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Colours of Ostrava in pictures

I like music festivals (or any kind of festival for that matter). For past few years I’ve been trying to attend few each year, but usually they were just in Poland. After hearing amazing things about Colours of Ostrava, the biggest international music festival in Czech Republic, I’ve decided to give it a try. And it was a perfect decision as the event turned out to be amazing! I can easily say it was the best festival I’ve ever been to!

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This year marked 13th edition of Colours of Ostrava and apparently it’s getting better and better each year! 11 different stages offered amazing concerts, workshops, theatre plays and any other form of art activity. There wasn’t just one kind of the music played but a big variety so everyone could find something for themselves, from hard rock to jazz to melancholic songs. The artists weren’t only a local bunch but came from all over the world, including some big names like Robert Plant, MGMT or the National. But the concerts I enjoyed the most were Angelique Kidjo, an amazing singer from Benin, and Bijou Terrier, a hardcore Slovak band.

But music wasn’t the most important thing for me at Colours of Ostrava. The fact why this festival stole my heart was a great atmosphere and an amazing location! The industrail sites really work well for such events and Dolni Oblast Vitkovice, a former iron and steel mill, was just incredible! The other advantage of the location was that all the stages were fairly close to each other yet the concerts didn’t interrupt each other. Walking around all the amazing industrial remnants was an excellent experience, the one I will not forget for a long time!

I was so impressed with the laid back, chillout atmosphere at the site. It was crazy hot on that weekend and so it really felt like it’s summer holiday, everyone was so relaxed, enjoying the good music with friends. Unlike on the Polish festivals there was an excellent choice of drinks and food, including many delicious vegetarian options! There was even a map telling where you can get each kind of beer (dark, pilsner, wheat…)! What’s even better the prices were really affordable, no one took an advantage of the big event and didn’t charge three times more than usual!

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I’m sure next year I will try to go to Colours of Ostrava as well as it’s just the perfect summer festival to attend! Not too hip or too much of a showcase but just a great place to spend time with friends, listen to amazing music and enjoy some art. The best thing you can imagine for summer time! Here’re some pictures to show you why it is so special and unbeatable!









































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Note: My visit at the festival was a partnership with Colours of Ostrava but as always I’m keeping it real and all opinions are 100% mine

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  1. 15:04 28/05/2015

    Wow that looks like an amazing location for a festival, great photos!
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    • kami
      23:35 19/06/2015

      Thanks! It really was the best festival location-wise I’ve been to!

  2. Hi Kami,
    I couldn’t agree more. There’s something magical about CoO and the surrounding area. I had great party there this year .
    FYI -You can visit the areal almost any time during the year. Take a tour to Bolt a Tower and learn about iron processing.

    • kami
      13:15 08/09/2015

      Thank you for your comment Klara! I had a blast there last year, too bad I couldn’t go this year! And thank you for recommending visiting the area, I’m actually planning a trip to Ostrava somewhen soon so will definitely include that!

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