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  • Poland

    Lublin, Poland in pictures

    I personally think that Lublin is one of the most beautiful and most underrated cities in Poland. Located between Warsaw and the eastern border of the country it is the cultural,…

  • Poland

    Poznan, Poland in pictures

    2013 for me was not only a year of far-away trips but also a year of travelling around and re-discovering Poland (which I plan to continue next year as well). One…

  • Poland

    Płock, Poland in pictures

    This post was supposed to appear in here on Sunday, as a part of “Sunday with pictures” serie. But South Africa has the worst internet ever, it either doesn’t work or…

  • Poland

    Discovering Poland: Augustów

    I always tried to avoid top Polish summer tourist attractions in the middle of the season. Few visits in the sea or mountains resorts left me so very sure that it’s…

  • Poland

    Warsaw Old Town in pictures

    This year, besides re-discovering Poland I also want to explore the city I’ve been in for past 5 years – Warsaw. The truth is I’ve never pictured myself living in this…

  • Poland

    Off the beaten path Poland – Bydgoszcz

    There are couple of cities in Poland that are a must for every tourist, no matter if Polish or a foreigner. These include Kraków, Warszawa, Wrocław, Poznań, Toruń and Gdańsk. But,…

  • Kosice Slovakia

    Top places to visit in Slovakia

    …or at least in north-east Slovakia. This part of the country, located just across the border from Poland, hides some really amazing places. I’m really glad I’ve managed to visit Slovakia…

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