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5 years of blogging survey

Later this month I’m going to celebrate 5 years of blogging!

I really have no idea when this time has passed! I remember very well my first trip to Armenia in July 2012 (who would have thought back then that this country will be so important to me and I will be returning on so many occassions!). Shortly after I was spending a weekend at my parents’ place and to kill the time I just wrote my first blog post at www.mywanderlust.pl (back then it had a different name but I honestly don’t remember what was that!).

It wasn’t my first attempt at blogging, I’ve had personal blog on LiveJournal for years and tried to start the travel blog many times – but I always failed. I don’t know why it was different with that one but very quickly I got really into it!

Of course I did numerous mistakes and I wish I had done so many things differently but this is not another post about blogging itself. I just want to say how proud of myself I am for sticking to blogging for 5 years, how it has changed my life and how grateful I am that you, my dear readers are with my in this journey!

picture taken in Łódź, Poland by my friend Evi that I also met thanks to this blog

And so I have a big favour to ask. Would you be so kind and spend 10 minutes top to fill this survey I’ve created?

I want the blog not only be the outlet of my writing but also to be as useful for you as possible. I’d love to learn more about you, your travels and your expectations from the blog so I can create the best content I can to help you during your travels at all the stages!

You can find the survey below or you can just click here to fill it.

As a little thank you I have two really great prizes for you (I really wish I have more, for everyone!).

I got you a really great tote bag from the Neon Museum in Warsaw (absolute must to visit in the Polish capital!) – I’ve been using one of these bags for years during my travels and on every-day basis and I love it!

I also teamed up with Pixter and got you a starter pack of their lenses – the same one that I use and enjoy!

To have a chance for winning one of these things just enter the email address in the survey and I will pick winners using random.org.

Thank you again: for taking the time to answer the questions, for reading my posts and for being here with me! And now onto the survey! You can also click here to fill it.

Picture of the bag and lenses taken from the website of Neon Museum and Pixter

love, kami 2

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9 Lip '17

There are 4 Comments.

  1. kris meade
    07:32 11/07/2017

    love love love your blogs, the one on Iran was brilliant as I was going there, and have also got hints and ideas for when i went to the Balkans earlier this year (your winter)
    You make Armenia and Georgia sound great as well


    • kami
      20:45 21/08/2017

      Thank you Kris! I’m glad you enjoyed all the places and you should definitely go to Armenia and Georgia too! I heard you met Paulina in Iran ;) I took her to Yerevan, Armenia earlier this year ;)

  2. Gratuluję i sam może wytrwam tyle lat. Fajnie mieć taką pamiątkę w sieci ze swoich podróży. Ja do Ciebie trafiłem dwa lata temu dzięki postom z Czerniowiec i Ukrainy. I teraz to mój ulubiony blog podróżniczy :)

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