Things to do in Trogir, Croatia in One Day

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Trogir, a charming town on the Croatian coast and the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a perfect day trip from Split. You can find there beautiful monuments, numerous picturesque corners, some fine eating-out options as well as good relaxing opportunities. There are plenty of things to do in Trogir and the place will surely keep you busy for a few solid hours.

In this article, a fellow blogger Olivia from Inspired by Croatia blog shares her tips on how to spend one day in Trogir. Read on and plan your trip to Trogir soon!

Trogir is one of the most beautiful historic places to visit in Croatia that is both a living museum and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Worthy of a stop on any trip to Croatia, there are many amazing things to do in Trogir: countless historic attractions, impressive architecture, and picturesque scenery. Dating back to the 3rd century BC, stepping into Trogir is like stepping back in time.

things to do in trogir croatia

Known by the names of City of Happy Moments, Little Venice, and The Stone Beauty, Trogir is truly a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Luckily, one day in Trogir is the perfect amount of time to visit the city and uncover its fascinating history while still being able to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

This guide will focus on all of the best things to do and see in Trogir, Croatia that you can cover in one day.

things to do in trogir croatia

Where Trogir is Located

Trogir is located in Central Dalmatia, just twenty minutes outside of Split, Croatia’s second largest city. Due to its close proximity to Split, Trogir makes a wonderful day trip for those who wish to escape busy city life. Trogir also makes for a great stop on a road trip down the Croatian coast.

Often referred to as “Little Venice”, Trogir is a small medieval town situated on an island that is connected by bridges to the mainland. The town itself is pedestrian-only, making it ideal for exploring on foot or with children. However, please be advised that the majority of the streets are cobblestone and they might be difficult to navigate with a stroller.

things to do in trogir croatia

How to Get to Trogir


If you are traveling around Croatia by car, you can easily reach Trogir via the freeway and park at the large parking lot just outside of the city center (next to the main bus station). Parking is about 1.5 EUR per hour, although the price may change based on the time of year and season you choose to visit.

This parking lot is just a three-minute walk from the old town.


There are a number of frequent buses that travel between Split and Trogir on a daily basis. Tickets are inexpensive, and depending on which bus you choose, the ride can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.

For the most up-to-date timetables, it is best to check at the bus station in Split.


You can also reach Trogir from Split via the Bura Line ferry. While it is not the fastest route (the boat ride takes about an hour), it is the most scenic one. This ferry line travels between the two cities multiple times per day.

things to do in trogir croatia

Things to do in Trogir in one day

Start your day in Trogir by exploring the town. While the city itself is small, it is easy to get lost in its maze of winding cobblestone streets. Take some time to walk around and simply let your curiosity lead the way.

You’ll likely stumble upon charming piazzas and hidden courtyards overflowing with beautiful flowers and potted plants. While strolling around town, be sure to check out Cipiko Palace, a Venetian-style palace situated right across from the Trogir cathedral. While the interior of the palace is not open to guests, many visitors love to stop and marvel at the beautiful architecture from the outside.

things to do in trogir croatia

Just across from Cipiko Palace is the striking cathedral of St. Lawrence. This structural gem was constructed in the 13th century and took a total of four centuries to build. For this reason, the cathedral features three different architectural styles including gothic, romanesque, and baroque.

The west entrance of the cathedral, in particular, is its own spectacular feat. This side of the church boasts one of the most significant medieval portals in this part of Europe known as the Radovanov Portal. This incredibly ornate portal was created by Master Radovan, a sculptor from Trogir. At the top of the portal is the inscription 1240, indicating the year that his masterpiece was finally completed.

things to do in trogir croatia

After admiring this extraordinary work of art, visitors can take the opportunity to climb to the top of the cathedral bell tower. The narrow staircase leads to awe-inspiring 360-degree views over the medieval town and serves as the perfect opportunity to capture some memorable photos.

things to do in trogir croatia

Upon descending from the bell tower, walk across the main square to view the town Loggia, a historic central meeting point offering a display of exquisite sculptures and Renaissance architecture. During the summertime, it is common to see a traditional acapella group, called a Klapa, performing in the Loggia.

things to do in trogir croatia

This is the perfect time to grab a seat at the nearby cafe Corto and sip a coffee on the piazza while listening to the lovely traditional tunes.

If you are looking for a sweet pick-me-up, grab some homemade gelato from Gelato Bar Bella or try Trogir’s most famous cookie, the rafiol. The rafiol is a sweet pastry made from ultra-thin dough that has been stuffed with an almond filling.

things to do in trogir croatia

After a relaxing coffee break, make your way to the Riva, or waterfront promenade. Lined with palm trees, Trogir’s waterfront promenade dazzles in the Dalmatian summer sun. It is a beautiful place to stroll at any time of day.

things to do in trogir croatia

Walk all the way to the end of the promenade to reach the imposing Kamerlengo Castle. Constructed at the end of the 14th century, this ancient fortress dominates the waterfront and often serves as a venue for summer concerts and events. Although empty inside, it is possible to enter the castle and climb up to walk the perimeter of the walls. It is relatively inexpensive to visit and worth it to marvel at the gorgeous views over the old town and promenade.

things to do in trogir croatia

Relaxing at the beach in Trogir

Now that you’ve explored the old town, it’s time to head to the beach!

If you arrived in Trogir by car, you can easily reach the beach by driving. However, if you arrived by bus or prefer not to drive to the beach, you can hop on one of the boats that leave from the waterfront promenade.

By Car:
You’ll be heading to the island of Čiovo that is connected to Trogir by the bridge. Once you cross over the bridge onto Čiovo Island, you will be presented with a number of beach options.

The first are the beaches in Okrug Gornji that are lined with cafes and restaurants with grocery stores and bakeries nearby. This area is a great choice for those traveling with children as the beach is shallow and anything you might need is located within a short walk.

For a less developed beach, you will want to continue driving past Okrug Gornji and follow the signs for Camping Labadusa. This route will take you to two beautiful beaches nestled among the pine trees. There is a campground, restaurant, and cafe right on the beach offering good meals and wonderful afternoon refreshments.

Nearby there is also a very chill, and more exclusive, beach bar where you can rent entire day beds and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the property.

The beach itself is exceptionally clean with views of the distant islands Brač and Šolta, and the water is crystal clear. This is by far one of the most gorgeous beaches in the area.

By Boat:
There are numerous boat options to choose from that leave from and return to Trogir’s waterfront promenade. Most of these boats offer day trips that include stops at a number of locations in the surrounding area.

A popular tour to take is the Three Island Tour that takes visitors to the nearby islands of Šolta, Čiovo, and Drvenik Island. The tours are affordable and are a great way to explore the area.

These day tours are also a solid option for those who wish to be carefree and have everything organized for them in advance. Just be sure to catch the boat back in time!

Please note that the tour prices and departure times vary. It is best to either book in advance or to see what is being offered in person.

For those who do not wish to travel with a larger group, there are also plenty of private tours available that can be purchased through local agencies.

things to do in trogir croatia

Eating out in Trogir

Depending on what time you arrive back in Trogir, you may be interested in grabbing a drink or even some food. Pizzeria Kristijan is a great restaurant that offers a variety of local dishes along with pizza at affordable prices.

To enjoy drinks with a more local vibe, head over to Smokvica. This tiny cafe bar is tucked away behind the cathedral and is a cool place to enjoy a cocktail. Oftentimes during the summer, they have live music in the evenings which enhances its beautifully intimate atmosphere.

things to do in trogir croatia

Final thoughts on visiting Trogir

Although small in size, you will quickly realize that this charming medieval town offers plenty of activities and some pretty spectacular beaches. Whether you are based in Split or are driving down the Croatian coast, Trogir is definitely worth adding to your Croatia itinerary.

things to do in trogir croatia

About the Author: In 2014, Olivia left her home in the United States to study abroad in Croatia. Soon after moving, she completely fell head over heels for the Mediterranean lifestyle and has been living in Zagreb, Croatia ever since! She began Inspired by Croatia to provide local tips and exclusive insights for discovering Croatia off the beaten path. You can follow Olivia on her Instagram.

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things to do in trogir croatia

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    24/05/2021 at 19:09

    I visited this beautifull town last summer. It is definitely worth for a visit at least a few hours.
    I would add some info about prices.
    Parking fee is related to distance from old town. The street around old town is most expensive and cost 25 Kn/hour. The parking 200-300 meters east from old town is 15 Kn/hour. And parking 500-600 meters east from old town is 6 Kn/hour (data from summer 2020). So, if you plan to spent more hours, but want to save some money, you can park for 6 Kn/hour and walk 10 minutes to old town. (1 euro is cca 7.5 kn).
    I expected coffee near cathedral would cost a lot, but it was only 12 kn (cca 1.60 euro).
    Cathedral and fortress are on the “must visit list”. (few euros each)

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      27/06/2021 at 12:37

      Thank you! That’s very useful! Cheers!

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    13/05/2023 at 17:34

    Hi Kami. I am flying out of Split airport on a 10 am flight to London on a July Saturday, 2023. I will be arriving to the Split/Trogir area at around noon the day before. So I will only have from noon til evening to enjoy either Split or Trigor. A few questions please:
    1. If I want to get to the Split airport at 7 am on a July Saturday, is Trigor or Split closer to the airport and what are the car travel times from both to the airport pls?
    2. Do you recommend Split or Trigor for my short stay?

    Thanks Kami!

    • Reply
      20/05/2023 at 17:22

      Trogir is closer to the airport, you can check the exact travel time on Google Maps, I don’t know them by heart. I would still recommend Split for those few hours, it offers more attractions and interesting things to do

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