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Off the beaten track Prague – Divoka Sarka

(Last Updated On: 09/01/2017)
What do you picture when you think of Prague? I bet the first image that comes to your mind is red rooftops, baroque churches, magnificent Hradcany castle or the narrow streets of the old town. But  not many know that not far away from the center, reachable within half an hour from the center, the beautiful nature reserve is located. Mind you, I also wouldn’t have known about it if not my Czech teacher who originally comes from Prague.

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Divoka Sarka, as that’s the name of the place, got its name after the brave girl Sarka who, as the legend says, committed a suicide by jumping off the cliff there. It was after she helped killing Ctriad, a warrior hired by the prince Premysl to fight the colony of independent women. There are two versions why she ended her life: either she madly fell in love with Ctriad and couldn’t deal with what she’d done to him or she just chose the easier way not to surrender to Premysl.


Now the nature reserve of Divoka Sarka is the favorite spot of local people to go for a walk or run. It’s hard to unambiguously say what the area really is: a gorge, a valley or maybe small mountains. But surely it’s an amazing place to visit on half day trip when you can’t deal anymore with hordes of tourists in the city center.

There’re couple of well marked hiking trails, covering the area of at least few kilometers. Walking around the wonderful rock formations or small waterfalls makes you feel like you’re in the mountains and not in the big European capital. It’s calm, it’s peaceful, it’s beautiful… and the hike up any of the mountains is worth all the effort – the view is really breathtaking!


When I finally went there on my yet another visit in Prague I was really unlucky with weather. As soon as I got down to the walking path it started snowing, really badly. I even had to hide in the small hut along the way for couple of minutes . But despite the bad weather the walk was extremely enjoyable and reaching the viewing point on one of the mountains was a true reward. Even if I couldn’t see all that much from there just the sense of space around me was incredible! I stood there for 20 minutes or so, just starting at the forest, rocks and misty city in the background.


Going to Divoka Sarka has one more advantage – on the way you can observe the real Prague, not only the fairy tale alike center. You can stop on the way in one of the many local pubs to drink a pint of awesome Czech beer or kofola (my favourite!) and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the real Czech Republic…

Now I know the next time I’m in Prague and it’s not in the winter time I’ll head to Divoka Sarka again!


Practical informations:

Divoka Sarka is located in Praha 6 district, in north-west part of the city, close to the airport. You can find it’s exact location here.
To get there by public transport just take the tram no. 20 or 26 from the center of Prague. It takes around half an hour. The schedule can be find here. One way ticket costs 32CZK but it’s worth buying 24h or 72h ticket.

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The entrance to the area is free. The tracks are well marked but it’s better to print the map, just in case. Not the bad one is here, it shows forest paths too.


Would you consider going to Divoka Sarka when in Prague?

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    18/08/2015 at 14:14

    Good to know that there is such a nice place to visit :) I know Prague very well but I’m a bit tired of the core city itself and always look for something new to visit :D

    • Reply
      03/09/2015 at 22:07

      then Divoka Sarka is a perfect alternative for you! Prague has so much to offer, just everyone focuses on the touristic places…

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