :)

  7. Karol Werner
    16:40 28/01/2015

    Nie mogę patrzeć na kawowe wpisy bo szlag mnie trafia, kiedy w robocie mam pić rozpuszczalną,…
    Karol Werner latest post…Najlepsze noclegi w ubiegłym roku!My Profile

    • kami
      11:13 30/01/2015

      to nie możesz sobie przyzwoitej do roboty zabierać?

  8. During my visit in Prague I prefered exploring breweries ;) Now I see I need to go back there…
    Natalia from biegunwschodni.pl latest post…Sarajewo. Miasto przesiąknięte wojnąMy Profile

    • kami
      11:14 30/01/2015

      breweries are another long story ;) there are more and more micro ones that serve an excellent beer with a great Czech vibe :)

  9. Choć Pragę odwiedziłem kilka razy nie miałem okazji wypić tam “takiej kawy”.
    Hmm, .. Może to powód by wybrać się tam kolejny raz :-)

  10. Nice article, Prague sure has a lot of bohemian cafes!!!
    Raphael Alexander Zoren latest post…The Medieval Winter Fairytale of TallinnMy Profile

    • kami
      11:23 30/01/2015

      thanks! It’s a wonderful city when it comes to cafe culture!

  11. 21:24 28/01/2015

    I’ve been to Prague a few times, but have only ever visited Mamacoffee so I definitely need to make a note of this post for when I go there again (and since my husband and I now live in Berlin, just 4 hours away, that surely won’t be long). The map is super useful too – thanks!
    Sam latest post…How Much Does It Cost to Live in Berlin for a Month?My Profile

    • kami
      11:46 30/01/2015

      you’re lucky to be that close! :) (I didn’t realize it’s only 4 hours) Prague has an exceptional cafe culture so I really hope you will return there soon and visit some cool places there, maybe also something new to recommend me :)

  12. Wow, quite the extensive list. I’m hoping to make it to Prague later this year, so I’ll keep this list handy! Můj šálek kávy is enticing with their cucumber lemonade and beer from some Czech microbreweries. Love the look of Dobra trafika! So cute!
    Toccara latest post…Exploring Hurricane Ridge (Washington)My Profile

    • kami
      13:09 30/01/2015

      Ah, I hope you will make it to Prague, it’s such an amazing city! and while there you really should visit some of these cafes, you’d love them for sure! or maybe you will find some new, cool cafes too :)

  13. I love the cafe culture in Prague! I studied there for a semester in 2003 and loved going to all the cafes. I used to go to Slavia and Louvre a lot, and also the Globe. Sounds like there are a lot of new ones now!
    A Lady in London latest post…Lady at Enoteca RabezzanaMy Profile

    • kami
      13:11 30/01/2015

      oh, lucky you! it must have been so great to study there! There’s an overwhelming number of great cafes which makes Prague even better! Slavia and Louvre got slightly too touristy but they are still great!

  14. This is perfect timing! We are heading to Prague next month, so I will definitely be checking a few of these out! I love adorable cafes like this–thanks for sharing!
    Jenna latest post…Help Save #JustOneRhino and Enter to Win Prizes!My Profile

    • kami
      20:48 31/01/2015

      ah, that’s perfect! I hope you will get to visit some of these cafes and will enjoy them as much as I did! :)

  15. “Dnes na mlýnku” – best text ever! :) I am huge coffee fan and it’s very nice that coffee scene is growing in Central Europe with all these fresh roasted beans, info on origin and so on. Though I can’t decide which I like better – Dobra Trafika or Kavarna Liberal – both a must next time in Prague!
    Michał latest post…NeonoWaWaWaMy Profile

    • kami
      20:55 31/01/2015

      you’re so right, 5 or so years ago there weren’t many good cafes yet now it’s difficult to choose one as most of them sound fantastic! you really should go back to Prague and explore the cafe scene there, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it big time! And when you decide to go there let me know, I’ll gladly show you around! :)

  16. I love the look of Kavarna Liberal! I could spend an entire there with a book and nice cup of coffee! Looks so elegant and quaint :)
    Alli latest post…7 Top Things I’ve Learned From TravelMy Profile

    • kami
      20:55 31/01/2015

      me too!!! actually the day like that is in my plans for one of the next visits to Prague :)

  17. Bajkazyl fajowy :)

    • kami
      20:56 31/01/2015

      rewelacja! chyba to jedno z moich ulubionych miejsc w Pradze!

  18. And now, I yearn to return to Praha. It seems as if I don’t go back at least once per year, there’s something missing. And you’ve put the finger on one of the things I miss about Praha: great cafes and coffee in their neighbourhoods. Thanks for highlighting your favourites, Kami!
    Henry | @fotoeins latest post…Alpen panorama from Zugspitze, the top of GermanyMy Profile

    • kami
      20:57 31/01/2015

      you’re welcome :) I really hope you will return there soon and maybe then you will recommend me some new cafes! :)

  19. Thank you so much for this post! I love love love visiting cafes and you’ve listed so many good ones. You’ve really captured the atmosphere in your photos, too!
    Lauren latest post…Very Inspiring Blogger Award NominationMy Profile

    • kami
      21:24 31/01/2015

      Thank you for your nice words Lauren! Visiting cafes is always a highlight of my travels :)

  20. That is a lovely list. I did a post about Prague cafés myself, but some of those you listed are new to me. I’ll surely keep that post in mind for my next trip to Prague! Very useful! Especially for me as a coffee lover…

    • kami
      21:25 31/01/2015

      Thanks! I need to find your post to see which places did you visit, maybe there will be some new ones for me :)

  21. Ondra Janku
    20:01 31/01/2015

    Hey Kami, great list! Next time you’re here I need to take you to Krymska Street with Cafe v Lese, Sladkovsky, Plevel or Strojovna. That really is a hip area. Btw. Ondrej Kobza the owner of Cafe v lese is the author of the Pianos in the streets project. Have you seen that policeman playing piano in the streets of Prague?

    • kami
      21:26 31/01/2015

      oh yes, I’ve heard about Krymska street and it sounds totally my thing, with all the hipsters, cafes etc! For some reason I haven’t been to Vrsovice yet so we’re so going there next time!! yeah, I’ve heard about the project! so cool and creative! I loved it :)

  22. Yeah, I literally haven’t a breeze what bitcoin is either. I think I may have been in that Dobra Trafika place tho’ it looks super familiar!
    Sammi Wanderlustin’ latest post…Rediscovering Civilisation in HelsinkiMy Profile

    • kami
      18:58 02/02/2015

      I didn’t even know there’s something like a bitcoin cafe but it seems to be working really fine! And Dobra Trafika is just the cutest!

  23. This is a great list! We’d like to add it to our post about Prague (http://www.madeinmoments.com/blog/2015/1/30/three-prague-eating-adventures). May we do so? :))
    Marina from madeinmoments.com

  24. laura
    18:28 03/02/2015

    I’ve heard great things about Prague but am yet to visit. Great photos!

    • kami
      22:36 08/02/2015

      thanks! I hope you will go there soon, it’s an amazing city!

  25. I am a coffee lover as well and its been a tradition of mine, like yours to check out at least one coffee shop in every place that I travel to. This list is worth keeping. I have a good impression of the shops you’ve listed. The all look cozy and some has interesting interiors too. Thanks for the share.

    • kami
      23:24 08/02/2015

      You’re very welcome! I love visiting cafes and Prague has some exceptional places!! What is your favourite cafe city?

  26. What an exhaustive list. I haven’t been to Prague yet, maybe never will, but I wish more travel blogs were as useful as this.
    Mike Orobona latest post…I’ll Have Some of Umekes’ Poke, MonMy Profile

    • kami
      11:50 29/04/2015

      Thank you! I really hope you will go to Prague soon, it’s pretty amazing!

  27. Kawiarniany raj! Patrzę na te zdjęcia w każdej z tych kawiarni chciałabym usiąść z książką w ręku i dobrą kawą. No i najlepiej nie wychodzić przez bardzo długo! Cierpię bardzo tutaj w Dusseldorfie – wszystko tu takie “fancy” i brakuje mi takich alternatywnych miejsc z klimatem.
    Justyna | wAfryce.pl latest post…Meczet Narodowy Muammara Kadafiego: największy meczet w Afryce WschodniejMy Profile

    • kami
      23:32 19/06/2015

      no własnie Niemcy kawiarniano zupełnie mi sie nie kojarzą (może oprócz Berlina, ale tam wszystko alternatywne przecież), a szkoda wielka, bo w kawiarniach takich jest siła!

  28. Kami, this is a very well done selection! I will follow your path during the next visit! :)

    • kami
      22:34 03/08/2015

      perfect! let me know when you plan to go so I can give you even more tips!

  29. Next time when I visit Prague your post will be very helpful, because last time I haven’t a clue where to go for a good cafe.
    łukasz kędzierski – podróże i fotografia latest post…Yardenit czy Qasr el-Yahud: kicz czy uduchowione miejsce?My Profile

    • kami
      22:34 03/08/2015

      well, now you will have plenty of options to choose from!

  30. Mmmmmmm, kawusia. I to w Pradze. To jakieś przekleństwo, że nadal tam nie dotarłam :(
    Ollie latest post…Podróżowanie w wersji LIGHT & HARDMy Profile

    • kami
      22:35 03/08/2015

      no nie mów?!?!?! to trzeba jak najszybciej nadrobić!! Praga jest dość fantastyczna!

  31. Minerva
    19:36 03/06/2017

    Hi Kami, I just discovered your blog and love your style! I was in Prague in 2014 and tried to go to Cafe Slavia but there was a huge line! It was New Year’s Eve which I’m sure explains it. But I am wondering, is it typical to find a line? When do you think is the best time to go to avoid this?

    • Minerva
      06:46 04/06/2017

      I should say I plan on going in later September or early October. Thanks.

    • kami
      09:31 21/06/2017

      I honestly have never seen a line in Slavia so you must have been really unlucky. I guess the morning might be the best time to go but I assume September and October can be busy months in Prague too!

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