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Wrocław, Poland in pictures

I’ve been to Wrocław few times before but always it was just a quick stop on the way somewhere else – to a youth camp abroad, to nordic combined competitions in Czech Republic or to catch a flight to Italy. During every visit I promised myself I will return there for longer than just few hours to see the city properly. But always there were other places that I just happened to visit and Wrocław was postponed to a later date. Eventually this winter the opportunity arose and I was able to spend the whole weekend in this extremely beautiful city.

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Wrocław is the 4th biggest city in Poland, located in south-west part of the country, fairly close to the German and Czech borders. It was established in 10th century and over the years it was part of Kingdom of Poland, Bohemia, the Austrian Empire, Prussia, Germany and (after the II World War) Poland again. Due to location at the crossroads of important trading routes – Via Regia and Amber Road – Wrocław always played an important part in the history, also a tragic one. At the end of the War the city was under the siege and half of the city was destroyed (as it was in many Polish cities in that period).

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My weekend in Wrocław happened in the coldest days of the year, with temperatures -15C. Still it didn’t stop me from walking around and admiring the beauty of the place. The Old Town is extremely picturesque with colorful houses presenting various architecture styles. The bridge leading to the Cathedral Island is full of love lockers – a while ago a big part of them had to be removed as the bridge could have collapsed because of their weight. But the biggest attraction of Wrocław are small dwarfs. There are over 200 of them, located all over the city and looking for them around is just so much fun. Dwarfs are already a good reason to come to Wrocław but just see what else the city had to offer.




















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wroclaw pin (1)      wroclaw pin (2)

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30 Mar '14

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  1. I had never before heard of Wroclaw until I read another blog post about how beautiful it is and your photos absolutely confirm that! I’ve never been to Poland bit this is absolutely a place I would want to see if I did go one day ☺
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    • kami
      21:29 26/01/2015

      Wrocław is amazing, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Poland! But we have so many more incredible destinations, you should come and see yourself :)

  2. Kamila mnie to miasto też urzekło, jak byłam pierwszy raz, to też stwierdziłam , że mogłabym tam mieszkać

  3. Ja co roku przywoze nowych znajomych by poznali Wrocław. Gdybym planowała na starość zostac w Polsce to tylko te piękne miasto.

  4. Moje miasto! Zapraszam jak będę na piwko i na spacer po miejscach do których sama nie dotrzesz… :)

  5. Najładniejsze ♡♡♡♡♡

  6. Ja wyjechałam, Ty przyjechałaś. Ktoś zawsze na straży:)

  7. Cieszę się, że mieszkam w tak pięknym mieście :)

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