Can’t live without travels! Wherever she goes she always looks for alternative spots or street art. A huge fan of Central Europe and off the beaten path places and a living proof that you can balance full time job and extensive travel!

Who is Kami?

This part needs to be updated sooo badly but…

Ever since I was a small girl and since I remember I was travelling. My parents used to drag me first around Poland and then, around Europe. Each summer was spent visiting mountains, seasides, lakes, cities and so many other beautiful places. That gave me a serious travel bug that is getting worse and worse with time…

(in Caucasus, Georgia, October 2011)

My first solo trip took place before my 18th birthday when I went to visit a friend in Austria and came back home via Slovakia (with some minor adventures on the way). This gave me the courage and confidence and pushed me to travel to more far away places. 10 years later I find myself travelling more than ever!

(Istanbul, Turkey, May 2011)

Every year for the past decade I went for a train trip around Europe, discovering new places, admiring views from the train’s window, meeting various people. Along the way, back in 2005 in Portugal, I discovered the awesome idea of Couchurfing and since then it’s a big part of my way of travelling. I also try to help other travelers in my area whenever I can – it’s like travelling without actually leaving your hometown! :) And I know how great meeting a local person in a far away place can be! :)

(on the ferry from Germany to Denmark, the train was at the bottom deck; June 2011)

Sometimes I travel with friends, more often alone. I used to travel mostly by train, now I find myself flying more often. When I see a cheap ticket to the place I wouldn’t mind seeing I just book it and think leave the thinking about everything else for later on (however lately I’m more picky with cheap flights;)). I take my camera everywhere with me and after coming back home I’m mad at myself and promise not to take that many pictures anymore – of course it doesn’t work. If not couchsurfing then definitely hostels – that’s the best way to meet new people and fellow travellers.

(trying to find the way around in Kiev, Ukraine, April 2012)
After being able to see most of the Europe now I really want to explore other parts of the world. I’m especially tempted to go to all these post-soviet “stans” and Middle East countries but there’re so many other places I’d like to visit one day! Basically most of my travel destinations are chosen due to the cheap tickets to get there :) Otherwise I’d never decide where I wanna go next ;)

(shopping in Galway, Ireland, May 2010)

Some random facts about me:
* despite what people think I do work, full time, and travel only in my free time :) My work is kind of connected to travel and I love it with passion. It actually is my passion and I know how lucky I am to do for a living something that I truly enjoy (no matter how annoying it can be at times)
* I’m a holder of a tour leader licence, just never had time to actually use it…
* I’m really into learning Czech language properly (I’m somewhere at the intermidiate level now) so if you go to Czech Republic be sure I’ll ask you to bring me some newspapers :) once I’m done with Czech there’s Russian, German, Italian and probably few other languages to learn…
* I always have to have some trips to look forward to, otherwise I get miserable (but that doesn’t happen very often:))
* back in 2007 I’ve lived for 5 months in the tiny town in the middle of nowhere in Finland (as an exchange student) and then for a month in Berlin. Those were the times!
* I was a volunteer during European football championships and that was one of the greatest adventures of my life!
* I hated Warsaw so much but after changing neighbourhoods I suddenly really enjoy living here
* I never bring the typical suvenirs, like the small Eiffel Tower, from my trips. Instead I buy lots of spices, tea, earrings and postcards
* I have too many books to read on my shelves yet I spent every free moment on reading – in the elevator, in the queue or before going to sleep (that’s the best way to end a day!). I never leave house without the book in my bag!

love, kami 2

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  1. Crazysexyfuntraveler
    16:10 29/12/2012

    It's very interesting to read about you :)

  2. Hi Kami,

    I enjoyed your blog very much. So many nice pictures and articles, great work. So we decided to link you on our blog-page: http://www.litauen-baltikum.de/links/ If you like you may have a look, it's in german language.
    We will check back to your website very soon and see where you have been since last time. :)


  3. gweaverii
    18:57 29/04/2013

    What a delightful girl, Kami! I am pleased to have found your blog through Ewa. I look forward to following your adventures!

  4. Milo Cie poznac Kami :) Love the blog but somehow cant comment on your posts, was trying on the Neon Museum, which I visited as well.
    My recent post Friday Lens Affair #22

  5. anialodz
    21:58 29/05/2013

    ach, czemu nie po polsku;) pozdrawiam.
    My recent post Juicemaster

  6. wisemonkeysabroad
    10:05 23/10/2013

    Like you we work full-time & squeeze travel in whenever we can. We love travel so much and like you, seems like the more we travel, the more addicted we get! Look forward to following your travels, we have just subscribed to not miss a post :)
    My recent post gallipoli: lest we forget

  7. Lovely blog, Kami! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Keep up the great work and travel safe!
    My recent post Get inspired to hitchhike travel – our interview for WonderlustAdventures.com

  8. Pawel
    16:15 16/02/2014

    I just randomly stumbled upon your blog today. Great stuff! I am looking forward to following your bilingual adventures :-) Pozdrawiam I powodzenia!
    My recent post Weekly featured photo – February 12, 2014

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